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The Saturn Returns: An amazing astrological phenomenon

By: Future Point | 22-Jul-2021
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The Saturn Returns: An amazing astrological phenomenon

The Saturn Return is an astrological event when the planet Saturn in transit comes back to meet your natal Saturn in your horoscope. Saturn is the slowest moving planet in astrology and takes about 29.5 years to complete one cycle of the entire zodiac.

This is also the duration taken by Saturn to come and hug your natal Saturn. The Saturn return smashes a chart in late 20s and its impact is felt into the early 30s. Then again after almost 30 years i.e. between the age of 57-60 in comes to touch the important aspect of your life. If you are blessed with long life there are chances you are hit by this karmic planet thrice in your life.

Saturn is considered a planet of karma in astrology. It judges our karmas or deeds and punishes or rewards us accordingly. Every 30 years it comes to give you the fruits you have reaped through your good or bad deeds in every 30 years of karmic cycle. 

About Saturn

Saturn in Vedic astrology is all about discipline and hard work. This planet represents responsibility, hard work, discipline, restrictions, boundaries, structure, patience, and maturity — during your Saturn return, all these qualities are put to a test.

Saturn is known as the great disciplinarian in astrology, so when it completes its first full circle during one’s late twenties, stay prepared for some rude lessons to be learnt with its return — and some major growth is sure to take place.

Saturn returns turns us upside down shaking the foundation of our lives, exposing us to all of our weak points and immaturities. Your life suddenly gets messed up and you feel scary and unstable, but it is a blessing in disguise in a sense that the chaos it causes help you to see things clearly — which means you start understanding life better and tries to patch up the holes in it. You become mature enough to take the responsibility so fallen on your shoulders in a powerful way.

Understand this great phenomenon with the help of our expert astrologers and understand what is expected through your planetary placements.

Time to Learn

When Saturn returns to the sign your natal Saturn is deposited in, it is an alarm or a wake-up call to us to get up and react. It wakes us up from our easy going life and brings noticeable change which affects our life to a great extent. This effect is permanent in nature and this kicks us out of our routine to indulge in something important.

An individual generally spends his twenties under a shell provided by the parents. It is also the time of youthful charm and fascination which keeps these adolescents busy day dreaming.

When you're young, there seems to be infinite time to decide what you wish to achieve in life once you grow up. Well, this is the time when Saturn pressurizes you to choose the path you want to lead in life as you're nearing 30 now!

Time to act real

Sometimes we make choices in life before giving much thoughts and even realizing our real selves. At the Saturn return, some of these choices are revealed to be out of sync with our true destiny. And it's a big deal, since there may be marriages and whole careers up for review.

The U.S. Census reports a peak of divorces around age 30 when promises made in the blush of youth don't match the core of either person as they approach this turning point. On the other hand, Saturn may bring a fated relationship that leads to a serious commitment with long-term potential.​

What Can You Expect From Your Saturn Return?

With realignment of natal Saturn with your natal placement, expect the unexpected. The native feels overburdened with the responsibilities and personal issues during this period, but this is the time to gain strength and learn to face the challenges of life.

If you are someone who is living in suppression and maintaining a toxic relationship with no happiness at all due to social pressure, then it is the time to move out. Saturn being the planet of pressure exerts it on your mind and you suddenly gather courage to honor the voice inside your heart screaming out for a change. 

While it is difficult to counter changes and may seem scary sometimes, but the planet of hard work- Saturn blesses us with the courage and strength needed to bring alterations.

Saturn rewards hard work, patience and diligence. It doesn’t appreciate shortcuts or temporary fixes. In other words, the more we try to avoid the inner turmoil in our hearts during this period, the messier it will get.

It is the time to accept the responsibilities in your life. whether you are at the edge of starting something or completely abandoning it, your Saturn return demands you to act mature and responsible in your decision-making — and to be courageous against your internal struggles that are accompanied through such tough life choices.

Saturn returns can be puzzled with instable mind, confusion and overall mess, but you'll come out victorious with a new sense of responsibility, confidence, and faith in one’s own abilities.

Understanding Your Saturn

The foremost thing that every person on this Earth should do is to understand the placement of Saturn in his/her natal chart. Astrologers often say it's important to "Do Your Saturn," and this means acting accordingly to master those qualities.

