Mars Transit in Leo - A Miraculous Phenomenon

By: Future Point | 19-Jul-2021
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Mars Transit in Leo - A Miraculous Phenomenon

Mars the most courageous planet of the planetary cabinet which is also designated as commander in chief in vedic astrology, affects us in various ways. It is a responsible planet for our enthusiasm, courage, energy level, bravery, aggression and the attitude we carry towards work. Its placement in our kundli or natal chart and transit in the sky plays a vital role in achieving success or failures in our deeds and work goals. Mars denotes actions, energy, passion, desires and assertion. 

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Mars is the only motivating factor behind our day to day activities. Mars influences our action to every reaction happening in our surroundings. A well placed Mars in the natal chart is an asset and infuses positive energy and youth to the native. Especially if placed in the quadrant or with the natal Moon, it proves extremely beneficial. Mars depicts passion and its placement in the 5th house which is a house of affairs and relationships, makes the native a passionate lover.

Mars is considered the Karka of fire and land and bestows the native with abundance of it forms connection to the house of assets i.e. the 4th house. It is warrior, who believes in killing and thereby signifies bones and blood, if placed beneficially and is connected to the house of profession in the chart may also make the native a good surgeon. This fierce planet with great enthusiasm is well controlled in the Capricorn, the hard working sign of Saturn and is in debilitation in the zodiac sign Cancer.

Now, since we have understood the characteristics of this most courageous planet, we further will understand the impact of the transit of this Martian energy into the royal and majestic sign of the solar system- Leo. Leo depicts royalty, brightness, Purity, ego, authority, fun, drama and power. The royal planet Sun rules this creative and ambitious sign of Leo and itself is called the king in the planetary cabinet. 

What does Mars Transit in Leo actually means?

The transit of Mars in the sign of Leo will take place in July 2021 at 17.21 hours till 6 September 2021, at 3.21 AM then it will transit in Virgo.

Mars and Leo both are friends and both of them demonstrate energy that means there will be a great reservoir of energy in the universe. This will affect each and everyone on this Earth in its unique way. Transits are always important as they bound to bring the bad or good results as stored in our horoscopes for all of us. 

Since last past 45 days, Mars was placed in the Cancer which is also the debilitation sign of this warrior planet. It can’t give its best results in this sign as Cancer belongs to the Moon, an emotional planet and Mars is the warrior which just can’t stay calm or act with full potential in a world surrounded with emotions. We all have noticed some kind of chaos happening in our lives due to this transit in the last 45 days. But now since Mars is moving ahead into Leo, we all will get rid of the lethargy in our work attitude and that undesired aggression that was somewhere prevailing in our minds since last transit. 

This transit is an auspicious transit for many of us as the greatest fortune Jupiter will also cast its seventh aspect on this transit making it yield wealth, prosperity and name and fame for many of us. Talk to astrologer to make most of this transit as you will have to wait for this auspicious time at least for one year again. 

Leo this time will bring auspicious changes and may bring surprises in professional field of many of us. Promotion and growth in business is strongly indicated through Mars’ transit in Leo this time. This transit will help us push our limits to achieve bigger and better in our lives. It will bring a sigh of relief for people amidst chaotic times of pandemic. This will also prove auspicious for love life. 

However, the transit of Mars will impact everyone in a different manner and will affect different zodiac signs in a different manner. 

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Let’s talk about the effect of this transit all zodiac signs:


Mars is the ruler of Aries and rules the first and eighth house for the Aries natives. Since it is the lord of ascendant, therefore its transit is all the more important for Aries natives. Mars will transit through the fifth house of creativity, studies, relationships and children. The ascendant Lord will transit in the trine house thus it creates such a good position for Aries folks. It will also have an aspect of devguru Jupiter so, bringing fortunes for the native. This will prove an auspicious transit for Aries natives. However, stomach ailments may follow with sensational love life. You are advised to avoid spicy food, since your abdomen will be affected by the aggression of Mars in the fiery sign of Leo. Also, care should be taken while driving as the fourth aspect of Mars will hit your eighth house, which may cause accidents also. You will gain immensely as it aspects your house of gains with Jupiter already present there. The medical students will witness an auspicious period, as your passion towards your subjects will grow, and you will perform better in your exams.


For Taurus ascendant, Mars rules the twelfth house of expenses and losses and seventh house of married life and associations. It will transit in the fourth house of domestic happiness, mother, vehicles and land and property. The placement of Mars here may cause health problems to your mother so take care. If planning to invest on any property, then the time will prove fruitful. Also, time is favorable for sale and purchase of property. The married life may see disturbances. Those in military services, police services and the engineers, doctors, surgeons will have beneficial period in their profession as the seventh aspect of Mars on your house of profession will add dynamism and strength to it. Expenses on health services of your loved ones may trouble you too. 


For Gemini natives, Mars rules their sixth house of litigation, disputes, competition, debts and diseases, also the eleventh house of gains, income and elder siblings. It will transit in the third house of valor, strength, and younger siblings. The placement of Mars in this house is beneficial as it will add to the courage of the natives to accomplish their goals efficiently. The job aspirants will also succeed in getting jobs and those already working will see favorable times. This transit may also bring transfers to some natives. Your relationship with your younger siblings may get sour and you may end up into fights with them. Your friendly plane will be good and you will make new friends during this time. You may also plan short trips with your friends and acquaintances.


