Consult an Astrologer for Career Planning for your Child

By: Future Point | 15-Jun-2018
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Consult an Astrologer for Career Planning for your Child

Are you worried about your Child’s Future? On career or profession? Will their future be to become a Doctor, a lawyer, Chartered accountant, Civil service officer, Defence or pursue banking entrance test, MBA or Settle abroad? These questions worry every parent during the present time. The world is full of competition.

Each passing year, many more students pursue higher studies in the hope of better career opportunities. And why should not they? As a parent, it turns out to be our duty to guide and assist our children in their endeavour.

Every parent has raised their sleeves to help build a formidable future with a good career option for their children. Many new courses are floating in the education market promising better career prospect can perplex the parent with the question? Should our child pursue the same? Will the leaning benefit the career of our child?

At the same time, many parents wonder, where to get the exact guidance to their query. With every counsellor at the education institute promising to touch the sky with the completion of the course, Parents are often confused with the question, should we believe in the counsellor? If so how, where and when to check the genuinity.

Again, do you want to know if your children to pursue Family business? Should they be part of business expansion plan or should they join the routine business activity?

Please stop worrying! Here is a team of expert astrologers in Delhi, waiting to receive your query and help you to seek answers to your query. But wait, do you have this question in your mind Why astrology? Will astrology help to solve your confusion? Is this the better alternative?

Then, astrology in an ancient science. The six-auxiliary discipline of studies called Vedangas in Vedas includes: Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha. It is thus in the Vedangas of the Vedas that considers Jyotisha as the eye of Veda.

In ancient time, Jyotisha or astrology was used not just to find the planetary positions, date and time, but was also used to understand the fortune of every individual. Panchang, which is the Hindu calendar to calculate the five ang or parts include the: Vaar, Thiti, Nakshatra, Karna and Yoga, formed the eternal part of Jyotisha/Astrology.

No great sage in the olden days started any activity without looking at the text of Panchang, in Jyotisha. As the science evolved, it was later followed to understand the fortune of an individual native. The strength of individual native, through their horoscope was used to decide their future course of action.

Later, the Maharaja’s took the science seriously and used if for identifying an auspicious time & date and decide their legacy to heir the throne of respective Kingdom. Accordingly, it was decided who will handle what portfolio, based on the merit of time and individual horoscope capacity.

Why just auspicious time and events? The great Mahabharata did not initiate unless, Karna from the Kaurava’s requested, Sahadev (a great astrologer of his time) from Pandeva’s to decide the date and time to start the epic 18 day Mahabharata battle. It is well documented in Bhagawada Puran, that the great Sahadev was the only other Pandava who knew the future of epic batter, other than Arjuna. It was on the telepathic advise of Lord Krishna, that Sahadev did not reveal the outcome of the battel, until otherwise enquired by anyone.

When our great Vedas have provided the eye of Vedas for the benefit of individual native, along with the great Bhagawada Puran which has sighted the incident, giving importance to the every important subject, Jyotisha/Astrology, why should not the common man like us take the benefits of this great science?

It is therefore, our team of experts have formalized the science as ethos and are well versed in the branch of Jyotisha/Astrology studies. They are competent to address any query on career and on any other problem were astrology can be helpful to the querent.

One can visit our website For free daily, monthly and yearly prediction on career. For personal consultation one can contact us over phone No 011-40541000 or can also us at with the following details: Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. Our expect astrologers will address your career related query at the earliest.

If case if you do not have correct time of birth or want to rectify your birth details, then no problem, you can still write to out expert astrologers to get a personalised report with the correct birth details.

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