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Vedic Astrology Based Tips For Having A Sparkling Love Life

By: Future Point | 16-Jul-2020
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Vedic Astrology Based Tips For Having A Sparkling Love Life

Love from a partner with whom a person is in a relationship with, is the most beautiful emotion that any person can experience in life. It is the element of love in a relationship that gives a true sense of fulfillment to the human heart and keeps the human spirit vibrant & joyful.

However, true love from a partner is not something that everyone is blessed with. Countless people desire for love in their lives but many of them actually go through frequent bitterness and turbulence in their relationships. Repeated bickering with the partner leaves a person with a painful heart and having a loving relationship in life seems to be an impossible feat to achieve.

So, is there a way by which a couple can have the spark of love kindling in their lives?

Role of Vedic Astrology

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology says that planets are the main deciding force in a person's life pertaining to all domains of his/her life such as education, finance, health, love & relationship etc.

It is the planets that based on their placements in the Horoscope or Kundli of a native, decide how different domains in the native’s life would pan out. If a planet is signifying problems for a particular domain of life, say love & relationship, then whenever that planet would come into its period of operation, the native will experience problems in his/her love life.  

However, if we know the will of planets beforehand then we could take appropriate remedial measures that would negate or reduce the negative influence of planets that are malefic for us and are the root cause of our troubles.

This is where the role of an astrologer comes in as the astrologer analyzes the horoscope of a native and finds out the planetary issue that is troubling the native or is slated to create problems with respect to a particular domain of the native’s life. 

The astrologer then recommends specific Vedic remedies to the native that are specific to the problem as well as the planetary situation in the horoscope of that native.

Love & Relationship In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 5th house of a horoscope signifies ‘love’ and the 7th house signifies ‘life partner’. Therefore these are the primary houses that are specifically analyzed while decoding the love & relationship domains of a person’s or couple’s life.

Apart from the 5th and the 7th houses, the 1st house that signifies ‘self’ and the 11th house that signifies ‘gains & realization of desires’ are also the facilitator houses when it comes to love & relationships.

In order for a couple to have a blissful love life with their partner, they should have strong 5th and 7th houses in their respective horoscopes along with the 1st and 11th houses, free of any malefic planetary influence.

If any of the naturally malefic planets such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn are positioned or aspecting the 5th and or the 7th house (or for that matter the 1st and or the 11th house) of a native’s horoscope, then troubles arise in the love & relationship/marital domain of the native’s life.

In such cases, only an Expert Astrologers can find appropriate remedial measures based on the thorough analysis of the horoscope of the individual or the horoscopes of both the boy & girl. These remedial measures have the potential to effectively pacify the planets that are responsible for the troubles that the person or the couple together are going through in their lives.

Meanwhile you can also go for a Free Kundli Matching and get started on the road to ascertain what the stars & planets have in store for you and your partner as well as take the first step in ascertaining what is best for you & your partner when it comes to having a blissful love life!

Useful Astrological Tips To Have a Cordial & Loving Relationship With Your Partner

  • Chant the Mantras of Venus on a Friday to strengthen the planet that promotes love in life.
  • Try to wear colours that are governed by the planets which are the lords of the 5th as well as 7th houses of your horoscope.
  • Keep a red cloth in your pocket when you are with your partner as the red colour red represents love & sensuality.
  • For strengthening up your relationship and removing the obstacles that you are facing, observe a fast on Monday and worship Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati.
  • Keep a ‘Prem Vriddhi Yantra’ in your home and worship it with prescribed Vedic rituals to increase the element of love in your relationship with your partner.
  • Keep an ‘Akarshan Yantra’ in your house to open celestial doorways for a partner in your life, if you are single.
  • Wear a pendant of ‘Rose Quartz that is known to attract energies of love in life and removes emotional blockages that create problems in our relationship with our partner.

In the end, we would say that when it comes to the most important aspect of your life i.e. love, it is highly recommended that you Talk with Astrologer, who after performing an in-depth analysis of your horoscope would suggest to you specific remedies that would bring abundant love, bliss & joy in your life!

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