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Gemstone Therapy: Treating Diseases Through Gemstones

By: Future Point | 09-Apr-2019
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Gemstone Therapy: Treating Diseases Through Gemstones

Treating disease with the help of medications, mantras, and remedies are all instructed by astrology. According to Vedic Astrology, metals and gemstones combined have many advantages. Gemstones are not only beneficial in treating disease but also helpful in many other problems as well.

As soon as you wear a gemstone, its magnetic powers and cosmic colour starts having its effect on the body. Colours of the gemstone are manufactured in pure form by nature. The colours are in harmony with the universe. During the natural process of development, the gemstones are put under pressure inside the Earth and develop magnetic powers along with colour which is not possible in the man-made synthetic gemstone.

The combination of gemstones and planets is in accordance with physics and has been done by ancient people hence its error free.

Information on which gemstone is beneficial for which disease is given below:-

Ruby- The gemstone for planet Sun, Ruby is beneficial for heartache, back pain, bone diseases, eyes diseases. It’s a very expensive gem. In case it’s not available, one should wear a good quality bloodstone ring made of gold, copper, or mixed metal.

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Pearl- This is the gemstone of the Planet Moon. Nowadays, finding a good pearl isn’t that easy. Instead Wearing a moonstone ring helps in mental diseases, cough-cold, deficiency of calcium. For mental ailments, combine the pearl with emerald and wear for better effect.

Coral- The gemstone for planet Mars, Coral is helpful in injuries, surgeries, and ailments. It also helps ladies in mensuration related diseases and also helps them infertility related issues. One must wear it in the ring finger of Sun in silver or gold.

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Emerald- The gemstone of Mercury, Emerald just like its significator planet controls the mind and memory. This gemstone has a major effect on one’s mind. It was found beneficial in matters related to being fickle minded, memory loss problems, breathing problems. One must wear it in the little finger, either in gold or silver.

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Topaz- The gemstone of Jupiter, Topaz is beneficial for diseases related to liver, cough, gastric and spleen. One can wear the stone in a gold ring in their index finger or the ring finger.

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Diamond- This gemstone is of Planet Venus. It’s effective in helping with annoying mensuration, white discharge, impotence, urine disorder. One can wear it in the finger of Mercury, Venus, or Saturn.

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Sapphire- Saturn’s gemstone, Sapphire manages the effect of good and bad karma. Therefore, one should not wear it before asking a well-known astrologer. Wind disorder, Arthritis, Asthma, and Sciatica can all be cured with Sapphire. According to the situation, one can wear it in the middle finger in silver, iron, or gold.

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Onyx- This is the gemstone of Rahu. Haemorrhoids, cough, indigestion, skin disease, mental illness can all be treated with it.

Cat’s Eye- Ketu’s gemstone is used for mysterious diseases which aren’t diagnosed. It can also be used for chronic skin diseases, poisonous diseases.

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For maximum benefits of gemstone treatment, one must take care of the following points:-

  • First, correctly diagnose the disease. Find the planet associated with disease’s place and reason.
  • Find a good gemstone with the correct weight.
  • Prana Pratishtha must be done through Vedic mantras.
  • Get a ring of the metal prescribed to you by an astrologer or a Gem Specialist.
  • Before wearing the ring, energise the stone through the correct process.
  • To wear the ring, find the appropriate occasion, the planet’s position, and star.
  • Neither put the ring on the ground nor let anyone else wear it.

Astrology suggests to use gemstones in order to stay disease free, but one must wear it after taking all the necessary precautions. Different gemstones help in treating different diseases. The gemstones require regular cleansing so that positive energies can easily make their way no matter what.

The gemstones are a great way to treat the disease naturally without any kind of medicine as such. The Gemstones helps you in creating a stronger will power with which you are bound to get well sooner than you think. It’s not a necessity to go for the expensive ones, one can opt for the less expensive gemstones as well, although it can be a tad bit less helpful.

A Kundli Analysis done by an astrologer is recommended before going for the gemstone. What’s also important is to make sure you buy gemstone from a well-known source as there are many fake gemstone sellers out there as well. The way in which one can check the authenticity of the gemstone is feeling it by hands.

It’s always good to get a feel of the gemstone before you proceed to buy it. It is highly recommended that you check for the authenticity of the Gemstone whilst buying through a Lab certification. The gemstones come in a myriad of different shades and hues depending on its place of origin. It’s highly advisable that you don’t use gems as a substitute for medicine but use them along with the prescribed medication.

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