SHANI JAYANTI 2020: Importance & correct way to celebrate

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SHANI JAYANTI 2020: Importance & correct way to celebrate

Shani Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Lord Shani. Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya and rules over the planet Saturn and weekday Saturday. Shani or Saturn is one of the nine major planets in Hindu Astrology. The Shani Jayanti 2020 falls on Vaishak Vaidya Chaturdashi Amavasya and is also called the Shani Amavasya. The Saturn planet moves very slowly as compared to other planets so it is also known as Shanashcher. Saturn planet belongs to the air element and belongs to the west direction.

The festival is celebrated in large numbers by the devotees in both the southern and northern parts of India. As it is known by almost everyone that Saturn holds a very important effect in astrology, it is necessary to please Lord Shani and thus make Saturn positive for the native. When Saturn is adverse, it can cause many problems such as poor financial position and accidents. Black Color is preferred by Shani Dev as he had a black complexion himself. Worshipping Shani Dev on the Shani Jayanti day will appease Shani Dev which gives a fruitful fruit and clearance of all your obstacles.

The Legend goes that Lord Surya was married to Daksha’s daughter Sandhya through which he had 3 offsprings namely Manu, Yam, and the Yamuna. Everything was going great until Sandhya felt the power of her radiant and powerful husband. She couldn’t bear the powers and heat of Sun so she created a womanly figure known as Chaya and went to the forest to increase her powers. Lord Surya had 3 children with Chaya Manu, Shani, and Bhadra.

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When Chaya was pregnant with Shani in her womb, she was doing severe penance to pacify Lord Shiva in the scorching Sun, because of which the complexion of Shani turned to black.

Afterward when Shani was born Lord Surya got furious to see Lord Shani’s complexion and suspected of him being his child. He took all his anger in Chaya. Upon seeing this Lord Shani gazed out a cast on Lord Shani which turned his complexion to black. Lord Surya was confused with that has happened to him and went directly to Lord Shiva for help, where he was told exactly what happened. He apologized and got his original complexion back. Since then both the Father and the son share a very good bond.

On the Shani Jayanti Date, the temples are crowded and the devotees are praying for their well being and liberation from suffering.

The Shani Jayanti date in 2020 will be on the 22nd of May in 2020, where the Amavasya Tithi will begin on 21:35 PM on 21st of May and will last till 23:04 PM on 22nd May 2020.

Hawan, Homam, and Yagya can be performed in order to appease Lord Shani. Shani Shanti Pooja is the most important ceremony performed during Shani Jayanti. The festival is celebrated to avoid all the evils from one’s life by getting the Shani favorable for the native. The devotees of Shani have rigid rules and regulations which need to be followed in order to keep Shani pleased at all point of times. Everyone has to pay for their deeds and sins if Shani has decided so. People who work hard and stay dedicated along with keeping the Shani pleased to have a really smooth life as Shani helps them to achieve success and all the desires in their life.

Worship and fasting must be done by the devotees on the day of Shani Jayanti in order to keep Shani happy. In order to worship one should bathe early in the morning and install an iron statue of the Shani Dev along with the recitation of the Shani Mantra. Then bathe the statue of Shani with Gangajal and place haar or necklace made of the Navratnas which depict the Nine Planets. A Shani Shanti Pooja is also performed by the devotees which have an unfavorable position of Shani in their birth charts. This Pooja will reduce the malefic effects and help you to live peacefully and achieve success in your life. For the purpose of Saturn black clothes, berries, black owls, black shoes, sesame, iron, oil, etc. can be donated.

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Shani Mantra;

The recitation of the following Mantra during Shani Jayanti or otherwise will help you to please Lord Shani and remove all the obstacles from their life.

  • Om Shan Shanecharaya Namah;-
  • ओम शं शनैश्चराय नमः।

Shani Jayanti Festival coincides with Vat Savitri Vrat which is observed during Jyeshta Amavasya in most North Indian States. The fast is observed with a visit to Shani Temple to seek blessings of Lord Shani. It is considered that Lord Shani is just and appeasing him will bless his devotees with luck and fortune. People who don’t have Shani’s blessings will struggle without any rewards.

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जानें क्या है सूर्य को अर्घ्य देने के पीछे धार्मिक, वैज्ञानिक एवं ज्योतिषीय तथ्य और विश्वास ।

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