Who should Wear Ruby Stone?

By: Parul Rohatgi | 24-Feb-2018
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Who should Wear Ruby Stone?

Ruby Gemstone: Ruby is known to be one of the most precious stones. It is also considered as one of the most important and beneficial stone if worn with proper and accurate reading of the online horoscope of an individual. The colour of Ruby stone varies from pink to dark red.

It is because of the presence of element chromium which is an impurity that gives it the dark red colour. The amount of chromium in this stone decides for its colour ranging from light pink to dark blood red. The best quality of Ruby stone is said to have an extreme smooth touch with sharp cut and shine.

The authenticity and originality of the Ruby depends on its redness, carats and cuts. The gemstone is taken synonymous with vitality, energy and sensuality. This gemstone works excellent to help you recharge your body and provide you with positive thoughts in mind.

Ruby in accordance with the horoscope:


Ruby as a precious gemstone is said to be representing Sun, which is the luminary in our solar system. According to Vedic astrology consultancy, Sun is also considered to be symbolic of Father or king by further depicting authority, dignity, integrity and above all the courage.

In Vedic astrology, it is believed if the placement of Sun is strong in the horoscope of the native; the person will be reputable and respected in the society. However, if there is an afflicted Sun and negative influence in the horoscope, the person will lack financial stability and professional success.

Who will be benefitted by wearing Ruby Stone?

People with a creative bend of mind and the ones who are looking for fame, name, popularity and success will be most benefitted from this precious stone. The stone is also recommended for people who are constantly suffering from bad health and health related issues.

This gemstone is also said to be bestowing best of its influence on people who are actors, artists, politicians, goldsmiths, stockbrokers, cotton related business and dealers of cotton. Ruby is considered to be a wonder stone that helps inducing positivity and positive thoughts in mind of the wearer.

People who are constantly struggling and suffering from ailments related to the abdomen or stomach and those who have repeatedly indigestion problems should wear this stone for its benefits to make rid of all such diseases. These problems or diseases can be easily addressed by wearing this gemstone.

Also, if you have a dissatisfied sex life and if you get exhausted very easily, then you should consider wearing this stone to see sure shot improvement in your energy, vitality and confidence level. You should always keep this stone near your auric presence if you are not wearing it for the particular time.

This Ruby gemstone will also be beneficial for the ones who are suffering from self-doubt, low confidence, and the ones who are not able to make a quick decision and also the ones who always remain confused and indecisive should wear it. Such individuals can always take the aid of this stone to retransform them in to a new and healthy them.

The other benefit of this stone includes boosting the creativity and innovation skills in an individual. Therefore, this stone would be highly beneficial to the ones who are looking for ways to increase their creativity and expression levels.

The Astrological Benefits of the Ruby Stone:

According to Vedic Astrology theories, this gemstone is said to be representing Sun. Thus, this gemstone is helpful in imparting good and sound health along with peace of mind. It is also believed and said that when a man wears a Ruby stone, it is symbolic of the nobility and manhood. Whereas, when Ruby stone is worn by a woman, it is said to be imparting and increasing the levels of passion and power in the spirit of womanhood.

This stone holds a special significance in the astrology as it is known to increase the levels of creativity, expression, spirituality, confidence and wisdom in the life of the wearer. Ruby is also said to be associate with the Manipura chakra in the body that is centre of the body (naval point). It is said that when a person wears this gemstone, it instils the sense of responsibility in the wearer, along with promoting the leadership qualities.

It also helps to fight depression by increasing the mental strength of the wearer, by providing him more of peace and calm in life. Such a person becomes more self-reliant and the one with self-respect and dignity. The positive energy generated by this stone aids in providing a clear vision, sharpness, increased focus and concentration power through the stimulation of the pineal gland of the human body of the wearer of the stone.

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