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Ruby (Manik)

Ruby Gemstone is one of the most powerful and mystical gemstones amongst the list of nine gemstones that are associated and influenced by an astrological body or a planet. It is widely known as Ratnaraj Ratnayake, Padmaraga (in the Sanskrit language), and this expensive stone holds a very special place in the science of astrology. For a long time, gemstones are being used and recommended as per the most suitable one with the horoscope of the individual to get the desired blessings and results from a planet.



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The Jyotish Gemstone Ruby is said to be representing the powers and influence of the planet sun. The planet sun is considered of utmost importance in astrology and is known to be denoting the place of father or king in a horoscope which indicates courage, dignity, integrity, power, and authority. Sun is also said to be the soul of the individual. It is said and believed that the gemstones have the power to affect our energy fields and accordingly to our every thought; energy and action (karma) are dependent on this energy field. According to astrology, if the placement of the sun in the horoscope is positive and well placed, then the person might experience success in every aspect of life. So without any second thought Buy Natural Ruby Gemstone Online from Future Point Astro shop to fulfill all your worldly desires.

Purpose of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

According to Indian Astrology, Ruby (Manik) gemstone is ruled by Sun and Ruby rings are worn to make the planet Sun strong in the horoscope. Meanwhile, the Sun is the ultimate source of energy on the earth and its mighty powers are personified within the Ruby (Manik) gemstone. Most importantly, the Sun signifies life, enthusiasm, confidence, energy, passion, happiness, health, and wealth. After wearing Ruby Gemstone the native can feel changes in their life gradually. In Astrology, Manik or Ruby is known as King of gemstones due to the association with the Sun. It generates liveliness in one’s life, imparts good health and vanishes the malefic effects of the Sun from the birth chart. In order to reap the best benefits Buy Ruby Gemstone Online in India from Future Point, the most trusted Astrological Website of pristine quality.

Types of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby( Indian and African)

African Ruby is found in purplish to dark red in color and come in a variety of sizes and quality ranging from opaque to translucent to transparent. The best color of African Ruby is the fine dark

2. Ruby Bangkok

Thailand has been a center for Ruby Gemstone, both in mining and in production. While the nation has few deposits left, it remains the main center for cutting and treatments of the precious red gemstone. Therefore, it is not surprising that the theme for the 57th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF), held this past February, was “The World’s Ruby Capital.”

3. Ruby Star

Star Ruby Gemstone is a rare variety of ruby that exhibits asterism; a six-rayed star that shimmers over the surface of the stone when it is moved. It is the rutile which is responsible for its silky shine.

Technical Composition of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Stone is made of Aluminum Oxide. The chemical composition of Ruby Gemstone is Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3). Its exact magnitude is 3.99 to 4.00 and the refractive index series is 1.760-1.768 to 1.770-1.779.s Ruby’s hardness on the Mohs scale is 9. It’s the next hardest stone after diamond. Sometimes it surpasses even diamond stone in beauty and value. Ruby (Manik) Gemstone is found in, Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Colombia, Thailand, Burma, Brazil, Scotland, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Japan, Sri Lanka, etc. The best quality of Ruby gemstones is found in Burma. The Red color stone is generally recommended by astrologers to make the wearer powerful enough to fight against the negative energies.

Astrological Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

Mentioned below are some of the secrets and power of the precious stone

  • Ruby is best described as having Sun-like qualities. To own Ruby it is said to have fame, virtue, warmth, and peace of mind.
  • According to mythological belief, Ruby Stone is considered to be one of the most important gifts to impress Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna.
  • The wearer of this precious stone can expect to feel a remarkable change in their lives. A ray of optimism, self- confidence, willpower can be realized by the wearer in all spheres of life.
  • Ruby stone is well known for improving eyesight and weak bones. The stone also enhances hair growth and is very helpful for a healthy day-to-day life.
  • One of the highly beneficial astrological benefits of wearing ruby is it improves the social status of the native’s life. Astrologers believe that Manik stone benefits the wearer by not only elevating his financial condition but in maintaining his imperial and luxurious lifestyle as well.
  • stone is also considered as a guard stone against bad dreams, black magic, and evil spirits.
  • Wearing Ruby Gemstone helps the wearer in improving his “self-image” and respect in society. It can also help in overcoming timidity and foolishness, by giving clarity of thoughts and mind.
  • If a person is suffering from chronic depression, he/she would be suggested to wear Ruby Stone stone as it will help the wearer overcome any type of emotional and mental setbacks of life.
  • In earlier times, people with high authority and power such as kings used to wear this Gemstone. But now, according to Vedic astrology, if an Individual wants to attain high status and financial gains, he/she is advised to wear this stone. Wearing it, the person can enjoy all the luxury and materialistic things in life.
  • An Individual struggling in setting up the goals and aims in life the native should wear this Ruby stone, as it will bring the much-required intellect, focus, clarity and firm determination to stay on the right path.

  • Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

    The Ruby stone is best described as the "king of precious stones". In order to attain maximum benefits out of Ruby Stone, the wearer must ascertain its suitability from the Gems Experts.

    • Ruled by the powerful Sun, it benefits the people working in professions or positions where authority is commanded e.g. administrative services, politics, diplomacy, and other leadership roles.
    • It is believed that Manik stone benefits the wearer by not only elevating his financial condition but in maintaining his imperial and luxurious lifestyle as well.
    • This stone restored vitality, improves blood circulation & eyesight of the wearer.
    • In addition, Ruby gemstone is also beneficial for people struggling with self-esteem issues.
    • Since Sun is acknowledged as the father figure in Vedic astrology, it is known to bear some influence on paternal relationships. It is believed that Manik ratan is also beneficial for the native’s father and thus can be worn to improve his weakened circumstances as well.
    • The Ruby gemstone is known to encourage delight, carrier building, and increase the leadership skills of the wearer.
    • As per Indian astrology, Ruby gemstone depicts the naval Chakra of the human body that helps in removing the fear and depression of the wearer.
    • This highly recommended ring also helps greatly for those who work in the fields of medical, Politics, cloth trader, geologist, lawyer, stockbroker, and engineering.
    • If someone is facing the monetary issues or business problems must wear Ruby ring, it will definitely invite good fortune and wealth in the wearer’s life.
    • Couples can also wear this ring to enhance the compatibility between them or those who are facing difficulties in their relationship, it will surely going to make changes in their lives.
    • It is strongly believed that Ruby gemstone ring can improve communication skills, negative thinking that can lead to a better life.
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    Identification of Real Ruby Gemstone

    Natural Ruby Gemstone has rutile crystal inclusions in it. This magnificent Stone is characterized by transparency, an excess of redness, luster, and heaviness. It has been stated that Ruby’s red glow comes from an eternal flame that cannot be extinguished. With its hardness and durability, it can be the most desirable Gemstone for gift purposes. Ruby Gemstone brings effective fortune, royalty, power to fight against any problem, and success in sustaining a wholesome physique, vitality, immune technique along with the willpower to accomplish greatness in society are under the purview of the sun.

    Test for Identification

    1. Natural Ruby Gemstone is never ‘clean’ i.e., without inclusions. They contain inclusions which look like ‘silk’.

    2. If even under high magnification no inclusions are visible, then the Gemstone you are checking is most probably a piece of glass.

    3. A synthetic Ruby will not contain any inclusions or else it will have bubble-like inclusions, or cracks, as seen in a glass, will be visible.

    Qualities of a Good Ruby Gemstone

    Ruby stone (meaning Manikya in Hindi) is a rare and highly popular gemstone. A high-quality Ruby comes from a reputed origin, displays balance in color saturation & consistency with minimal contamination. The international market uses globally accepted standards to assess the quality of Ruby Gemstone which can help customers understand how much are rubies worth.


    Of all the quality factors, the color of Ruby Gemstone has the most profound impact on the overall value of rubies. Dark red but well balanced, color-consistent ruby gemstones are more desirable. Pigeon blood color is the most sought-after ruby stone color but is immensely rare and may cost millions for a fine quality piece.


    The way a ruby is cut can contribute around 10-20% to the cost of Ruby. Faceted cut ruby is brilliantly enhanced but incurs significant stone wastage as well. For the same quality, a faceted ruby costs higher than ruby cabochon.

    Carat and Clarity

    The price of ruby stone per carat increases exponentially when moving from one-carat ruby to three or four-carat ruby. Clarity is broadly judged by the brightness and volume of inclusions found in the ruby gemstone. A real ruby gemstone will almost always have visible or invisible inclusions. Rubies with inclusions not visible to the naked eye are extremely rare and thus highly expensive. Ruby stone price per carat will be significantly high for such natural, inclusion free ruby.

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    DISCLAIMER: Before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer for your Horoscope and get the gemstone that suits you the best. Alternatively, you can also get a Gem Recommendation Report to check if the gemstone is suitable for you as per your Kundli Predictions.

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Ruby (Manik)