When is Pitru Paksha 2022, know important dates and significance

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When is Pitru Paksha 2022, know important dates and significance

Pitru Paksha 2022: There is hardly any person belonging to Hindu religion who is not aware of Pitru Paksha. Pitru Puja is an integral part of Hindu religion and holds its own special significance. 

In Hinduism, it is said that the identity of a son is that he should serve his parents for life and perform the Shradh rituals for them after their death. Such a person attains salvation. 

Mostly it has been seen that only the eldest son of the house performs Shradh, but now with changing times, even daughters can also perform Shradh karma.

What are Shradh rituals?

It is believed that after death, our ancestors go in the Pitru Lok and from there they attain salvation only when their ancestors offer tarpan and pind daan for them. 

People perform Shradh rituals for the peace of the souls of their ancestors. According to the Hindu calendar, in the year 2022, Pitru Paksha is starting from 10 September 2022

Pitru Paksha begins every year on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This year Pitru Paksha will start from 10th September and will last till 25th September. 

Pitru Paksha starts from the full moon (purnima) of Bhadrapada month and ends till the new moon (amavasya) of Ashwin month.

Auspicious 9 days start from the very next day of Pitru Paksha

Shardiya Navratri begins from the next day as soon as the Pitru Paksha ends. This time Shardiya Navratri is starting from 26th September. Take special advantage of these days and try to remove the obstacles coming in your life.

Significance of Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha has its own special significance in Hinduism. In Pitru Paksha, the family members worship and pay homage to the ancestors for the salvation of their souls and to receive their blessings. 

They perform tarpan and pind daan for them. It is considered inauspicious to buy anything new or perform any auspicious work or any religious ritual during Pitru Paksha. In Pitru Paksha, Shradh of ancestors should be done in accordance with the traditional rituals. 

Doing any auspicious work during Pitru Paksha is considered to hurt the souls of the ancestors. Doing Pind Daan for ancestors in Pitru Paksha satisfies their soul and they are pleased with the offering and bless their predecessors with happiness and prosperity in life. 

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What is done in Shradh?

Pitru puja should be performed for the ancestors for sixteen days from Bhadrapada Purnima to Ashwin Krishna Paksha Amavasya. Shradh for ancestors is performed on the death date or mrityu tithi i.e. the day on which the family member died, if the date is not remembered then on the last day called sarv pitru amavasya Puja, the Shradh is performed.

A qualified Brahmin is required for Pitru Puja, who performs Pind Daan and Shradh rituals according to the rituals. Special worship is done to Lord Vishnu in form of Lord Vishnu puja. It is believed that worshiping Lord Vishnu opens the way for salvation and the soul attains salvation.

After purification, the person takes help of a Brahman and after understanding the prescribed rituals, he sets for pitru puja. The barley and black sesame are mainly used for puja. Water and other material is offered with reverence, the ancestors are pacified and bestows prosperity and health.

There is a lot of significance of Shradh Karma if performed in many religious places like Gaya and Trimbakeshwar ji etc.

Importance of crows in Pitru Paksha

The crow is considered to represent ancestors. The ancestors come to our place in the form of a crow, and if they do not get food in the form of Shradh, they leave in anger. In such a situation, they curse the family members with economic crisis and diseases.


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Important Shradh dates-

September 10 - Purnima Shradh (Shukla Purnima), Pratipada Shradh (Krishna Pratipada)

  • September 11 - Ashwin, Krishna Dwitiya
  • 12 September - Ashwin, Krishna Tritiya
  • 13 September - Ashwin, Krishna Chaturthi
  • September 14 - Ashwin, Krishna Panchami
  • 15 September - Ashwin, Krishna Pashti
  • 16 September - Ashwin, Krishna Saptami
  • 18 September - Ashwin, Krishna Ashtami
  • 19 September - Ashwin, Krishna Navami
  • 20 September - Ashwin, Krishna Dashami
  • 21 September - Ashwin, Krishna Ekadashi
  • 22 September - Ashwin, Krishna Dwadashi
  • 23 September - Ashwin, Krishna Trayodashi
  • September 24 - Ashwin, Krishna Chaturdashi
  • September 25 - Ashwin, Krishna Amavasya


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