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What Your Zodiac Says About Your Shopping Style

By: Future Point | 21-Jul-2021
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What Your Zodiac Says About Your Shopping Style

Every shopper has different shopping styles and habits. Some may spend hours in juggling between the stores to buy their preferred piece of clothing or perfumes while for others it is a matter of few minutes only. Amazingly, our shopping style depicts our inherent personality which is best described through our zodiac moon sign. Different natives belonging to different categories like those of fiery, earthy, airy and watery signs exhibit different temperaments.

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Have you ever wondered whether astrology may provide answers to all the questions that ever arise in your mind? The answer is Yes! 

Is it possible that astrology narrates our habits in and out of the stores? Some of us are shopaholics and love to have statement pieces, while others hardly think to shop beyond their needs.

While some of us get thrilled with the mere thought of going shopping, while others are more relaxed and adhere to their list of necessities. This varied phenomenon can be explained with the help of astrology, as our moon signs make us the kind of person we are and our intrinsic qualities that ultimately shape our personality.

Shopping experience is not the same for each individual. Whether you like to shop in the branded shops or flock to the road side markets, whether you are an impulsive shopper or a patient one, whether you shop with budget in mind or just splurge at your will, or in fact your preference for online shopping more than hitting the mall, all these can be answered through your moon sign characteristics.

And that is why, study of Vedic astrology through zodiacs based on moon sign, become extremely important in determining the personality of an individual, which naturally governs your future deeds and actions.

The kind of shopper you are, based on your zodiac sign:

The way we spend money uncovers a lot about us, our taste, preferences, culture, values, luxuries, extravagances, and basic needs. Astrology says almost everything about your personalities. Based on the twelve zodiac signs, we are here to explain what your zodiac indicates about your shopping habits.

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A fire sign you are natural born leaders, and indicate someone who is thrifty and impulsive. You work hard and even spend harder. Your shopping habits very well reflects the same phenomenon; you don’t mind blowing out all your savings on a shopping spree.

Sales and discount are the biggest fascination and you often shop till you drop. You are energetic and ever ready to go for shopping.

You are an impulsive shopper and follow the hottest new trends and are a fashion enthusiast. You enjoy shopping everywhere whether it’s in the malls or the flea markets. You have a keen eye for bargains and discounts.

Your Aries friend is noticeable shopper as you may often find her tapping her credit card at the payment counter and making all that noise. 


Based on your star sign, you keep eyes on everything beautiful and fine. You have great taste and sense of style. You always love to pamper yourself with fine and fancy things. You do not give much attention to sales and shop when you feel like you deserve the best.

Your shopping trips are often backed with a fine dining, to make it a desirable experience for all your senses. Ruled by Venus, you only resist for the finest and the most beautiful things available in the Mall. You don’t care about the price but quality of the product you are buying. For you, buying things are like making investments in them.


Considered as a trend setter among all signs in the zodiac, you have the eyes for all the newest trends ruling the market. You will see them taking rounds from one shop to the other, till they find the things they are exactly looking for.

These guys are great shopping partner to have along with for such shopping trips with friends. Your patience and genuine opinion is liked and valued by the friends quite well. You are detail oriented and know what you want after detailed research about the product, price range and also different variants available in the market.  You can shop all day tirelessly and may acquire everything that you want, in a single day.


You are sort of a person who prefers online shopping than going out to shop. You do not like going out much, unless it is bare necessity. You prefer the comfort of your home and thus shopping while sitting on sofa with a click of a button is best suited to you.

You love shopping for your home like home furnishings for creating beautiful and cozy corners. When you choose to go out, you are often kind of sunk into that shopping trip.

You are also a hoarder in a sense that you find it difficult to discard the articles that are old or not in trend. You also think money-wise and do not show any trait of extravagance in your shopping. You always follow a budget when you go out and seldom cross that budget line.


Your shopping preferences are all about glam, glitz and dazzle. You love to live life king size and have personal style. You always desire for flashy, extravagant things. You love to show off and thus it brings you immense joy to acquire all the fancy stuff available in the market.

