How Career and Astrology go hand-in-hand?

By: Future Point | 09-Apr-2019
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How Career and Astrology go hand-in-hand?

Finding a career path that suits you is no easy task, one has to put some thinking before coming to the right decision. Native’s whole life success depends on whether or not he/she is able to take the right decision or not in views of an astrologer working at a leading career astrology consultation firm based in Delhi. Especially in India where each field of work has millions of takers, be it low paying job or a high paying one. It's crucial for the native to remain focused and avoid making any mistakes whatsoever.

Choosing a career field in parental pressure or peer pressure is not really something that's going to make the native a successful person in the long run. The native might still like the job but is he/she really going to have any kind of job satisfaction? This is what further leads to lack of motivation for the job doer. All Hindu scriptures used astrological findings to predict the future of children and others as well. Predicting native’s future involves a lot of hard work and requires making of a birth chart to start things off as per a learned astrologer for kundali reading for a career.


Astrological remedies for obstacles in a career have turned to be great as far as having an effect on a career is concerned. Here are some common remedies that one must take in order to make his/her career problem free:

  • One of the most effective antidotes in solving the problem of career growth is lighting Sarso ka Diya (Mustard Oil Lamp) in the morning and put two cloves in it and pray to your IshtaDev. This decreases the number of obstacles in one’s career greatly as per online kundli matching reports.
  • According to Lal Kitab career report, taking a bath on the Dhan Tryodashi in the morning is considered auspicious. After the bath, native has to dress up in yellow coloured clothes and sit on a mat facing the east side. The yellow cloth then needs to be spread in front of the person seeking the remedy. This remedy is for having a successful interview. For this, the native has to perform Abhishekam for Shiv Linga and light five Bati deep as well as per the recommendations from a leading career horoscope astrologer

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  • Green gram is stacked upon a yellow cloth along with 7 Hakik gemstones and Mahalakshmi Yantra is also put on sides. After that, the native offers 7 flowers to the gemstone. Then the native has to meditate and sprinkle some Ganges water on it afterwards. Once all this is done the cosmic energy works for the betterment of native’s career. Whatever the native does, needs to be done with utmost dedication and maintaining 100% faith in the process.
  • Get a horoscope report from a well-known astrologer in order to be well prepared for any danger that might be coming your way. A learned astrologer will easily be able to navigate you through the tough times presaged in your horoscope and aid you in living your best life. you about everything that’s wrong with your horoscope. Indian Astrology has many things to offer on career prospect and one must take guidance from online astrologers in case something happens.
  • Carrying a charged lime with you all the time also goes a long way as far as improving career is concerned. This method is not something that’s going to work overnight but if the native carries around a charged lime in his pocket/ purse, he/she is bound to get a good career going ahead.

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Having a great career is something that each and everyone on this earth wishes for, although one needs to work hard day and night in order to be a winner. One can always go for the above-mentioned steps and make the whole process of earning money a lot simpler for him/her. The ability to do something on daily basis without getting bored by it can only be done in one way and that is by doing what one loves from the bottom of the heart, be it in the field of arts or anything else.

The sooner one is able to find what he/she likes the better it is for him/her. Getting good grades and going on to do well in life should be anyone’s main aim in life. Get to know the purpose of your life and go on to live a happy and peaceful life. The earlier you get to know of your weaknesses and strengths, the better it is for you.

Go on to be confident about yourself and your life choices and make the most of your life. You only live once! Getting to know yourself better can be achieved by a Janam Kundli Analysis performed by a learned career specialist astrologer. With the help of your Kundli, you will be able to judge your instincts better and take guarded and planned steps towards a bright future.

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