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Compatibility Issues In Your Marriage? — Astrology And Counselling Can Do Wonders

By: Future Point | 02-Mar-2019
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Compatibility Issues In Your Marriage? — Astrology And Counselling Can Do Wonders

If a couple is experiencing a lack of warmth & happiness in their relationship or there are marriage compatibility issues, since a long time, then they should reach out for a marital counselling & astrological consultation, before calling it a day.

Sometimes, the couples, suffering from relationship problems make a structured effort, since they would assign the reasons to their problems such as personality clash, a difference in individual nature, taste, believes and so on.

Certainly, these reasons can be fixed, however what if the problems are contrary to the above-mentioned reasons? The couples are usually brought up in traditional Indian families, which attach huge importance to their religious beliefs and values, financial security, level of education, which form the basic outlook of the natives. Sometimes too much rigidity regarding their individual belief system or if individuals don’t agree to disagree leads to marital and compatibility problems in a relationship.

Such reasons may not be easily addressed through normal counselling. In such cases, special efforts are needed.

The special effort called astrology:

In fact, the age-old practice in Indian custom and tradition advises checking the Marriage Compatibility through Astrology in the form of Kundali Milan. This was one of the reasons, which made the earlier generation give great importance to the subject of astrology and kundali matching too.

Usually, it is believed that when a person falls in love with someone, it is believed that the two can either be genuinely in love with each other or it can be a case of mere infatuation. In the case of the former, the marital relationship is always smooth. But in the case of latter, it is quite unfortunate as infatuation is usually temporary.

Hence in the earlier generation, marriage prediction was always done with the help of Vedic astrology. This also served the purpose of counselling. Thus, the ancient science of astrology is a time-tested subject that is useful even today. In fact, astrology has not only helped the prospective bride and groom via Kundali Milan but it can guide those too who haven’t matched their natal charts before getting married. Astrology helps such natives, prescribing them effective & suitable remedies.

How can astrology help prospective bride and groom?

The following are the methods that Vedic astrology would help the prospective bride and groom.

    • Vedic astrology would use the Ashtakoot method, which is a combination of 8 parameters that are assigned 36 points in the weighted average method. This is the first method step in matchmaking.
    • The horoscopes should be thoroughly checked for Doshas such as Mangalik dosha, Kaal Sarpa Dosha, Kemdrum dosha or yoga etc., If any such Dosha exists, then remedies should be prescribed accordingly before matching the two horoscopes.

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  • Analysis of Dasha which is the phase of planets in the life of an individual. It is believed in astrology, that a native would lead a life for a maximum of 120 years. Therefore, the nine planets in astrology have been accommodated, a total period of 120 years.
  • Checking of Navamsa is very important, as it is the chart for marriage. Navamsa chart tells about the dignity of the planets present in Natal charts, hence to check the actual strength of the planets, the navamsa must be examined in details before coming to any conclusion.

Thus, these methods can help the native in choosing the correct partner and also predicting the marital relationship between the two.

Now, in another scenario, what happens if the natives have not matched their horoscopes before marriage? In such a case, matrimonial counselling in the form of astrological guidance along with appropriate remedies can do wonders for the couples. There are many methods that can be used to fix the compatibility issues in marriage such as using Gemology, or offering special Pooja, or praying to a particular almighty etc.,

However, the caveat is to consult a learned and expert astrologer. Thus to know more about astrology counselling or marriage prediction, readers can write to us at or Visit our website

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