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American Diamond Gemstone is a natural and magnificent gemstone. From ancient times it is well known for its magical and mystical properties. As per Astrology, it is the gemstone for the natives who were born in the month of December. Original American Diamond Gemstone is said to bring out the passion and peace all at once in the wearer. The gemstone is almost having the same properties as a diamond. In modern times American Diamond Gemstone has become a popular choice among the consumers due to its magnificent radiant qualities that resemble that of a Diamond. Due to its ample of benefits, the American Diamond Gemstone is becoming a popular gemstone in the world.



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Original American Diamond Gemstone generates calming vibrations in the wearer which reflects the love in married life. It enhances the confidence level of the wearer which bestows them with a sense of authority. It improves the social life of the individual. The wearer is shielded from the diseases that are related to the reproductive system. It is the most cost-effective remedy to bring tranquility in one’s life. It safeguards the wearer from every type of confrontations at home or work. It brings about an optimistic change in the wearer’s life, which further helps to maintain calm and tranquility. It is also believed that it aids pregnant women and prepares them for labor. According to Indian Astrology, American Diamond Gemstone is considered a pure gemstone.

Purpose of wearing American Diamond

The main motive or purpose of wearing American Diamond Gemstone is to avoid the malefic effects of weakly placed Planet Venus in a Kundli. It helps the individual in getting a peaceful sleep by getting rid of nightmares. It brings out the positive and brighter side of the wearer by building confidence. One can feel the harmony in life as it provides peace and a sense of balance in life. From ancient times it is known as a symbol of purity. It safeguards the wearer from the diseases related to the reproductive system. It prevents the wearer from the negative energy around him. The American Diamond Gemstone promotes the good health of the individual by curing diseases like insanity, epilepsy, etc. Original American Diamond Gemstone nullifies the ill effects of the evil eye. It enhances the confidence level of the wearer which brings prosperity and wealth in life.

Types of American Diamond (Zircon) Gemstone

In recent times, Original American Diamond Gemstone has become a popular alternative due to the myriad of benefits it comes with. Due to its attractiveness, It is also used in many jewelry-related items. It occurs in several fancy colors that include red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, white, green and brown. According to Vedic astrology, the white natural American diamond is considered the most desirable gemstone in both astrological and aesthetical factors. The varieties of zircon that are available in the market are given below:

  • Natural White Zircon or colorless Zircon: This variety of zircon gemstone matches much like the precious and expensive diamonds, which gives it a rich look. According to Vedic astrologers, it is often recommended as the astrological substitute of the diamond.
  • Blue Zircon: After natural white zircon, it is considered as the most desirable zircon. Due to its natural and brilliant blue color, It is often used for jewelry purposes.
  • Yellow Zircon: The variety of the gemstone is rarely available in the market. Natural Yellow Zircon is the variety of zircon gemstone that looks stunning when customized in the jewelry. It is said that the wearer is blessed by Planet Venus and Jupiter. It helps the individual in getting success in life.
  • Red Zircon: It is another variety of the gemstone which is available in the market. It is mainly admired it for its red hue color and internal glow. Due to its durability and price, it is quite popular among people.
  • Other Fancy Zircon: There are some other popular varieties or colors of Zircon that are available in the market. Green Zircon stone, natural Pink Zircon, natural Orange Zircon, Brown Zircon, and Purple Zircon are mainly used for making jewels.

  • Technical composition of American Diamond stone

    The American Diamond or Zircon is naturally formed mineral with the chemical composition of ZrSiO4. Zirconium is a silver-white metal and chemical element that is used to from Zircon. The atomic number of the gemstone is 40 and the atomic symbol is Zr. the component name of zircon is Zirconia which is a white crystalline oxide of Zirconium with the chemical composition of ZrPO2. The Rashi Ratna natural Zircon generally comes from different locations. The mining of American Diamond Gemstone is usually done in Sri Lankan (Ceylon), Africa, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brazil, Burma (Myanmar). Due to brilliant color and good transparency Cambodian Zircon and Tanzanian Zircon are considered the best Zircons.

    Astrological Benefits of American Diamond Gemstone

    • The ruling planet of the gemstone is Planet Venus. One can experience good financial luck and wealthy life after wearing it.
    • In terms of beauty, it impacts positively on the wearer’s body. Wearer gets the powers from Planet Venus and attracts luxury and wealth in life.
    • It safeguards the wearer from the diseases that are related to the reproductive system.
    • The gemstone represents the planet Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury.
    • It brings happiness and harmony in the individual life.
    • Original American Diamond Gemstone improves the interpersonal or marital relationship of the native.
    • Natural White Zircon is very much capable to give relief in upper respiratory tract problems, bronchial infections, asthma, cold and cough.
    • It is the luckiest gemstone for the individuals who were involved in creative and entertainment careers.
    • It prevents the wearer from nightmares and helps in getting good sleep.
    • It enhances self-confidence in the wearer by nullifying all fearful thoughts and negative energy.
    • Rashi Ratna clears the aura and boosts the immune system of the native.
    • According to Vedic Astrology, Jarkan Ratna is best suited for Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi.

