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Numerology is the Science of Numbers

By: Future Point | 15-Jun-2018
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Numerology is the Science of Numbers

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers. This science plays a very important role in human life as the numbers represents qualities, quantities and time. Hence, the science depends on the mystic properties of numbers namely from 1 to 9. Very similar to that in astrology where we have 9 planets.

Now a unique vibration reverberates from each these numbers. These vibrations have a meaning and a purpose hidden in them. The vibrations can play an important role on individual personality like name of an individual, Career and Business, Health and life span, Love life and Compatibility, luck and fortune, destiny etc. Each of these areas a very much important to an individual.

Further, numerology can also be in the form of horary numerology. Hence the use of numbers is also used to predict a certain event and has a wide applicability on human life.

As mentioned, each of these 9 numbers has a certain vibration. Similarly, each of these numbers have special qualities, colour, taste, direction, capability and life span. Therefore, the input numbers to identify each of these qualities comes from the birth details of every individual. The edge which Numerology has over astrology is that an adept Numerologist can answer any query with in faction of a second. All that he must deal with is on numbers and not on any birth chart.

It is proven that a science follows only the strict rules laid down in formulas and calculation to give only one specific answer to a query. Similarly, numerology as a science gives only a specific answer to any query taken at hand, with out any shades of grey.

For example:

When a person gives his birth details, he provides his date, month and year of birth. Now, the date of birth indicates the individual personality, characteristics, emotional capability, tastes, education and learning capability, health and span of life. No other aspect will be covered through their date of birth.

Similarly, the month in which the native was born indicates, his profession and career, name and fame, direction of his profession, Father’s profession or family business, family life, their spouse and in-laws, direction from where their spouse would sept in etc.

And finally, the year of birth tells about a native, livelihood, number profession that the native would change in their life span, their lifestyle, cause of birth, age wise happiness etc.

Therefore, it is very clear that all that a good numerologist would need is only numbers and not any birth chart.

It is due to these features of numbers, a native as always advised to spell his name to suit his or her personality. For which the vibration of Name spelling should match the birth details. Since these details would remain intact for ever.

Few famous examples are: bollywood Actor/Actress: Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgn and many more. All these famous personalities have taken the benefit of number in numerology and have been successful in their respective areas of life.

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