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Give your Child an Education that has Cosmic Support

By: Future Point | 28-Mar-2020
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Give your Child an Education that has Cosmic Support

It is both the dream and duty of all parents to provide the best possible education to their children so that after they move out from the academic phase of their lives and foray into the professional world, they should be talented enough to make a name for themselves. It is incumbent upon all parents that they must not leave any stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that their child’s education is on the right trajectory.

However, parents mostly think that their duty is simply to put their child in a decent school and then leave it to the teachers to make the best out of their child.

Well, the teachers impart the same education to all children but only a handful of them really make it big in their lives. The reason being, only a handful of the children choose an academic stream knowingly or unknowingly that has the support of the incredibly powerful planetary bodies of the cosmos!

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is an ancient & sacred science that helps us to know how the planets are influencing different aspects of our lives. Planets on the basis of their placement in an individual’s horoscope, influence the course of that individual’s life to a major extent.

It is the job of an astrologer to decode the horoscope of an individual and reveal the planetary will with respect to various aspects of that individual’s life and furthermore, suggest remedial measures that have the potential to ward off the negative effects of certain ill placed planets and maximize the positive effects of planets that are well placed in the horoscope.

Remember, those who align their actions with what the well placed planets in their horoscopes are signifying, are the ones that garner success & ample growth in all aspects of their lives and those who put their time, money and energy in something that has the malefic influence of planets that are ill placed in their horoscopes, are the ones that face constant hurdles and failure in their endeavours.

A Rewarding Education

A truly rewarding education is the one that results in a lucrative career at the end of a student’s academic journey.

If a student pursues an education stream that is conducive to his/her professional growth as per the positively placed planets in his/her horoscope, then that student would end up making a lot of money and have a career that would give the student satisfaction and add meaning to his/her life.

However on the other hand, a student would not get the desired career growth in life if he/she moves in an academic direction where there is no success at the end of the road simply because that academic field is represented by planets that are negatively placed in his/her horoscope.

Role of Parents

Obviously a student when being just a child, cannot chart a favourable course of his/her education as making such tedious plans is the duty of the parents. The parents ought to know beforehand, which is the best academic direction for their child and make sure that the child should move into that specific direction as the child’s academic life progresses.

A child education horoscope is the map that holds all key details related to the education aspect of the child’s life. It also suggests the streams of education that are poised to pave the road to a successful career for the child.

Given the phenomenal power of planets on all of us, the parents should timely approach a professional astrologer and get highly useful Education Astrology Prediction for their child. This would be perhaps the best gift that they could ever give to their child.

Natural Significators of Education

The two planets that are considered as the natural significators of education are:

  • Jupiter: It signifies Wisdom and Comprehension.
  • Mercury: It signifies Analytical Power, Intelligence and Communication Skills.

However, this does not mean that other planets do not have any role in signifying education, it's just that Jupiter and Mercury exert extra influence on the educational life of a student.

Houses that Signify Education

There are specific houses in the horoscope of a student that an astrologer analyzes in the process of decoding the state of education in the student’s academic life and these are:

  • 2nd House: It signifies the accumulated or acquired knowledge.
  • 4th House: This is the prime or fundamental house of education and also represents the primary education of a child.
  • 9th House: Higher education in astrology is analyzed from the 9th house.
  • 11th House: This house signifies gain or success in one’s academic life.

It must be noted that there are two other houses that act as facilitators to education and these are:

  • 3rd House: This is the house that deals with writing and communication in academic life.
  • 5th House: This is the house that represents intelligence and the ability of the child to comprehend.

Remember, planets give results of the houses that they are associated with via placement, lordship and or aspects. Also, planets give their maximum results at the time of their period of operation as per the Vimshottari Dasha.

Now, since planets can be associated with multiple houses (both good as well as bad for a particular domain of a person’s life), it is the job of an astrologer to take all house related permutations & combinations into account and then arrive at the final result that the planets are seen signifying for a particular domain of life.

An example of this can be the scenario wherein a planet signifies the results of certain houses that are good for education as well as of certain houses that pose obstacles in education. In such a case only an experienced astrologer can narrow down the overall cumulative effect of that particular planet on the education of the child.

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Higher Education in a Foreign Land

Nowadays, there is a trend among students of pursuing their higher education in a foreign country. However, given the high cost factor involved in studying abroad, a student must have the support of planets that signify gains from a foreign education or for that matter a foreign education at all in his/her horoscope first, before he/she even thinks of going abroad for educational purposes.

As per the principles of foreign education in astrology, if any of the separative planets such as Sun, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn give the results of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 11th and 12th houses and their period of operation comes at a time when the student wants to go abroad to study, signify a successful higher education in a foreign country.

But if such an astrological scenario is not present in the horoscope of a student, then the idea of a higher education in a foreign land should not be entertained by the student.

Therefore both, parents who want to know which line of education would be best for their child as well as students who want to know about the best academic avenues that they should pursue for maximum gains as per their horoscopes, must talk to astrologer and harness the incredibly powerful support of planets that would ensure a truly rewarding education.

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