Every birth chart gives indications as what should that native do and in what manner. If we understand what our Saturn demand we will succeed in life in the most efficient way. Know about your Saturn sign, and understand how it influences other planets through conjunctions or associations. It may fall in any of the four elements and act differently in each of them. 

Seek out interpretations, and ponder to figure out what the Taskmaster expects from you. The house and the zodiac sign it is falling in contain the crux of our life and we can always talk to astrologer to understand it in a broader sense.

The real action time

The Saturn return brings pressure of time with it, and also the first awareness about your own mortality. You start analyzing what it would take to achieve those big goals in life and means through which you would reach your dreams.

But things like discipline, focus, and clear-sight are bestowed by this strict disciplinarian and you are filled with pragmatic hope. You'll figure out the pros and cons of the present circumstances and make necessary changes to get on the track.

We can say that it is a crossroads period when life-changing decisions are made. For example, one may consider to pursue his hobby as an artist even after acquiring engineering degree from a reputed college.

Strip it Down

The Saturn return often creates such circumstances that you can’t help but face your fears. And many of these have deep relations with our psyche, but at the same time they guide us to live up to societal expectations. Saturn Return can be compared to a mini earthquake to the foundations, and this helps you to shake off what's not a true part of your existence.

It teaches us to be real to ourselves. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, and here it tests our capabilities to become our own authority. It helps us to discover the unshakable corner inside that will ultimately serve the basis for a lifetime growth.

Depression and Saturn

Saturn is considered as the great malefic planet in astrology. The transits of Saturn are to be met with dread. But Saturn simply brings change which is meant to heal you while set the real foundation in life.

If you're amidst or about to get your Saturn return, and already finding it hard to cope, practice leaving control on the things what's not working. When you hold on to things that Saturn is trying to take away, that's when the suffering is compounded.

Check out with the people with Saturn return and you soon will determine that most of them are undergoing through confusion, isolation and despair at this time.

Perks and Responsibilities

The Saturn return judges the journey so far covered in the past 29 or so years. Some natives who have remain strong and made wise choices from the get-go may find it to be a phase when things are solidified. If you’ve been facing problems in your married relations then it is the time that either it will fall apart or grow stronger if they pass through time together.

Start again

If you resist the changes that Saturn is trying to bring, there are chances of chaos and mess in your life. Saturn just wants you to get rid of undesirable and move further in life. But at the same time it demands you keep the balance of your karmic deeds on the positive side and follow the righteous path in life.

A job that makes the native miserable or sticking to a relationship that's harmful to one’s spirit has to go with your Saturn return. After all, chaos is another name for opportunity. The pressures and doubts of your Saturn return are certain to give you a breakdown before a breakthrough. Saturn is trying to lead you towards your life goals.

The Lowdown

The Saturn return is often seen as the feared transition. No doubt it rewards or punishes you as per your deeds in the span of last 30 years but at the same time it carves out a better version of you out of your very being. 

In myth, Saturn is considered the God of the Harvest, and its harvest time during your Saturn return. If you haven’t sown anything till this time what will you reap?

You will soon realize it's time to get busy. Saturn often brings death to the traditional ways of doing things. The phase of death is never easy, but remember it is always followed by rebirth.

Saturn depicts responsibilities and will show you how to strengthen relationships, raise children, overcome the struggles in career, finding discipline etc. If you wish for something desperately, Saturn finds a way to make this happen though painfully. It's not just there to humiliate you, but to inspire you to stand on solid ground.

Understand this greatest astrological phenomenon and its effects in your life with thorough analysis of your birth chart with online consultation or meet with our professional astrologers.

Saturn watches through your excuses and blunders in life. Try to make friends with Saturn through discipline and hard work towards achieving your goals. 

When seriousness of Saturn governs your life during extremely important period of adulthood, it's important to realize that 'This too shall pass.' This harsh transition may make you feel washed up, parched, disillusioned.

But at the same time it is also a time of liberating your soul of undesired and unwanted stuff. It is the time to unburden yourself and realize your true self. It is the time to move towards your life goals without fearing the alterations happening in your surroundings. This transition is extremely important as it is going to show you the path to follow in life!

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