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Colour therapy from the perspective of an astrologer

By: Swati Bhardwaj | 20-Feb-2018
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Colour therapy from the perspective of an astrologer

The colours primarily come from Sun. The sunlight is white in colour that contain band of seven colours called as VIBGYOR which stands for Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and red. As we see colours all around us rarely realize how these influences us. Now even scientists believe that colours have power to influence our moods, health, happiness and relationships.

Vedic Astrology also talks about Surya Jyotish that talked about colours and its effects on health and well being. In Surya Jyotish a bottle of any of the seven above mentioned is taken and filled with water.It is then kept out in the sun for certain number of hours or days depending upon the disease that has to be cured or for the required purpose.The water being in the colored bottle gets charged with the sunlight and the color which the water belongs to. then this water is given to the person suffering from the disease that can be healed or helped by the power of that colour.

Colours have also played an important role in gemstones for example Saturn governs blue and black colour.It is thus not surprising to know that it governs neelam, blue saphire as we call it to be of blue colour. Mars rule over Red colour and its stone is Coral or Monga which is of red colour. Mars means energy and we all know that blood gives us energy and its also red in colour.

Mercury rules over green colour and its gemstone is Panna or emerald which is green in colour. it also rules over green articles like vegetables, plants, green chilli and people believe that eating green chilli can help improve mercury which can help in communication.

Jupiter rules over yellow articles its gemstone Pukhraj or yellow saphire is of yellow colour. Also it rules over banana,Turmeric, Chana Dal and all these are yellow in colour and so like a wise all planets have their corresponding colours and frequencies.

By eating a certain coloured item or wearing a certain colour or just by imagining it or surrounded by it can also change our mood,improve our health and bring about many changes we could have never imagined.

Color Therapy


If under stress wearing sky blue dress can soothe the nerves. Sky blue colour can also help with communication or throat issues. Overdose of blue or dark blue on the contrary can make one feel depressed and low. Wearing green colour can make one feel fresh and rejuvenated. After a long and tiring day one can wear or just imagine green colour around him and feel the change within few minutes.

If someone feels lethargic, lazy and feels like demotivated in life one can surely wear red as its the colour of blood blood provides us life and energy.So wearing can fill a person with excitement,energy, vigour,courage but over dose of red can also make one brash,over aggressive and impulsive and prone to accidents.

Yellow colour can be worn on the days when one is about to give an important presentation or some public speech as it instills one with confidence.One feels bright and happy. But over dose of yellow can make one a smug. Orange is useful in feeling pure delight and joy. Its a colour of Swadhisthan chakra which deals with creativity and childlike bliss. So it can be used to connect with inner child.

Colours can also be seen to work in combination likes someone having throat issue wants to give a workshop or presentation and feels under confident can wear yellow for confidence and blue for communication in combination. But as mentioned earlier colours should be used in balanced proportion.Over dose of colour can cause problem instead of benefits.

Also colours work in food items. Like Red food can be consumed to get more energy and more blood. That is why we see people eating apples,carrots, beetroot when low in blood. People who consume green vegetables feel more fresh and remain younger for longer as mercury the ruling planet of green deals with younger lot. So keep consuming colours as per your need. Soak sunlight to receive all colours.

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