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Mystery behind the 'Stone of Love': Rose Quartz

By: Future Point | 24-May-2019
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Love is a phenomenon that everyone wants to have & cherish in life. It is arguably the most beautiful emotion that one can experience in this otherwise chaotic world.

While most of the people get satisfied with what their destiny has in store for them when it comes to love, there are some who take charge of their destiny. Really? It is possible?

Well, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if that was not the case!

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Rose Quartz: "The Stone of Love"

Rose Quartz belongs to the Quartz category and is the most popular type of crystal. Rose Quartz is known by many names and the most famous ones are- ’Stone of Love’ and ’Heart Stone’.

It is referred by the word rose because its color resembles that of rose in a soft tone. However, the color scheme ranges from light pink to strong shades of reddish-pink colors.

Unlike other coloured crystals, Rose Quartz Crystal does not lose its color in sunlight or when exposed to moderately high temperatures.

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What makes Rose Quartz mysterious?

Rose Quartz is the most effective gemstone that sets the love aspect in the life of an individual on the right track. Since centuries, people have been making the love element bloom in their life by opting for Rose Quartz Gemstone.

This gemstone for love has made the lives of countless people a manifestation of love & compassion. So are you interested in knowing Rose Quartz benefits?

All right, without further ado let us look at the multiple benefits that one can get from this amazing love stone:

  • It is a love stone that helps in inducing soothing emotions of love within one’s heart.
  • It brings out the element of subtle natural beauty in the personality of a person.
  • It acts as an incredibly effective natural aphrodisiac and kindles love and sensuality between couples.
  • Those who suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns with nightmares, benefit immensely by wearing Rose Quartz Gemstone or simply keeping this stone by their bedside while sleeping.
  • People who go through a mental trauma or crisis in life, get emotional & psychological strength in coping up with the problem and eventually getting rid of it.
  • Rose Quartz opens up the ’Heart Chakra’ of the subtle body and clears up all blockages that were restricting the free flow of love energies.
  • It also enhances the healing properties of both the body as well as the mind.
  • By opening up the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz brings an unexpected increase in creativity in an individual.
  • It makes children more expressive and helps in developing out-of-the-box thinking in them.
  • For newlyweds, it creates a positive ambiance for taking their married life in a positive, loving & harmonious direction.
  • Rose Quartz has a very soothing effect on the womb of pregnant women and is considered very positive on the health of both the mother and child.
  • For youngsters who are single, this love stone acts as a boon as it enhances the element of attraction in them and helps them to come across the love of their life.
  • The couple who is going through a rough patch in their marriage, find all their issues getting resolved by wearing Rose Quartz gemstone and placing it by their bedside in the bedroom.
  • Rose Quartz speeds up the healing powers of the body in the unfortunate cases of skin burns.
  • Professionals who keep Rose Quartz on their work desk, get support from high ranking officials and remain protected from any career-related harm.
  • People on the spiritual path find that meditating while keeping Rose Quartz near them, increases the qualities of compassion and unconditional love within them.
  • It is associated with planet Venus which is the natural significator of love, marriage, luxury, and prosperity.
  • Negative effects arising in the horoscope due to an ill-placed Venus are nullified by wearing Rose Quartz.
  • Rose Quartz helps people who are facing delay in getting married by enhancing their prospects of getting married.
  • Childless couples benefit from the fertility-enhancing powers of Rose Quartz, as it helps in resolving fertility problems in both males as well as females.
  • It protects from all evil influences or black magic spells that cast a negative & damaging shadow upon a healthy relationship.
  • Last but not least, Rose Quartz attracts wealth, happiness & prosperity in life and gives a meaningful purpose to life resulting in contentment & satisfaction.

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Rose Quartz is an amazing stone for love attraction and many other positive & life-changing effects. Moreover, it has been in use since centuries and countless people from all walks of life have enjoyed its soothing effects.

With so much to offer, the beautiful Rose Quartz is the stone that brings in warmth and love in one’s life. Known to enhance the power of planet Venus in one’s horoscope, there are myriad ways and reasons why one must wear a Rose Quartz to bring about serene tranquility in life!