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Astrological remedies for Educational Success

By: Future Point | 24-Feb-2018
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Education can rightly be said to be the basic laying foundation for overall success in an individual’s life. It is said and believed that the three main necessities of life are- food, shelter and clothing. But, the importance and significance of education in our lives should not be ignored or neglected.


A great education can help to provide the person with basic requirements as well as helps in shaping the life perfectly with a better vision. Such is the importance of education in our lives.

Astrology is an ancient science of calculating, reading and analysing a person’s past, present and future. Since ancient times, astrology consultants has been treated as an effective way to help students and learners to appease the planets and decrease all the ill effects of negative planets and their afflicted placements in our horoscopes free online.

Astrological remedies can specially help at times, when despite all the efforts and hard work we are unable to achieve any success and due results. When there are constant hurdles and obstacles in the educational path and career of students and learners, following the list below of astrological remedies of education can be a good idea. We are sharing a list of few significant and effective remedies for educational success below:

    • If your ward is suffering from poor concentration and weak memory, you may consider putting up green curtains in the study area of your child’s room. This will help in improving the effects and influence of planet Mercury, which is said to be symbolic of giving good education.
    • Whenever your child is studying, ask him/her to recite Maa Saraswati Beej Mantra (Om Shreem Hreem Sarawati-Ya Namaha) for 21 times and pray to goddess Saraswati to attain the divine blessings of the goddess of education and wisdom.
    • Placing an idol of Maa Sarawati in the child’s study room, would also be beneficial to increase the memory and concentration power of the child.

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    • One of the effective astrological remedies for improving education is to combine roli, sugar and rose petals in copper container that will help to attain the blessings of Lord Sun (Surya deva). Also, one should consider donating something red coloured to the needy and poor on every Sunday.
    • Having food with no salt or very little salt on Sundays is also said to be effective and simple astrology remedy for educational success.
    • Always make sure that your child knows the importance and relevance of the very beneficial Gayatri mantra and ask him/her to recite this powerful mantra for 21 times every day.
    • To increase the memory power of your child, mix one teaspoon of tulsi juice (basil) with honey and let your child take it every day before having breakfast.

    • Make sure that there is no placement of heavy furniture in your child’s study room. Having huge furniture will not the positive energy to move in and further act as a hindrance in educational success.
    • Sometimes because of afflicted Mercury in the horoscope, the child may face constant hurdles and delayed results in getting success and desired results. To overcome the ill effects and negative influence of this planet, offer green moong seeds, few cardamom seeds and Dhruva wrapped in a green cloth to lord Ganesha at temple every Wednesday.
    • While studying, facing the east direction will be beneficial for attaining good memory & concentration power. Doing so will help the child to become calm & composed with positive thoughts in mind pouring in. This will also help in increasing concentration.
    • Also, always make sure that the study desk of your child should face the north, east or north east direction. This will ensure the flow of positive energy in the room to study with full focus and concentration.

  • At every Wednesday, ask your child to recite the mantra “Guru Grehgayepadhaanraghuraee, Alp KaalVidya Sab Pai”, on a tulsi mala for 108 times. You can choose the timing to do so as per your convenience.
  • Also ensure that in your child’s room, the sleeping position of the child should be the one where the head of the child is facing south or east direction.
  • You may also consider donating five different kinds of sweets along with two cardamom seeds to the Peepal tree. For improved and best results, follow this practice for consecutive three Thursdays.
  • The other effective astrological remedy for improving education will be to make your child wear a small square piece of copper in a long chain.
  • Above mentioned remedies can prove to be beneficial in improving and increasing the memory & concentration power along with educational success.