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Defeat Depression With The Help of Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 16-Jul-2020
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In this fast paced and materialistically driven world, it is quite common for a person to succumb to the pressures that life throws at him/her. When life takes us for a nasty ride, everything seems to collapse including our ability to handle pressure, our belief system, our self esteem and most importantly- our morale.

Once things start to spiral out of our control, we often witness a stark change in the behaviour of people around us. However, we should not blame anyone for the chaos that we are going through as that would only induce frustration within us on top of the anxiety & stress that we might be already having in our lives. 

No matter how difficult or even impractical it may sound to some, we must keep our cool during times of distress as only a calm & composed mind of a person can eventually arrive at real & tangible solutions for the problems that the person is facing.

The Growing Issue of Depression

In recent times, as life around us picked up speed and as desires & aspirations of people grew, so has the stress factor in the life of humanity at large. The barometer of success is so high these days that people who are actually doing fairly good in their lives, feel lagging behind as contentment has become comparative in nature for many.

An increasing number of people especially in the urban areas are becoming more & more vocal about the mental or emotional stress that they are going through in their lives. It must be noted that the problem of depression is spanning across all age groups today.

Children feel the pressure to perform well in academics, professionals remain stressed out in their obligation to meet the ever increasing corporate performance parameters, relationship related issues take an emotional toll on mind as well as mid-life crisis in the family due to financial or health related concerns, create a serious mental & psychological turmoil within the mind.

There is no denying the fact that countless people today go through really challenging & troubling times wherein a specific & focussed approach must be adopted for getting problem specific solutions.

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Cause of Depression

Depression is caused primarily by our inability to cope up with the stress & challenges that come our way. Obviously, we try our level best and put in all our efforts to counter those challenges or hurdles of life but in the end if we seem to fail when it comes to overcoming those hurdles, a sense of hollowness creeps into our minds and takes the shape of depression or gloominess.

We often alienate ourselves from people around us when we hit rock bottom in our lives as the feeling of being inferior or being left out overpowers our minds. This is our greatest mistake as we should look at those few near & dear ones of ours who stand by our side during all times and we should rather motivate ourselves to stay positive & continuously strive till a solution is not achieved.   

Remember, that a rocket starts its journey into the far above space from ground level itself. Hence, being down actually means that we are now poised to grow on the upside provided we hold ourselves together and stay motivated with a problem solving attitude!

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Cosmic Factors Leading To Depression

We can easily identify certain factors that are originating from our surrounding environment or the aspects of our lives that we are going through and are contributing to our state of anxiety or depression. For example- education, job/career, family, health, marriage, litigation etc.

But what if there is so much more to all this than what meets the eye?

Yes, we are talking about the planets that are phenomenally powerful cosmic bodies and literally chart the course of our lives to a major extent.

In order to make an Astrology Prediction pertaining to different domains of one’s life, an experienced astrologer performs a deep & comprehensive analysis of the Kundli of an individual based on the principles of the sacred science of Vedic Astrology.

The horoscope contains information about many subtle yet highly crucial aspects of one’s life such as:

  • Innermost nature of the individual.
  • Personality of the individual.
  • State of mind of the individual.

Since we are discussing the cosmic cause of depression, it is extremely important to throw some light at the role of the Moon as well Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn (Shani).

The Moon represents our mind and Rahu signifies confusion and a turbulent state of mind. Also, Ketu signifies dissatisfaction and Saturn brings sorrow in life. 

Hence, whenever the Moon is badly inflicted by malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn in a person’s Horoscope, then that person is likely to go through difficult phases of mental health during certain periods of time in life. Such periods are calculated by the help of ‘Vimshottari Dasha’ (the periods of operation of different planets in the life of a person).

If the Moon is badly positioned in your horoscope then situations leading upto to hurdles or failures in life would automatically arise and there will prevail a strong current of anxiety or depression in your mind.

Hence, rather than feeling low & depressed, take the prudent step of opening up your heart to our professional astrologers who would identify the root planetary cause of your troubles and will find out the best suited remedies to pacify the negative planetary effects that are causing you all the emotional troubles.

So, do not live in a state of mental turmoil and Talk to Astrologer on Phone today itself and live with a peaceful & calm state of mind that would lead to true bliss & happiness in life!