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Sun Transit in Aquarius: Impact on 12 Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 13-Feb-2020
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Sun Transit in Aquarius: Impact on 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun, lord of soul and power, is going to Transit in the sign of Aquarius on February 13, 2020, and will remain in the same sign till March 14, 2020. It's an essential transit and will influence every single entity in a specific and unique way. Sun also signifies father, confidence, and authority in a native's life in Vedic Astrology. It will be conjunct with the planet of logic and intellect, Mercury in Aquarius sign for around 30 days, and will form the Budha Aditya Yoga. Thus, it will result in highly practical leadership skills and intellectual power in one's life during these days. However, the effects of these energies of planets will vary as per the Natal Moon sign for every individual. So now let's read the predictions how this conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the sign of Aquarius will affect all 12 zodiac signs:


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 11th house of income and gains, which is an auspicious transit for Aries natives. You will enjoy a good salary, status, and reputation in society. Your leadership skills and intellectual ability will get enhanced, which would confer you with strong decision-making ability. Go ahead and implement your task as time is perfect for you to initiate new ventures. Job seekers will get a job soon, and employed ones may try to switch their job these days or change in place or work may take place. By keeping tabs on your aggression and anger, you could achieve unprecedented success in all your endeavors.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 10th house of career and profession. An auspicious transit for these people due to the formation of highly auspicious Raj Yoga in Kendra! Taureans will have a stable job, and people will appreciate your work these days. The ability to lead your subordinates in the right direction will also get boosted, which results in excellent problem-solving skills. Avoid any arguments with your father or fatherly figure as it could make you annoyed and distract you from your real goals. Spirits will be high, especially in the first 15 days, but do not let over-ambitious projects overpower yourself. Make sure you do not allow it to write your success story as success received through short attempts will not last long.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 9th house of fortune and religion. The Sun Transit looks moderate for these people! It would be best if you put extra effort into accomplishing your task. Unexpected things might come to your door, so be ready and enjoy the exciting outcomes. However, this Transit will be great for encouraging yourself due to the increased level of determination. Step forward and drop your expectations regarding results during the period of this transit. Results will come to you automatically for your performed deeds after the next Transit of Sun.


For Cancer natives, Sun will transit in the 8th house of uncertainty and transformation. An exciting and mixed transit for these natives! You are advised not to take any risky decision these days as it could result in losses for you. You may have fluctuating finances, so take care of your expenditures and do not let money slip through your fingers foolishly. However, the right part about this Transit is that of gaining sudden inheritance or wealth, which may provide you with immense happiness.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 7th house of partnership and marriage. Though it's a wonderful transit for Leo, it is, however, presaged to fan ego and aggression in your behavior. Due to that, you may not be able to enjoy marital bliss. The reason behind this could be unnecessary fights or arguments due to increased ego and anger. To maintain the charm in your relationship, you must drop your dominating behavior. Provide some space to your partner to decide & contemplate what's right and wrong for them on their own.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 6th house of competition, debt, and enemies. As per Vedic Astrology Predictions, Sun provides excellent results in this house. Your competitive spirit and courage would get enhanced, which may help you to cope up well with your surroundings. Success in competitions and gains through foreign associations are likely to be there. Overall, you will receive favorable outcomes throughout the period of Sun Transit. However, matters related to health might need your attention. Take good care of your health by following a healthy diet and obeying a strict sleeping cycle. Expenses on your health may likely increase, but things are temporary, and you will recover soon.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 5th house of intellect, children, and creativity. An extremely auspicious transit for these natives! Librans will enjoy a good time in this duration, and you will put forward your ideas and ethically implement them. Promotion at the work front is likely, and your colleagues and friend circle will be supportive in whatever you embark on next. You will be fortunate in many ways, so it's an excellent time to reap the results of your past drawn endeavors. Take care of your eating habits as a problem related to digestion may arise. Try to consume a balanced diet while avoiding junk & oily items.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 4th house of mother and happiness. Though this is a good Transit for you, it may provide you with some dissatisfaction at home front. Few hiccups in your personal life may occur if you do not take matters in your hand. Take care of your mother's health as it could be the reason for your stress. However, if we talk about your career perspective, you will receive excellent outcomes. Sudden change in your work may take place, but your intellectual ability and born leadership trait will help you to pave the way for your success.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 3rd house of communication and siblings. This Transit period is excellent to cherish time with your siblings and peer group. You would be able to charm everyone around you with your oratory skills. Support from your father, Guru, or teacher will always be there for you. It's an excellent time to come out and add some adventurous tasks in your daily routine. For education and learning, this is an auspicious time to go for it, and it will also take you to the new heights shortly. However, control your aggression and hasty decision, or else you would have to bear the burden of your wrong choices the hard way.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 2nd house of wealth and family. The Sun Transit is going to be a reasonable period for you, which could provide you mixed results. Control over your speech, and don't be authoritarian as it could result in the inconsistency at work. Ultimately, you may not be able to reap the actual outcomes due to this course of action. However, it could provide you with a sudden inheritance from your father or ancestor. Avoid borrowing or lending money from any institution or individual and postpone any significant decision during this time to avoid it backfiring.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 1st house of personality or "Self." It's going to be an excellent period for those with exceptional leadership skills. You will be posted on an authoritative position as Sun will be heading to your personality during this Transit. You and your life partner both will have a good time to climb the ladder of success in your life. Both of you may take an interest in occult science or hidden knowledge. If you are into research, mystery, astrology, or treasure filed, you will have good outcomes of this Transit. It's good to have an authoritative approach, but don't be authoritarian to get accomplished your task.


For these natives, Sun will transit in the 12th house of spirituality and foreign gains. This Transit of Sun will be helpful for Pisceans. You will have a strong competitive ability to compete with your biggest competitors in these surroundings. Your opponent may not dare to face you. Any court case pending from long may give its verdict in your favor. Excellent time to travel to a foreign land and receive extraordinary benefits too from there. Any prolonged disease could get recovered these days. Overall, this Transit will confer you everything which you have always desired in life. Every sphere of life would get sustainability and harmony during this Transit.

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