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Are you dealing with a difficult child?

By: Future Point | 02-Jan-2019
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Are you dealing with a difficult child?

Every parent must understand that children are a piece of life that undergo a constant process of evolution.

In this evolutionary process called childhood, every child perceives different situations in different ways as per his/her intellectual capabilities and reacts in a particular way.

Therefore, it is not fair to brand a child as a 'Problem Child' no matter how much difficulty the parents face in dealing or interacting with the child on a day-to-day basis.

There are a number of factors that influence the behaviour of a child e.g. surroundings, company, academic performance, peer pressure, interaction with parents and much more.

However, planetary influence is one such factor that is most powerful and decisive when it comes to shaping up the behaviour of a child.

Planetary influence, can make the child behave in an altogether different fashion than what the parents expect.

So, the real reason behind the problematic behaviour of a child is the type of planetary situation that exists in the life of the child.

Astrology helps an astrologer to decodes the result of planets in the life of a child by analyzing the child's horoscope or kundali.

The specific section of astrology that deals with making child prediction from the very beginning for his/her entire life to come is known as Child Birth Astrology or Baby Birth Astrology or Baby Astrology.

What does an Astrologer looks to understand the behaviour of a Child and offer Remedies?

1st House

This is the house of 'Self' that represents the overall personality/behaviour of the child.

Rahu in the 1st house creates a confusing personality and erratic behaviour eventually.

For Aries ascendants, a Saturn in the 1st house brings extreme mood swings and the child fails to get along smoothly with parents or authority that wants the best for the child.

Children having ascendants representing the 'Water' element like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are very emotion centric and tend to live in their own cocoon. Such children are often misunderstood by their parents and many people in the society.

2nd House

This is house of 'Family' and 'Speech'. A badly affected 2nd house makes the child use harsh words and thereby damaging the bliss in the family.

3rd House

This is the house of 'Communications'.

Placement of Mars in the 3rd house creates volatility in communication and parents experience their child react unpleasantly whenever they try to establish a healthy line of communication with the child.

4th House

This house represents 'Mother'.

Any child who doesn't listen to his/her mother or has a rocky relationship with his/her mother is bound to have a troubled 4th house.

A badly affected 4th house can be seen as a house having malefic planets positioned or aspecting it such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn.

This is because Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are highly separative in nature and they disturb the harmonious relations or understanding between the child and the mother.

Presence of Mercury in the 4th house is also not seen as a sign of a healthy relationship between the mother and the child.

9th House

This house represents 'Father'.

Placement or aspect of Saturn in this house damages the relationship of the child with his/her father.

In astrology father of a child is denoted by Sun and Saturn who also happens to be the son of Sun, shares a very bad relationship with His father Sun.

So, connection of Saturn in the 9th house of the child's horoscope makes the child disconnected with his/her father and often indulges into unnecessary arguments.

Kaal Sarp Dosh

This is a 'flaw' that forms in the horoscope with the placement of Rahu & Ketu in such a way that they capture all the other 7 planets within the 180 degree zone of their fixed placement (Rahu & Ketu are always placed 180 degree apart).

Presence of Kaal Sarp Dosh in the horoscope of a child makes the life of both the child and the parents extremely difficult. It wreaks havoc in the parent-child relationship unless it is treated timely & properly under the guidance of an able astrologer and a learned priest.


So, by now you must have understood that the real reasons or the root causes of your child behaving in a problematic way are cosmic.

Therefore, a far more subtle approach is required in arriving at a solution that would provide relief to both the parents as well the child who by the disturbed play of planets in his/her life is experiencing an unnecessary turmoil in his/her life.

It is very easy to brand the child as a Problem Child, but one must understand how hard it is for a child to not have balanced childhood, whatever the reasons may be.

Every child deserves a joyful childhood with a harmonious relationship with his/her parents.


Parents must immediately consult with an experienced astrologer and get the horoscope of their child thoroughly analyzed to find out the real reasons behind all the problems that they & their child are facing.

After the root causes are identified, the astrologer would derive specific remedial measures to counter all the negatives that are creating trouble in the life of the child.

Whether they are looking for a New Born Baby Kundali or Kundali Predictions for Child or Child Prediction by Date of Birth and other details, consulting with a professional astrologer should be the only way ahead.

When it comes to your child, never settle for anything lesser than the best.

Therefore, Future Point is the only name that you should remember.

Future Point sinces decades, has been providing accurate predictions and incredibly powerful remedies to all its clients all over the world to help them chart the course of their very own destiny.

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