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Astrological Remedies For Your Child’s Poor Academic Results

By: Future Point | 18-Jul-2020
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Astrological Remedies For Your Child’s Poor Academic Results

Education is the most powerful tool of human empowerment and therefore it rightly holds a very high significance in our lives. Since times immemorial, all wonders that the humankind has accomplished, came only as a fruit of the education that the humankind acquired. Hence, providing children the best possible educational opportunities has always remained one of the greatest duties that parents consider towards their children.

However, a child’s ultimate academic performance is not always correlated to the quality of education that he/she is getting. There are many cases wherein children who study in an educational environment that is very challenging in terms of infrastructure, study material, teaching quality etc., actually excel in academics and garner meaningful education in their lives that ultimately translates into a successful career. 

On the other hand, there are many children who despite being fortunate enough to study in high quality education institutions, somehow fail to excel in academics. This results in frustration within the children or the children eventually losing interest in studies or even getting into a depressed state of mind. The extreme pressure of performing well in academics that stems from our society, exerts uncalled for pressure on children and only makes matters worse.

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Why does a child perform poorly in academics?  

First of all, before asking this question, ask yourself that “Am I burdening my child with unjust expectations that come from the societal pressure of performing well in academics?”

If the answer is yes, then kindly be realistic and acknowledge the fact that every child does not have the same level of aptitude and interests. 

With that being said, try to remove the pressure of comparison from your child that children face these days from their classmates. Tell your child that “he/she should only be focussed on making continual & honest efforts to study diligently and post that, accept the outcome gracefully and make it a point to work hard to improve on areas that he/she is lacking.

This is the right approach that parents must ask their children to follow and make sure that they actually follow that. On the outwardly surface this is the best & perhaps the only thing that parents can & should do! 

But is there something more that can be done?

Yes, there is!

Role of Planets in Education

As per the sacred science of Vedic Astrology, planets play a truly phenomenal role in shaping up the personality, interests and inclination of a person. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that it is the planets that pretty much shapes the destiny of a person.

The planets provide their results or cast their effects upon us as per our karmic account that we carry from our previous lives. Based on the set of karmas allotted to a planet, the planet “at the time of its period of operation”, provides us results of those karmas. 

If the planet is holding our positive karmas from the past, then we get positive results in the “domains of our life” that the particular planet is representing. Similarly, if the planet in question is holding our negative karmas from the past, then we get negative results in the “domains of our life” that the particular planet is representing.

Therefore, if the planet or planets in operation during the education phase of a child are not signifying positive results, then academic performance of the child deteriorates “unless” Vedic wisdom is applied to pacify the negative effects of the planets that are causing the troubles.

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Remedies That Can Help In Significantly Improving A Child’s Academic Performance 

Vedic Astrology empowers an astrologer to analyze the Education Horoscope of a child and arrive at certain highly powerful remedial measures that the child can adopt to pacify the negative results of planets that are creating hurdles & obstacles in the education domain of his/her life and at the same time increase the strength of planets that are positive for education in his/her life.

Make no mistake, these Remedies for Educational Success can help the child immensely in his/her academic journey.

Therefore, parents who want their child to get the cosmic support that would dispel the planetary effects that are holding back their child’s academic performance, should immediately Talk to Astrologer on Phone and invite cosmic blessings in their child’s life!

We urge you to consult with Future Point that houses the Best Astrologers in India, especially when it comes to the absolutely vital issue of your child’s education.

In the meantime, you can also follow these very simple yet incredibly effective astrological remedies that can really help to improve the educational graph of your child:

  • Make sure that your child sits to study while facing East or North-East.
  • The study table of your child should be clutter free as clutter on the study table increases the malefic effects of Rahu on your child which brings confusion.
  • Chanting the mantra of Lord Ganesh by students, especially on Wednesday helps in gaining concentration and focus.
  • Make your child donate ‘Jaggery & Chana Dal’ to Cows on Thursday for enhancing grasping power.
  • Putting up a ‘Brihaspati Yantra’ in the room of the child brings in the blessings of ‘Brihaspati’ who is the Guru of the Gods and imparts knowledge & wisdom.
  • ‘Mangal Shanti Puja’ should be performed on the child’s behalf if Mangal or Mars is negatively positioned in the child’s horoscope as a negative Mars makes the child adamant & careless.
  • Donate books & stationery to needy children on your child’s behalf to bring blessings of Goddess Saraswati in his/her life.


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