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Features and Benefits of Ruby/Manik Gemstones

By: Future Point | 21-Apr-2018
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Features and Benefits of Ruby/Manik Gemstones

A women’s fascination with Gemstones is like chocolates, there is always room for more. Ruby is so precious that it is called as king of all Gemstones. It tells the story of the person who is wearing it. What makes Ruby such an attractive stone? Stone has fire in its grace and lots of passion in its color. The stone is considered the stone of passion, love, power and enthusiasm. Most significant factor that stands out in Ruby is its vibrant color.

The best form of Ruby has a vibrant red to reflect with slight dark purple red color. The Light or dark red color Rubies of Bangkok are famous for its qualities all over the world. Wearing Ruby is said to bring extraordinary benefits to people of Leo zodiac sign.

Let us see how it glorifies the duties of a wearer. The Ruby gemstone like its lord planet exhibits the supreme dominating qualities to the bearer. Because of it he or she is bound to get great support and admiration from position of great authority in a government service. Wearing the stone can boost the confidence and poise. One can easily come out of coyness on wearing Ruby. Ruby absorbs the energy of sun to convert it into a positive energy to make a wearer more powerful.

The most prominent effect of Ruby is it helps the person get out of illusion, misunderstands and doubts to make the person focused toward his/her goals. Ruby has strength of converting the emotions into strong feelings there by making the character powerful. The beautiful stone also aids to solve the eye issues. It represents the energy of the planet Sun. Hindus pray to Sun God and it has one fundamental role to play in a solar system. Sun is a nurturer as it exhibits the vital energy on which a human race survives.

Health benefits of Ruby

This stone leaves a remedial cause on heart when it works to control the blood circulation. By killing the germs it reduces the chance of chronicle illness. Ruby protects the wearer from any possible danger. Some major disease like back bone related issues, and diabetes and hypertension can be taken care by wearing ruby stone.

Sun rule this stone

You can observe a miraculous improvement in a holder’s speech after he/she wears it. The person who has good position of Sun in the birth chart is said to be blessed with several achievements. Ruby enhances the power of Sun.

The gemstone ‘Ruby’ also known as ‘Manik’ in Hindi language is said to be very effective when it is 3 to 6 carats by measure. Usually experts suggest wearing the stone in a pure Gold ring or chain. Many also said to wear in copper predictability of birth chart after consultation.

How to wear

One can wear it on auspicious morning of Sunday after doing prayer. The price of the stone varies depending on wide range of list from various origin, size, color and purity.

The price of Ruby differs on its range and carat between Rs. 400 to Rs. 2 lakh per carat. Better quality of ruby can be evaluating more than ten carats. In outer countries Rubies can get the price up to $225,000. The price of the ruby can drastically hampered when inclusions affect the lucidity of the stone.

Believe it or not, the old myth says that the Gemstone is ought to change its color when bearer is approaching any kind of trouble. One another belief is that the Ruby stone can lessen the effect of poison.

Ruby is said to bless the possessor with Charismatic personality. However, the Ruby stone cannot be worn by any or every individual. Sun is a Lord planet of Leo sign. When sun is placed in fifth house of its own sign, it showers the person with miraculous effect.

Best zodiac sign for Ruby

Wearing Ruby is said to bring extraordinary benefits to people of Leo zodiac sign. Astrology is can predict the future with its accurate calculations. It is strongly recommended to wear the Ruby only after through astrology consultation.

Gemstones are advised by our online astrologers according to placement of many planets in the birth chart. A strongly placed of sun can make the person center of attention. And in many cases Sun is the source of massive fame depending on horoscope online.

There are two things which user has to look out while buying in order to get good result from the Gemstone-

  • One must get the advice from a good gemologist or astrologer before to put it on before using it as every stone has bad effect also.
  • Second thing that need your attention is the quality of Ruby before buying. Only buy the certified Ruby from trusted source.

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