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Bandhan Dosh in Prashna Kundali: Negative Impact on Wealth, Work & Relationships

By: Future Point | 08-Sep-2023
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Bandhan Dosh in Prashna Kundali: Negative Impact on Wealth, Work & Relationships

In Vedic Astrology, Bandhan Dosh refers to astrological afflictions that can obstruct or restrict certain areas of life. When analyzing a prashna or horary kundli, the presence of Bandhan Dosh provides clues about stuck energies around property, career and relationships. Let us look in more detail and try to understand what is Bandhan Dosh, how it occurs in a Prashna Kundli and what are the remedial measures that help in nullifying or pacifying its negative effects. 

Understanding Bandhan Dosh

The term "Bandhan Dosh" is derived from two Sanskrit words - Bandhan meaning confinement and Dosh meaning defect or negativity. As the name indicates, this dosha creates a form of binding or confinement around specific aspects of life - usually wealth, profession and marriage.

This restrictive energy is reflected in a Prashna kundli through planetary placements that cause obstruction in the corresponding house or domain. For example, affliction to the 2nd house indicates Bandhan Dosh affecting accumulation of assets and finances. Problems with the 10th house points to issues around career and achievement. Trouble in the 7th house suggests relationship or marital discord.


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Types of Bandhana Dosh

Ari Bandhan Dosh

This yoga forms when malefic planets impact the 6th house of disputes and its lord. It creates animosity and legal hassles in life. Remedies involve strengthening the 6th house and appeasing its lord. Donating to prisons and reciting prayers can help avoid jail.

Vir Bandhan Dosh

Affliction to the 3rd house of courage and its lord causes Vir Bandhan Dosh. The person becomes more & more afraid of challenges and often gives up very easily during testing times. It becomes hard to stay motivated and face difficulties with courage. Wearing red corals, volunteering and physical exercise brings confidence to counter this yoga.

Naga Bandhan Dosh

This yoga arises when Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets, affect the 4th house of comfort and happiness. Loss of domestic peace, property disputes and lack of emotional stability can make one prone to imprisonment. Strengthening home energies, family ties and emotional stability helps mitigate this dosh.

Ahi Bandhan Dosh

When malefic planet Saturn aspects or associates with the ascendant lord, the formation of Ahi Bandhan Dosh occurs. This affliction results in a diminished sense of free-will. Unless strong benefic impacts intervene, trouble with authorities can manifest. Appeasing Saturn through sesame donations, responsible work and meditation helps overcome this dosh.

While the basis of these Bandhana doshas differs, the outcome is some form of binding, captivity or loss of independence. However, strong willpower and precautionary measures suggested by an expert astrologer can help one avoid the most severe effects. With wisdom and discipline, the possibility of actual imprisonment indicated by Bandhana yogas can be minimized despite destiny's influence.


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Expanding the Astrological Analysis of Bandhan and Jail Yogas

In Vedic Astrology, certain planetary alignments in the birth chart can indicate Bandhan Dosh or Jail Yoga - combinations that lead to imprisonment, confinement or restrictive environments. Beyond the commonly known placements, astrologers analyze various chart factors that can create binding and loss of freedom.

Affliction to 3rd, 6th and 12th houses can cause Bandhan Dosh as these houses relate to separation, litigation and isolation. Malefic impacts on their lords Mercury, Mars and Saturn can also induce jail-like scenarios.

The influence of Papakartari Yoga, formed when two malefics flank a planet, creates a 'trap' or enclosure effect. This can restrict freedom when connected to personal planets like the Moon.

If the 12th lord associates with the ascendant or its lord, or the 6th lord influences the 12th house, the probability of imprisonment goes up. The 12th lord in Lagna with Lagna lord can fully impose jail.

Planets placed in the malefic Shadashtaka houses (6th, 8th and 12th) from themselves can give jail according to some astrologers, especially if heavily afflicted.

As houses of loss and restriction, the 6th and 12th from the Moon also require analysis. If they link to cruel planets like Mars, Saturn or the nodes, confinement can occur.

