Why Someone Learns Vastu Shastra in India?

By: Future Point | 27-Aug-2018
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Why Someone Learns Vastu Shastra in India?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science ranging to a date of 5000 years ago. Thus, the date ranges around the Vedic period and the reference of the same is seen in our Vedas.

Vastu Shastra as a science of space, geometry, angles and measurement used in the architecture of any place of construction. In fact, the science was developed by non-other than Sage Narada and gifted the same to the benefit of mankind. Therefore, there has been a divine importance attached to the same and this can be seen in the following two examples.

Vastu reference in our Puranas:

When Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Laxman was given Vanvas (refuge in forest) for 14 years, lord Rama ensure that he would construct a hut as per Vastu Shastra. Therefore, it is believed the positive aura of the place from where Goddess Sita was abducted, had the magnetic power to make her return to the place after returning from Lanka.

Similarly, if one would read Ramayana, Ravana, who was an astute Vastu expert of that era was sought by his cousin, Lord Kubera. In once instance, it was believed that the cousin of Ravana, invited Ravana to his palace and seek his advice on Vastu shastra, so that Lord Kubera could enhance his Wealth. It was believed that with the help of Ravana, Lord Kubera enhance his wealth and earnings.

Thus, it is clear that Vastu shastra as a science is only interested in the benefit of Mankind. It does not discriminate any one based on cast, creed, sex or colour too. Therefore, the association of learning Vastu has been formally attached with the science and engineering of Architecture in modern times.

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Why Someone learn Vastu Shastra in India?

This is not a million-dollar question. The answer is simple, Vastu Shasta as a science is considered auspicious for the well being of Mankind. As one would know, this science assembles the five element of Universe which is Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space to balance the cosmic power. These five elements are very important while considering the construction of a Place. Since, a Vastu Purusha (Vastu Divine lord) is placed in the centre of a constructed building and he ensures the cosmic balance of the above mentioned five elements with the help of eight different directions. These Eight directions further have their respective lords who help Vastu Purusha in controlling their energies accordingly. For the reference, the eight directions and their respective lords are as follows.

Sr No Direction Lord of Direction
1 East Indra
2 South-East Agni
3 South Yama
4 South-West Raksha or Niruthi
5 West Varuna
6 North-West Vaayu
7 North Kubera
8 North-West Eswar

Therefore, when a place is constructed based on the tenets of Vastu, the native living in that place is assured of peace, happiness and all forms of enjoyments. No, wonder, our Puranas have many reference of the importance of Vastu Shastra.

Can Vastu Shastra be learned by anyone?

Yes, the science of Vastu shastra is not only important to the students of architect, but also important to those pursuing the subject out of hobby. Again, this science is important for House wife too, since they spend a good time into decorating their interiors which bring in positive aura. Therefore, learning Vastu Shastra is beneficial to one and all and many pursue the same.

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