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Career Astrology as per zodiac sign: know which career favours you

By: Future Point | 01-Sep-2018
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Career Astrology as per zodiac sign: know which career favours you

Vedic Astrology has always been considered as the Eyes of the Hindu script, The Vedas. This is because, The Vedas recognised astrology as an occult science and give it special importance since it dealt with future telling. In fact, the study of astrology has always helped mankind to know their future through Individual horoscope or Kundali which acted as a torch bearer.

Thus, the problems related to individual setbacks in career, or personal problems in the form of family disputes, marital problems etc, can be analysed through individual horoscopes. In fact, a whole gamut of study can be undertaken through astrology. On area which has attained much importance in the field of astrology is that of Career. There are astrologers who call this as astrology for careers and provide guidance at one to one level.

In fact, we at Future Point, a team of expert and learnt astrologer provide similar consultations to the seeker. However, with the vast experience of our expert team, we have brought some guidelines for career selections to all the twelve zodiac signs. The following are the list of best careers for your zodiac sign based on placement of Moon. In other words, moon signs. These can be Zodiac signs career paths which will be helpful to one and all.

Aries Horoscope

Mars is the lord of Aries moon sign. It is the karaka or reason for courage and energy. Therefore, engineering, military and police areas are right for the people of Aries moon sign. Apart from this, one may get success in business like advocacy, doctor, driving, jeweller and computer area.

Taurus Horoscope

The sign lord of Taurus moon sign is Venus. Venus is the karaka or the reason for marriage, life partner, splendour, luxury etc. in Vedic astrology. Therefore, areas like art, luxuries items, painting, singer, dance, music, movies, acting, fashion etc. are favourable for Taurus moon sign people. Business relating to agriculture, metals, hotels, etc. is auspicious for the natives born in Taurus Moon sign.

Gemini Horoscope

Mercury in astrology is the owner of Gemini moon sign. Also, Mercury is the karaka or reason for communication, mathematics, commerce and intelligence. According to Gemini moon sign, native should choose a career in banking, clerical, writing, media reporter, editing and language specialist translator. In these above areas, you will reach the height of success.

Cancer Horoscope

Moon is the sign lord of Cancer moon sign. It is a karaka planet for mind, mother and happiness. People with cancer moon sign succeed in water and glass related work. Therefore, one should choose professions in Cold Drinks business, Laundry, Sailor, Dairy Farm, Hotel, Business, Ice, Ship, Chemistry, Perfume, Incense sticks, Photography, Painting, Archaeology, History, Social Worker etc. Cancer native would succeed in all the above respective field.

Leo Horoscope

The lord of Leo moon sign is Sun. In Hindu astrology, the planet Sun is the karaka of position, prestige, soul, father, leader etc. Leo moons sign people should work in area of politics, authoritative, official class, administrative, government post. In addition, you will be successful in the business relating to medicine, stock exchange, cotton, paper, stationery, grass and fruits.

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Virgo Horoscope

In astrology, the planet Mercury is also the owner of Virgo sign. This is the karaka for communication, intelligence, speech, mathematics, astrology etc. Therefore, the people of Virgo sign should make a career in the field of astrology, air, study, teaching, teacher, retail, vendor, clerk, rupee transaction, receptionist, bus driver, radio-television artist, notary, computer etc

Libra Horoscope

The lord of Libra moon sign is also Venus. Venus is the karaka of Beauty, Jewellery, Prosperity, Intimacy, Marriage, Happiness etc. The people of Libra zodiac sign should be called psychotherapist, investigator, detective, bookkeeper, cashier, bank clerk, typist, auditor, animal products such as milk, ghee, wool etc. Accordingly, one can select their career.

Scorpio Horoscope

The lord of Scorpio Moon sign is also Mars. In astrology, Mars is the karaka of energy, courage, housing, land etc. Hence native should try his career in chemists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, building construction, marketing, country service, telephone, electronics, mineral oil, salt, medicine, clock, radio, philosophy, detective etc.

Sagittarius Horoscope

The sign lord of this Sagittarius moon sign is Jupiter. It is a karaka planet for guru, knowledge, happiness, deity, friend, son etc. For Sagittarians, teaching, writing, editing, education department, law, advocacy, clerk, preacher, freedom fighter, philosopher, religion reformer, publication, broker, import-export, food, leather business, Banker etc. are favourable areas.

Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn moon sign is owned by planet Saturn. In astrology, Saturn is the karaka of weapon, travel, buffalo, camel, horse, elephant, craft, blue sapphire etc. Capricorn people should make their careers in management, insurance department, electricity, commission, machinery, contract, speculative, import-export, readymade garments, political, toy, mining, forest products, horticulture etc.

Aquarius Horoscope

The lord of Aquarius moon sign is also Saturn. Saturn is considered to be the karaka of arms, travel, service, crafts and sapphires etc. Therefore, the people of Aquarius should prioritize the businesses related to it. Along with this, you will find success in research work, teaching work, lighting-technical, natural, therapeutic, philosophical, computer, aircraft, mechanic, insurance, contracting etc.

Pisces Horoscope

The owner Pisces moon sign is also Jupiter. Jupiter is considered to be the karaka of the guru, knowledge, happiness, deity, friend, son etc. Therefore, the people of this sign should make their career in writing, editing, teaching, clerk, water, grain, brokerage, stock, fish, commission, agent, import export, choreography etc.

The above mentioned career options are merely a list of possible choice. For personalized one to one consultation. One can get Best careers for each moon sign accordingly.

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