Understanding Saturn’s Importance in Career Aspect of Life

By: Future Point | 10-Feb-2021
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Understanding Saturn’s Importance in Career Aspect of Life

A growing & rewarding career is a gateway to prosperity, abundance, social recognition and contentment in life. A student right from the academic years of his/her life, strives for carving out a successful career for himself/herself down the line.

However, one of the most crucial factors that determine whether a person would land up with a truly rewarding career or profession in his/her life or would simply struggle for ensuring mere survival in the world is the choice of the field of career that the person chooses.

We have always been told that hard work is the key to success. Well, no one is disputing the relevance of hard work when it comes to achieving success in life. But remember that hard work alone will not yield significant results in life especially when it comes to the career aspect of life. 

In order to excel in any sphere of life, one needs the cosmic support of planets that are favourably placed in his/her horoscope. However when it comes to the career aspect of life, one simply cannot afford to stray away from the career fields that are signified by favourable planets & houses of his/her Career Horoscope.

In plain & simple words- “A person must pursue those fields of career that have the powerful celestial support of favourably placed planets as well as strong houses of his/her Career Horoscope in order to achieve meaningful growth & professional success in life”. 

One planet that arguably has the maximum impact on one’s career is Saturn as it represents both service/job as well as industrialization. 

Hence, it is very important to understand Saturn’s Importance in Career. The effects of Saturn on the career or professional domain of one’s life must be properly decoded while deciphering the career trajectory and more importantly determining the most favourable career paths for that native.

Remember, career literally shapes up the entire life of a person, therefore, one should act professionally and Talk to Astrologer to know which are the career fields that are best suited to propel him/her towards maximum growth & success.

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So, take the prudent step of benefiting from the sacred occult wisdom of the science of Vedic Astrology and move in the right direction to ensure a rewarding career for yourself!

Careers Signified By Saturn As Per Its Placement              

Now coming specifically to the point of Saturn’s Importance in Career, let us look at the type of careers that this planet points at with respect to its placement in all 12 houses of a person’s Career Horoscope.

1st House

Saturn in the 1st house is positive for a career as a Counsellor, Advisor, Independent Observer, Politician and Social Worker.

2nd House

Saturn in the 2nd House signifies a career as a Voice Artist, Musician, Eye Specialist, Wildlife Photographer, Accountant and ENT Specialist.

3rd House

Saturn in the 3rd house promotes a career as a Writer, Journalist, Mathematician, Tour Guide and Insurance Agent.

4th House

Saturn in the 4th house is favourable for building a career as a Real Estate Agent, Architect, Farmer, Automobile Engineer, Primary/Secondary School Teacher and Nurse.

5th House

Saturn in the 5th house promotes a career in Stock Market, Marriage Bureau, Medicine and High School Teaching.

6th House

Saturn in the 6th house signifies a career as a Lawyer, Human Resource Professional, Loan Officer and Physiotherapist.

7th House

Saturn in the 7th house is favorable for working as a Marriage Counsellor, Textile Engineer and Dairy Farmer.

8th House

Saturn in the 8th house is favourable for a career as a Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Insurance Agent, Surgeon and an Astrologer.

9th House

Saturn in the 9th house signifies a growth oriented career as a University Professor, Travel Agent, Spiritual Preacher and an Athlete.

10th House

Saturn in the 10th house is good for a career as a Judge, Administrator, Civil Servant, Security Personnel and Manager.

11th House

Saturn in the 11th house represents a positive career as an Industrialist, Manufacturer, Chemist and, Miner, Marine Biologist and Land Developer.

12th House

Saturn in the 12 house signifies a career as an Importer/Exporter, Data Analyst, Hotel Owner, Gemstone Specialist and Foreign Language Expert.

So, these were the basic & general career fields that are most likely to be favourable for a person as per the placement of Saturn in all 12 houses of his/her Career Horoscope. 

However, there are so many other astrological permutations & combinations that must be analyzed along with the placement of Saturn in order to get the complete picture as signified by various planets for the career aspect of a native as well as chart the best career trajectory that would ensure a prosperous & fulfilling career for the native.

Hence, we urge you to act in a smart & professional manner and consult with the Best Astrologer in Delhi to get the right career guidance that would bring professional growth, success & satisfaction in your life!

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