You love to buy things speaking glamour but at the same time, your articles so bought can be replaced easily. You love buying new and trendy things and love to exhibit them in front of your friends. Money doesn’t matter much for you and you splurge on things that make you look good in front of your friends. Shopping is like a social event for you, for you will always be surrounded by your admirers and friends during such trips.

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You are a meticulous shopper with inclination towards perfection. You are often the one who have a pre decided list of your shopping items before you take even one step out of your home to the Mall. You are very organized about your shopping plans.

You know exactly what to buy and where to buy it from. You have thrifty vibes but you mostly stay within your stipulated budget. You like to shop for clothes and accessories due to your love for looking presentable and nice.

You are practical shopper with no sign of impulsiveness at all. You do not mind emptying your pockets also, if the thing that you are buying matches its monetary worth. In that sense, you are quite prudent.


Governed by Venus, you have the ability to find all the finest and most beautiful stuff amidst a chaos. You crave for finer things in life, which pleases you and others around you. You are an impulsive shopper who would pick up anything that grabs your attention.

You don’t follow trends and follow your heart. You are quite a spendthrift and don’t think much about money while shopping, as long as it is appealing to all your senses.

You often end up buying unnecessary stuff as long as it looks excellent, feels great and fetches you compliments throughout. You love sales, bargains and discounts. However, you are quite lazy and delay your shopping needs till the last moment. But once you are out in the field, you are unstoppable.


You always get what you desire for. You strike to look good and shop a great deal to enhance your looks and image. Free spirited species, you buy trendy things that are in the latest fashion. You intend to buy more luxurious items that will help you stand apart in the crowd.

You are instinctive and have a great sense of intuition. Your intuitions are the main driving force on your shopping trips and you possess a great sense of fashion. You are impeccable in style which makes you stand out in your circle of friends. You are an energetic and enthusiast shopper who won’t rest until have found what you are exactly looking for.


You are hopeful and optimistic buyer. You are a traveler and thus buy stuff that you feel will make your travel pursuits easier for you. Last minute shopping is what defines your personality. Your friends prefer going out shopping with you as they value your genuine opinion.

You often buy things hastily and at the last moment but still manage to get the best deal out of it. You also love shopping online, as that gives you freedom to shop while on the go. The idea of going to peep through the malls often seems boring to you.


You sensible nature is reflected in your shopping style too. You have inclinations for traditional things and are very down to earth. You shop only when some need arises. You do not prefer to waste money, so splurging is out of question in your case.

You buy sensible stuff and do not go off your list of requirements. You believe in saving money and keep aside for difficult times.

You buy things that you feel are durable and doesn’t go out of style easily. You know the real value of your hard earned money and cannot just blow it out on unnecessary stuff. You are a thoughtful shopper.


You love to explore new trends and buy things with uniqueness in them. You have a watchful eye, which often explains your eccentric preferences. You are not led by any particular fashion trends and prefer to move by your own choices, which often make you stand out in the crowd.

Your fashion trends are hot and at the same time obscure. It is never main stream. You like to shop from flea markets or personalized boutiques where you don’t find much of a similar production.

This adds an edge to your personality over the others. You do not buy common stuff and are all about being different. However, you are a sensible shopper and like to stay within your budget.


You have quick eyes for all the quirky things. You have inherent creative and artistic bent and find aesthetics in the things you opt to buy. You have good bargaining skills but at the same time, you are quite a spendthrift.

You prefer street shopping and like to purchase things that are artistic and eye catching and of course are not mass produced. You find boutiques and obscure flea markets more attractive which may perfectly cater to your sensibility and aesthetics. You also indulge in spa treatments to pamper your whole body. You love yourself and celebrate by gifting yourself the stuff you desire for. 

These are the general shopping traits as explained by astrology based on the moon signs of different zodiacs. Astrology is much more than this! Get even the tiniest of the details about you with the help the best astrologers here at Future point. 

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