Mars is a yogakaraka planet for the Cancer natives and rules the fifth and tenth house of the horoscope. It will be transiting through your second house of accumulated wealth, immediate family and speech. You are advised to be careful with your piercing words and statements during this period. Your anger may cause disputes at home, and will also spoil your cordial relations with the mother. This period will be good for the students and you will witness growth in your passion for studies. The professionals will also have auspicious time. This is a favorable time to hone your skills and earn decently from the same. Those who are into family business can expect handsome earnings, since you will gain good control on your business activities. Luck will favor you and you and you will be able to gain success in your endeavors without much effort. You will also be inclined towards religious activities.

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Leo is another zodiac sign which will gain immensely through this transit of Mars into this sign. Mars is again a yogkaraka planet for Leo natives and its transit into their ascendant will infuse them with confidence, you just have to take care of over-confidence and ego. You will have a strong will-power which will turn things easier for you. You will prefer a royal attitude in life during this transit. Stay concerned for the needs and requirement of your spouse as your temporary boldness may ruin the relation permanently. You will be successful if you are working at some authoritative position like government or administration. You will have to remain extra cautious for your health as this transit may give you headaches due to over-stress and you may also suffer from acidity.


During this time, the planet Mars will transit through your twelfth house. This time will bring mixed results for you. Time is favorable for working people whether engaged in business or job and high monetary gains are expected through varied sources. This time will bring fame and respect in the society. However, you might get over-stressed and may have sleepless nights. Unexpected expenditures however may add to your troubles, so it is recommended to manage your finances well. 

Those planning to settle abroad, have to wait as transit will not prove conducive. Also, if you are already working abroad, then you may also have to face some challenges. Drive carefully as there are chances of getting a physical injury. For the married natives, harmony may lack in your marital relations.


During this time, the planet Mars will transit through your eleventh house. The planet Mars sitting in this house will add strength to your will. By doing this, you will be able to overcome the most challenging tasks easily. You will work harder for gaining success. You will accumulate wealth and will share harmonious relations with your family and friends. If you are an athlete, then you will reach heights during this transit. You will incur expenses on domestic things and for the leisure of your family during this time. For the natives who are in a love relationship, time is quarrelsome. Take care of your harsh words as Mars may induce rudeness in your speech.


During this time, Mars will stay in the tenth house and thus bring success for the natives working in government sector. It is advised that you should act as per the rules and law. You will gain name and fame in the society through your efforts. You will gain confidence in your personality and your management capabilities will gain recognition. 

You will gain firmness in your speech and people will act according to your orders. However, the aspect of mars on the 4th house may cause trouble in the health of your mother. There will remain harmony in the relations of the family members and the married natives will share good times. 


Mars rules the twelfth house of travel, expenses and losses and fifth house of entertainment and recreation for Sagittarius folks. It will transit through the ninth house of fortune so you may expect some traveling for religious purpose. The scholars and teachers will have a good period and will gain immensely in your education. Also, those who are planning to go for higher education should make use of this favorable transit. You may face some argumentative relationship with your father and gurus during this transit, so stay aware. You may be interested in reading scriptures and mythology during this transit period. Your younger siblings will support you throughout. Love relations will remain harmonious.


Capricorn is the exaltation sign of Mars, which implies that its transit brings some important changes for the Capricorn natives. Mars is the Lord of the fourth house of home comforts and eleventh house of gains for Capricorns. And it will be moving towards the eighth house during this transit. This placement of Mars is not considered auspicious for health and comfort. In lieu of the same, you are advised to take good care of your health and stay careful while driving as there are chances of accidents. Plans to purchase any vehicle should be delayed for now. Arguments between the family members may occur but there would be sudden gain in your income during this transit. You should be careful of hidden enemies during this period too as they may cause trouble to you. Be secretive about your business plans and deals, since your competitors will keep a keen watch on you. 


Mars rules the third house of courage, valor and tenth house of profession for the Aquarians. It will be staying in the seventh house of spouse, partnerships and vocations. The business people will flourish during this period, and gain reputation in society. Those who are in partnership firms will also work with great energy and will grab good deals, which will further add to their goodwill. The friends and acquaintances will prove helpful during this period and you may travel short journey for work. The married natives are likely to face troubles in married life. 


During this time, the planet Mars will be placed in the sixth house for the natives. This time will not prove that beneficial for you. You will be able to succeed only after some struggle and hard work. If you are a teacher, or mechanic, or engineer, or some similar job, then the success will certainly come to you. You may lack support of your colleagues too and it is advised to remain polite with your colleagues to earn their favors. You will stay strong and will win over your opponents. You may also incur some unexpected expenditures which might disturb your financial stability. Health concerns are needed to be taken as you may suffer from some disease related to bones, skin or eyes. 

These are general predictions and not every native will get the same results as mentioned. So, in order to know the exact influence of the transit of Mars in Leo take online consultation with the best astrologers in India.

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