Finally, examine the nature and strength of planets ruling the Trikasthanas - the 6th, 8th and 12th houses. When the Trik lords are weakened, chances of Bandhan Yoga rise. However, strong benefic influences can offset this.

To determine the possibility of imprisonment, the full chart must be scrutinized along with planetary periods and transits. Combinations indicating Bandhan Dosh will usually require harsh activations to fully manifest as jail time. By incorporating time-tested occult remedies, the negatively planetary effects can be negated or pacified.


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How is Bandhan Dosh Seen in Prashna Charts?

When a Prashna or Horary question is posed, the kundli cast at that moment offers revealing insights. Here are some key indicators of Bandhan Dosh in Prashna kundli:

  • Debilitated Lagna and Lagna lord - This shows overall weakness delaying success.
  • Affliction to Trikonas - Issues with 1st, 5th and 9th houses causing obstacles.
  • Malefic influence on 2nd house - Blocks finances and property matters.
  •  Obstructions with 10th house - Limitations around profession and goals.
  • Negativity impacting 7th house - Marital disharmony and relationship troubles.
  • Influence of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu - These malefics impose restrictions.
  •  Papakartari Yoga - Flanking of planets by malefics that "trap" them.
  •  Kaal Sarp Yoga - All 7 planets are captured between the Rahu-Ketu axis.
  • Daridra Yoga - Combinations causing poverty and lack of resources.

Negative effects that Bandhan Dosh casts on Finance, Career & Marriage

When Bandhan Dosh strikes the houses governing finances, career and relationships, one may face the following challenges:

  • Poverty, debt, inadequate income due to afflicted money houses.
  •  Job dissatisfaction, instability, demotion caused by limited 10th house.
  •  Delay in marriage, marital discord, separation indicated by 7th house.
  •  No support or assistance from family & friends because of a negatively influenced 12th house.
  •  Business problems, financial losses indicated by 8th house difficulties.
  •  Health concerns caused by 6th house affliction.

However, one must remember that destiny shown in the Prashna kundli is not permanent. With astrological remedies and free will, the effects of Bandhan Dosh can be overcome.


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Remedies for Bandhan Dosh

To resolve the limiting impacts of Bandhan Dosh in your Prashna chart, consider these measures:

  • Gemstone therapy to strengthen weak planets. Wearing Blue Sapphire for Saturn can help.
  • Japa and Mantra chanting to appease afflicted planets. Recite Shani mantra for Saturn.
  •  Puja and sincere worship to gain divine blessings and reduce planetary misery.
  • Daan or donation to offset negative karma causing Bandhan Dosh. Donate on Saturdays for Shani.
  • Vastu correction to remove home energy blocks.
  •  Havan and Yajna to invoke auspicious planetary influences.

The key is to identify the source of Bandhan Dosh in the Prashna kundli and implement targeted remedies. An experienced Jyotish can prescribe customized solutions after analyzing the chart. Solutions may also include wearing specific gemstones, colours, aromas and sacred symbols associated with afflicted planets.

With the right remedies applied with discipline and faith, the binding and restrictive forces indicated by Bandhan Dosh can be overcome. The planet causing obstruction is appeased and the houses governing wealth, profession and relationship begin to flourish. Regularly analyzing the Prashna chart and Talk to an astrologer will provide insights to resolve the Bandhan Dosh in your destiny!


Can Bandhan Dosh create problems in life?

Yes, Bandhan Dosh is known for creating problems & obstacles in life that restrict a person from achieving success.

What are the remedies to counter Bandhan Dosh?

The remedies range from Gemstones, Mantras, Pujas and other kundli specific suggestions that an experienced astrologer would make upon analyzing the kundli or horoscope of a native.

Whom to contact to get the best remedies for Bandhan Dosh?

Contact Future Point to consult with the Best Astrologers in India. Have your kundli or horoscope thoroughly analyzed for getting effective occult remedies to ward off the negative effects of Bandhan Dosh or any other doshas present in your kundli.

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