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Your Life and Karma in the hands of Vedic Astrology!

By: Future Point | 08-Apr-2019
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Your Life and Karma in the hands of Vedic Astrology!

Karma is any deed done by a person, whether it's a good one or a bad. It can also be termed as consequences that a native has to face as a result of his/her actions, whether done intentionally or unintentionally. The law of karma is based on Newton’s law that says every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. Everything that a person does will come back to him/her. If you do good deeds, they will come back to you and help you in ways you wouldn't have imagined. Similarly, when you go onto do bad/evil deeds you pave way for something similar for yourself. Karma is divided into good and bad karma accordingly.

What is Karmic Astrology?

Speaking in a simple language, Karmic astrology promotes the idea of reincarnation and the after effects of good and bad deeds. It comes as no surprise that this ideology is on the whole rejected by believers of science in general. The study of karmic astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires an expert astrologer. A careful study of native’s chart is required to bring out his/her karmic future in views of the best astrologer in Delhi. One will have to be deeply in touch with Karmic Astrology in order to appreciate what it truly has to offer. Speaking in accordance with karmic astrology, the lives we live today are a direct result of our karma in the past life. It's all so mysterious if you think about it. Whether we lived as a rich/poor, good/bad person in our past lives. Planets, Houses all play a major role in deciding how our mind reacts in certain situations. Numerology reading also plays a major role in deciding the results of Karmic Astrology.

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Planet Wise Effect Of Karmic Astrology

The Sun- Sun covers all the head departments. Be it the Politicians, top officials of any organization or even the head of the state all have Sun in favorable positions. Sun is the sign of father. For example, if the native had treated his/her father in a bad manner then according to Karmic Astrology the same thing is bound to happen with him/her. The child will treat you in the same manner in this life or you might face some other way in the present life.

Venus- Venus greatly affects the people who cheat in their love life, meaning that if you cheat or trouble your girlfriend or wife in past life then you’re going to suffer the same fate in the next life as well. You are going to have a troubled love life and it's going to make your love life a lot tougher according to the best astrologer in Delhi. On the other hand, people who treated women in a nice way are going to have a lot stronger positioning of Venus and hence have stronger relationships with women in general and they ultimately go on to have a beautiful spouse as well.

Mercury- Mercury is for those who treat sister and daughter differently. If native happens to have treated anyone of his sister or daughter differently in his past life then he/she is bound to have some troubles with them in this life. Similarly, if the native had treated the ladies in his house in the correct manner then he is for sure going to have a positive positioning of Mercury in this life. And as a result, have a better relationship with his daughter and sister.

Saturn- Saturn covers servants, blind people, beggars, and labor class. In case anyone insults and treats any of the above-listed class of people in a harsh manner then the native can expect the reversal of his actions and hence bad positioning of Saturn. Whereas in case a native had treated the above-listed class of people with respect, he can expect favorable positioning of Saturn in this life.

Jupiter- The grounds held by Jupiter include spiritual related ones and dharmic ones. The good and bad deeds done by a person towards God and priests shape how Jupiter is positioned in the native’s horoscope. It's highly recommended that the native showers respect towards God and priests.

With the lifestyle of today’s generation becoming more and more complicated, many people are opting for online kundli in order to save time and money. In the end, it all works out for the best for everyone. Some major karmic astrological sciences include karmic numerology (whose major function is to play with karmic numbers in order to find weaknesses of a person and convert them into his/her strengths). The second way is through Karmic tarot( it includes karmic tarot reading, past life tarot readings, and angel card readings). Each and every card plays an integral part in deciding how native’s life plans out. Karmic star signs are yet another important aspect of Karmic Astrology. Each Karmic Star signs are born out of elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Karmic astrology has many benefits and one must give it a try in order to see the magic it has to offer. Karmic astrology has proven itself to many but it still has many who’re not convinced by it.

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