9 Planets & their related Gemstones

By: Future Point | 13-Mar-2020
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9 Planets & their related Gemstones

Gemstones in Vedic Astrology have great importance and are being used from ages to neutralize the malefic effects of the planet or to strengthen the power of a planet. Wearing gemstones for planetary relief in today’s world is growing rapidly as the people are using different stones for success in career, personal life, love life, etc. Gemstones are directly connected with the energies that the 9 planets in Astrology possess. A gemstone is a potent tool to channelize that energy and gain significant powers that can help navigate through your chaotic life.

As per astrology predictions, there are 9 planets, out of which there are 7 actual planets and 2 shadow planets. All of them play some sort of role in our lives depending on the House of Bhava they are posited in.

The 9 planets in Vedic Astrology are:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Venus, &

The two shadow planets are:

  • Rahu, &
  • Ketu

Which Gemstone to wear for each afflicted Planet?

There are several gemstones that are considered highly auspicious for the purpose they serve. For someone who wants to tie the knot, a separate gemstone would be suggested to combat the hurdles or obstacles they are facing in achieving their goals. Certain gemstones are kept in a higher realm due to the purpose they serve. Since they have their task cut out for them, a gemstone works in mysterious ways to help you achieve whatever you seek in life as soon as possible.

But for a gemstone to be effective one needs to use naturally derived stones that have not been chemically tempered.

Here are some of the gemstones and their benefits vis-a-vis their associated planet:


Ruby is the gemstone that is worn for planet Sun and strong sun in the Kundli means that the native would be active, smart and an overachiever. The sun bestows high honor and self-esteem. It represents power, position, and authority, simultaneously managing one’s ego and keeping a check on their attitude. A strong Sun in one’s Kundli makes them a go-getter who would hog down on any chance of appreciation they get. This gemstone protects against ailments related to bones, headache, indigestions, and fevers. Ruby is considered as the gemstone that represents Sun’s beauty & glory. The bright red hue of Ruby is an ensemble of honor, power, position, and authority that Lord Surya brings with himself.

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Pearl is ruled by the planet Moon and represents calmness & tranquility. Moon is also called the planet of emotions as it rules over one’s senses & instincts. This gemstone is great for reducing your tensions, for curing stomach ailments and alleviating marital issues. Pearl has a great effect on the heart, blood, and mind of the wearer. This helps in increasing the self-confidence of the wearer. This is highly suitable for children as it helps them to achieve stability and enhances their concentration levels. Wearing the stone of the Moon also helps one to remain calm in all high pressured situations.


Coral is ruled by planet Mars and is of bright red color. Mars is considered the planet of aggression as it represents violence & intensity. The planet exemplifies raw emotions which are heated highly intense. Mars also represents blood, heat, wild passion, and the urge to go off the radar. It represents disputes of land, wars, guns, battlefield, etc. This gemstone, when paired with gold, can help to ward off several diseases such as chickenpox, jaundice, impotency, etc. It is also helpful in healing ailments like diabetes, anemia, body pain, etc.

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Emerald is a precious green colored gemstone. It is ruled by mercury and helps the person to have a healthy liver, lungs, vocal chords, and nervous system. Mercury is considered to be the planet of energy and is mainly concerned with the mind. The person wearing this stone will possess a higher level of intelligence, will be energetic, clever and much quicker in finishing tasks. It is highly recommended for businessmen as it is also called the gemstone for attaining success and wealth.

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Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj)

Yellow sapphire is the Yellow colored precious gemstone that represents planet Jupiter, which is the largest planet of the Solar system. It signifies calmness, honesty, justice, good fortune, teachers, cow, physical health, and yellow color. It denotes the truthfulness of the wearer and it is good for economic prosperity and comforts. This is a great stone for people who are involved in the business or service sector.

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Diamond is ruled by Venus and is great for financial prosperity and happiness. Venus is considered as the planet of bright glamorous things, eyesight, beauty, love, leisure, romance, music, and dance. This gemstone provides a systematic and methodological approach to life problems. The wearer would also exhibit wisdom and maturity in all the fields of life. The gemstone has proven itself worthy of being the gemstone that exuberates wealth and abundance. It is really beneficial for people who are in creative fields such as movies, directions, jewels and gems.

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Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a stone that represents Saturn. It is considered to provide relief from Saturn's impact on one's life. This planet is considered as the power to bring an end to life or even can give a long life if positioned accurately in a native's kundali. It helps the wearer in making professional advancements in the field of finance, health, and happiness. It also helps the wearer to win court cases. It is also known as Neelam. The most accurate and reasonably priced semi-precious gemstone alternative for Sapphire is Neeli.

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Can Gemstones work for everyone?

For a gemstone to be effective one needs to use naturally derived stones. The natural form of the stone would be the most beneficial for any purpose. You can buy gemstones online but only lab certified gemstones are preferred. There are certain gemstones for luck and prosperity which gives an abundance of peace and prosperity to everyone related to the wearer of that gemstone.

Gemstone for luck enhances your luck and increase the flow of money in one's life. There are various Gemstone Consultants who can go through your birth chart and recommend the correct gemstone that is needed by you. And if you’re not comfortable buying gemstones online, you always have the option of visiting the store. You can buy Lab certified gemstone in South Ex Delhi from the Future point's Flagship store. With the most pristine quality of Gemstones available at reasonable prices, you can bid farewell to every problem that you've been facing in your life successfully with Vedic Astrology.

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