Astrologer Abha Bansal takes you behind the Astrology of why marriages end.

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Astrologer Abha Bansal takes you behind the Astrology of why marriages end.

In astrology, match making is an important exercise before marriage. Especially when the marriage is an arranged marriage. In fact, this exercise is undertaken to ensure that the prospective bride and groom lead a happy life. Therefore, all the important aspects for happy married life is analysed and this practise of horoscope match making is undertaken since ancient days. In Vedic astrology, the common method to undertake match making is known as Ashtakoot Method.

Where and expert and learnt astrologer would decide the match-making on the following 8 parameters; which are: Varna, Vasya, Dina, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Rashi and Naadi. These 8 parameters score a set of 36 points, though not proportionately but a weighted average is taken out from these 8 parameters and then a final judgement is given.

Marrige Astrology

Does this promise no Divorce in a native’s life?

Not really, in fact, the above is a very important and pertinent question. Divorce in Kundli is a detailed examination of a native. Mere Horoscope matchmaking cannot confirm if anything unforeseen incident can take place. However, in astrology or astrology prediction for marriage forecast, a Kundli match making is a stepping stone.

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This is because, when two horoscopes are provided for detailed examination, a learnt and expert astrologer would analyse the two horoscopes independently. In this examination, the merits and demerits of the prospective bride or groom is analysed in detailed. In this case, the expert astrologer will independently verify the ascendant, the moon sing (where moon is paced in the horoscope), the 5th house for romance, love and progeny, further ending at the door step of 7th house form the ascendant and moon sign or rashi. Therefore, horoscope match making is a very elaborate exercise and only if the importance to this elaboration is assigned, one would reasonably assess weather a Divorce is promised or no in a horoscope.

In fact, a seasoned astrologer may not stop only at the door step of the 7th house. They may further cross check in the native’s horoscope, if there is a possibility of a second marriage. Second marriage in astrology is also studied in great depth to avoid any form of confusion and distress in life. Therefore, one of the prime reasons for a divorce in astrology and marriage problems is a half-hearted effort to verify the strength of individual horoscope and then their match making. Therefore, it is always advised to check the compatibility of any two horoscope through a learnt and expert astrologer only.

Again, does match making of two horoscopes is enough to avoid divorce taking place?

Again, not always! Readers must understand, astrology has been given great importance by the religious text, the Vedas. In Vedas, there are six subjected which are given the status of auxiliary studies. In fact, the six-auxiliary discipline of studies are called Vedangas in Vedas which includes: Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha. It is thus in the Vedangas of the Vedas that considers Jyotisha as the eye of Veda.

Now, the tenets of astrology are wide and deep. These tenets give detailed study of the position of planets in a native’s horoscope or the status of the twelve-zodiac sign in a Kundali, the study of Panchang and many more. Accordingly, Vedic astrology also gives detailed description on Yoga’s (auspicious planetary combinations) and Dosha’s (curse formed due to certainly planetary alignment) Therefore, the two are also studies in great detailed while match making of two horoscopes.

Next comes the analysis of Mahadasha (main period) and Antra dasha (Sub-period) Which is the reason for timing a certain event. The study of main and sub period in two horoscopes are given detailed importance. Since, no outcome of any horoscope will be accurate if these two concepts are accurate in calculations. Therefore, one must even study the main and sup period to ensure divorce is not promised or even a second marriage is not promised. Thus, to give 360-degree analysis, it is a must not only to have knowledge but also to have experience about the subjects in great detailed. In the event of any lack of knowledge or experience, then the outcome can be severe and dangerous.

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Other Empirical study:

This phenomena is seen more recently than in the past. In the new age, many aspire to earn well and grow in their professional and personal life. Even after one’s marriage, many girls prefer to remain independent and this should be encouraged wholeheartedly. It is quite reflective in the opulence and overall prosperity of a couple which is seen through the prism of material gains.

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Post marriage, a couples would aspire to own a vehicle, invest together, ensure a joint savings account and share the responsibility jointly. Such a concept should always be ensured. However, there is one area where astrology would advise certain caution. That would be in the area of purchasing a property.

As mentioned this is a recent phenomenon where a couple plan to jointly own a property. This should be undertaken only after consulting the learnt and expert astrologer. The answer to this is very simple, if any one of the couples is supported by the promise to own a property, then the registration of the property should not be done jointly but individually. In other words, if this aspect is not given importance, there are instances where one can even see a legal separation between the couples and the property should not bring good luck to their married life. hence along with Vastu, one should also check the appropriate time of either of the two partners, to own a property.

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