    Benefits of American Diamond Gemstone

    The American Diamond is not a very costly gemstone. To experience the benefits one can Buy American Diamond Online from Future Point. Before buying one should always consider consulting an astrologer. The benefits of Zircon Gemstone are given below:

    • It increases the physical as well as mental strength of the individual.
    • Visions and dreams are brought to reality with the help of American Diamond Gemstone.
    • It accommodates the emotional, physical, and spiritual balance of the wearer.
    • Gemstone brings wisdom and prosperity to the individual family.
    • Original American Diamond Gemstone is considered best when worn by women as It helps in improving relationships with other women.
    • It helps the individual in gaining superiority.
    • It brings overall harmony by building positive energy in the wearer.
    • The gemstone helps in curing dizziness and muscle problems.
    • Zircon safeguards the native from the diseases that are related to the reproductive system.
    • It strengthens the wealth condition of the individual by bringing new income sources and opportunities.
    • The American Diamond prevents the migraine attacks and tiredness that comes in old age.
    • It delivers peace and purity to the heart which provides a wider vision to the person.
    • It also helps in enhancing the memory power of the native.
    • It is considered the best stone for pregnant women as it strengthens them to give birth.
    • The Zircon Gemstone can be worn in rings, pendants, and bracelets.
    • According to Vedic astrology, it is recognized for its purity.
    • It also prevents the wearer from allergies and asthma.
    • The gemstone is well known for its magnificent power of removing negativity from the native.
    • It also safeguards the wearer against the feelings of betrayal.
    • It brings confidence and helps in overcoming introvertedness. The wearer gets blessed with confidence and ambition in life

    To get such benefits in life one can buy American Diamond Stone from Future Point.

    Identification of a real American Diamond Gemstone

    The Zircon Gemstone is a bright and dazzling gemstone because of its high refractive index. This factor gives it a similar look to that of original Diamonds. It has strong dispersion and great refractive index which results in great brilliance of the stone. To avail the maximum benefits one should always buy an authentic American Diamond from a trusted source. There are many ways to identify a genuine gemstone, that one should always examine before buying. Buy American diamond online from Future Point, the most trusted astrological website in India. We assure you 100% genuine product with Lab Certification.

    Test for identification

    • Fog test- Before buying one should always breathe on the surface of the gemstone as the diamonds are good conductors of moisture. If it is the authentic gemstone then it will stay hazed for a few moments.
    • Examine the facets- One should always examine the sides or facets of the gemstone. Original American Diamond is usually rounded from the corners. One can also see dents and abrasions on it which is the part of authentication.
    • Light Test- One can test the Gemstone by passing light through it. If the gemstone is original then one can see a bright halo around the stone with no rainbow. If the rainbow is formed in reflection then it indicates the poor or fake quality of the gemstone.
    • See-through test- if the individual turns the gemstone upside down and place it on a piece of printed paper, then he/she can see the print through the stone. This is because Zircon Gemstone has a high refractive index.

    • Qualities of a good Zircon Gemstone

      A good quality American Diamond Gemstone should not have any type of impurities within its structure. The stone needs to have a clear clarity rate. One can easily check the impurities of the gemstone by placing it on the surface of light. Light will detect the cracks, impurities, and chips within the gem. The color of the gemstone should be very clear and shiny.


      According to astrology, color plays an important role in the native’s life. Natural American Diamond is available in different colors. The color of American Diamond ranges from white or colorless Zircon and goes to blue, green, yellow, pink, red, brown, etc. Among them, colorless Zircon is considered the most valuable and gorgeous gemstone.


      It is always considered to buy perfect faceted Zircon. It highlights the proper color and clarity of the gemstone. The genuine American Diamond is pretty and quite rare to find in the market as it is available on a trusted Gemstone Store or a website. The irregular cutting of the gemstone often degrades the beauty and the shine of the stone which makes it less attractive and desirable. It also affects the wearer’s life.

      Carat and quality

      A genuine Zircon Gemstone is nearly having high transparency and brilliant shine in it. There might be some stones having inclusions in them such as white billowy inclusions, tension fissures, liquid inclusions and abrasion on the facet edges. The higher number of inclusion lowers the quality of the Zircon Gemstone. 5 carats American Diamond Gemstone is quite popular among the wearers. It is preferred to wear the gemstone with the minimum weight of 1/10th of the wearer’s body. For example, if the individual weighs around 70kgs then he/she should wear 7carat Zircon Gemstone. Minimum 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight (in kgs). E.g. - A person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 6-carat Zircon gemstone.

      Note: Gemstones are powerful stones with mystical and healing properties. Therefore, before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope. Alternatively, you can also take a Gem Recommendation Report to you to see whether this gem is suitable for you or not.

      Disclaimer: Future Point assures 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go for an Astrologer’s Consultation before buying any gemstone.

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