Weekly Horoscope 1st-September to 7th-September

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Weekly Horoscope 1st-September to 7th-September


The beginning of the week is absolutely favorable for the enhancement of your reputation, restoration of health, increase in immunity and development of personality. You shall emerge as an influential man and people would give you lot of appreciation and respect. Your capabilities won't be questionable and your management skills in running organization will be at its peak. In the mid of the week you would enjoy the participation in an auspicious ceremony at home. The substantial inflow of money would bring prosperity in the family.

The concluding part of the week indicates enhancement of social reputation and your social activities pertaining to social reform shall be at its peak. Your relations with friends, relatives and siblings would improve. You would become more enterprising. The health, happiness, reputation, immunity and confidence would remain intact throughout the week. You would be spending moneyon the improvement of your health and progress of family, friends and relatives.


The beginning of the week indicates down fall in health, happiness, state of mind and finance because of failure in accomplishing important tasks along with sudden stress and increase in expenses. The mid part of the week indicates extra pressure and stress on mind, domestic happiness would get affected and there would be lack of harmony among family members however your confidence and working efficiency shall remain intact.

Relations with mother and spouse would be excellent. The concluding of the week marks betterment in pleasing atmosphere in the family along with presence of perfect harmony and peace. The increased inflow of money would enhance your saving potential. The support of family members would provide an extra edge to earn money very quickly.

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The beginning of the week shall make you happy with an increase in income but in the mid of the week your health, happiness, confidence, patience shall get affected and you are likely to face few losses too. In order to keep yourself happy you are advised to do exercise on regular basis.

Your friends and relatives shall help you in your difficult time but in spite of that it would be difficult to get desired results in the mid of the week and it won't be a suitable time to start new venture. The remaining part of the week is auspicious for the restoration of depleted energies. You are advised to take suitable actions so that your laziness that will be there because of physical weakness doesn't become a reason of hindrance in your progress.


The beginning of the week marks quick progress in professional life with an indication of betterment in family life in terms of mutual harmony and better understanding among all family members. You would be getting not only the support of father but at work place too the appreciation of seniors can be expected. In the middle of the week the result of your efforts made for work and family prosperity are likely to yield the desired results thereby fulfilling your desires.

You will earn more gains in business. The source of income shall get consolidated and you are likely to generate new source of income. The remaining days of the week are not auspicious for your health, happiness, confidence, state of mind and finance. Some unnecessary expenses would affect your budget and in addition to that the frustration on account of failure in accomplishing important tasks is indicated.


The beginning of the week is giving great indications of attainment of name and fame and status with power and position. Your reputation shall increase suddenly and your family members would be happy from your accomplishments. In the mid of the week you would be getting special blessings of your father and support and co-operation of seniors, bosses and authority. You are likely to get growth in your business.

Those in job might get some good news regarding promotion or else some other type of up gradation professionally. You can expect the support and co-operation of some royal female too. Your financial position and physical and mental health shall remain perfect throughout the week and there would be significant increase in your gains during the weekend days. This is the right time to devise effective plans for the consolidation of your source of income. You shall have good relations with your elder siblings.


The beginning of the week is very frustrating for you because there are chances of getting disappointment and failures in accomplishing important tasks and apart from that you would be facing difficulties in managing your day to day affairs because of non-availability of funds. The obstacles that you shall be facing in your emotional relation would make you feel irritable. You are advised not to lose your patience and confidence in difficult times. Avoid undertaking some important tasks during this time.

The middlepart of the week is indicating probabilities of your going on journey which would prove beneficial for you at least for overcoming the tensions that you are facing presently. The support and encouragement from father would also restore your confidence in a much better way. The concluding part of the week indicates possibilities of promotion with transfer. Although the job profile would be up graded but some extra load of responsibilities won't let you attain the desired job satisfaction.The business related journeys would bring in average results.

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The beginning of the week is good in terms of maintaining good compatibility with spouse. Partners shall be happier and conjugal bliss more exciting than before. This is also a good time for signing a new business contract. The mid part of the week won't prove auspicious for your health at all. You are advised to be cautious about your health so that the opposite situations don't deteriorate it further.

Postpone the Muhurat of starting any new venture. You might suffer from the problems of mood swings because of continuous intervention of obstacles in accomplishing important tasks. The concluding part of the week is favorable for your father, long and beneficial work related journeys and religious inclination. During this time you are likely to get the blessings of your spiritual guides. You would be taking interest in regular prayers, meditational practices, breathing exercises, Yoga, higher education and social activities.


The beginning of the week is giving indications of your energy's excessive exhaustion in handling issues related to debts, disease and legal disputes. This is a very difficult time for the health, happiness and mental state of your spouse. This is not at all a Muhurat for partnership venture. The mid part of the week is excellent for having good compatibility with spouse and in addition to that you shall also have better understanding with your partners.

Conjugal bliss shall be highly exciting. The remaining days of the week are inauspicious for health and state of mind however work condition is likely to improve. You are advised not to be aggressive unnecessarily rather try to work with confidence and if possible then delay the Muhurat of new tasks for a couple of days. You will be worried about the health of your spouse.

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The beginning of the week indicates few stomach disorders however education, emotional relations would remain perfect. There is sudden eruption of difference of opinion with children. This time is average for speculative activities however your meetings with socially influential people would certainly prove beneficial as your talent of resourcefulness and relationship management is unmatchable. The mid days of the week are favorable for chalking out plans for resolving issues related to enemies, loans, diseases but unfortunately you won't be successful in executing such plans.

It would be better not to be over enthusiastic about the execution of such plans as otherwise you are likely to face irreparable damages. The concluding days of the week indicate that you would be putting in lot of efforts for the rectification of compatibility related issues with your spouse and partners but you won't be successful in doing so rather your failures in this connection would make you feel more frustrated.


The beginning of the week is favorable for getting the support and affection of mother but you would be worried and tensed because of the bad health of mother. You also have to face few tensions in matters related to maintenance of vehicle and house. This whole week would be very ordinary for health, happiness and confidence however big obstructions in the inflow of money are not indicated.

The mid part of the week is giving an indication of possibilities of some unnecessary worries related to children, health, and emotional relations which would be rectified automatically thereby bringing a sigh of relief. The concluding days of the week are giving indications of health related trouble, low immunity, low confidence, low enthusiasm and worries related to the wicked endeavors of enemies and the unwanted burden of loans and legal issues.

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In the beginning of the week you shall participate in social activities very actively and up to some extent the reason of success in such activities would be the influential role of your spouse. You and your spouse both would create methods of generating money from such activities. The association with siblings, influential friends and relatives would help you earn money with a bigger pace. The mid part of the week is auspicious for your attachment with your native place and mother etc.

You would be earning money with the blessings of mother and family God but some mental tensions would also be there. The remaining part of the week is auspicious for earning betterment in professional life and income because of your good luck in speculation. The support of sons and the advantage of education along with spark of emotional relations shall also be experienced in this week. The beginning of the week is auspicious for health and happiness, the mid average and the remaining days are excellent.


This week from the beginning the focus of your energies and expenses would be towards your family's welfare. There would be an atmosphere of happiness and peace at home. You will be getting support of everybody and all family members shall be cooperative towards each other. The mid of the week is auspicious for social activities and these activities of yours would help you win over your enemies and legal issues.

In addition to that this period would be highly favorable for gaining a better edge in all sorts of competition related to education, business and job. The concluding part of the week gives an indication that you would be getting better source of income with the support, co-operation and blessings of mother. It would be beneficial to stay and work at native place in close association of family members. You would be spending money on the maintenance of your vehicle and house.

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