Sun’s Transit in Aquarius 2023 and its Effects!

By: Future Point | 13-Feb-2020
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Sun’s Transit in Aquarius 2023 and its Effects!

When will the Sun enter Aquarius in 2023?

Sun is going to enter the sign of Aquarius on 13th February 2023 and will remain in that sign till 15th March 2023. This is going to have an enormous impact on all of us because Saturn after a period of around 30 years has entered the sign of Aquarius on 17th January 2023.


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What zodiac sign is Sun Transit?

This conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Aquarius that is going to take place after decades now, will affect the lives of everyone around the world in ways that would be beyond the realms of a common person’s understanding.

Is the Sun in Aquarius good?

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, Sun and Saturn hold animosity among themselves and therefore their conjunction in Aquarius which is the own sign of Saturn, makes it a period that will be challenging for most as well as sow the seeds of major events that will unfold in the lives of many in the times to come.

While it is recommended that one must get The Shani Shanti Pooja done in his/her name for a smooth overall transit of Saturn in Aquarius, it will be highly beneficial if one gets that pooja done in this particular period of Sun’s transit in Aquarius.

How long will the Sun be in Aquarius?

As stated above Sun will be in Aquarius from 13th February 2023 till 15th March 2023.

So, when it is anyway prudent to get the Shani Shanti Puja done after Saturn on 17th January 2023 has entered Aquarius, why not get this pooja done while the Sun is also in this conjunct with Saturn?

Therefore, contact Future Point and book a Shani Shanti Pooja for yourself and get the incredibly auspicious blessings of both Sun and Saturn to steer your life towards maximum growth & success!


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Now let us look at the effects of the Sun’s transit in Aquarius on people of all 12 Ascendant Signs.


Sun will transit in the 11th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Gains and Realization of Desires. Beware of some friends taking unjust benefit of your compassion towards them. Avoid lending money to anyone without setting the terms of return first. Some challenges may bother you during this time but, do not be tempted to take them head-on without being adequately prepared to do so.

Remedy: Feed birds or fishes.


Sun will transit in the 10th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Career, Profession, Name, Fame and Position. You will have a tough time dealing with your superiors at your workplace. Do not indulge into arguments and avoid giving unsolicited advice. Be diplomatic in your approach while conducting yourself in office and avoid criticism of all kinds.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa with a devout heart.


Sun will transit in the 9th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Fortune and Foreign/Long Distance Travels. This is not a time to plan a vacation, rather take some time out to delve inwards and contemplate upon your actions of the past. Chart a new course for the immediate future and stick to it in a disciplined manner. If you are pursuing your higher education then study harder than usual as you could face a setback in your academic performance.

Remedy: Donate stationery to needy students.


Sun will transit in the 8th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Sudden Gains & Losses. Do not make a new investment during this period. Take utmost caution while driving and do not indulge into adventurous activities. Matters related to inheritance or money recovery will keep you tense. Try to remain calm & composed during times of distress and eventually you will be rewarded for your patience.

Remedy: Feed Cows and donate money or food to a Cow Shelter.


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Sun will transit in the 7th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Marriage, Business and Partnership. This is not a good time for your marriage as you could get into frequent arguments with your spouse. Try to avoid confrontations due to differences of opinion. Learn the art of letting go of your ego and most if not all issues will be resolved amicably. Do not get into a new business partnership. If you are not married then you might get restless for not getting the life-partner that you desire. Avoid tying the knot in a hasty manner as you might feel deceived later on.

Remedy: Offer Arghya to Surya Dev every day at least during this transit.


Sun will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Job, Court of Law, Competition, Illness, Open Enemies and Bickering. You are in for a rough ride if you are entangled in a legal issue. However, you will prevail over your enemies in the longer run provided you bide your time and do not make any compulsive moves. If you are preparing for some competitive exams then it is a good period for you. Job prospects are not that strong for you so, if you are planning for a job-switch then its better to wait for an opportune timing.

Remedy: Donate footwear to the needy.


Sun will transit in the 5th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Love, Intelligence, Speculation and Children. Avoid any argument with your children. For those who are in a relationship, this is a tough period wherein you must not pay any heed to external influences in the cloak of your well wishers, that are hell bent on damaging your relationship. Avoid speculation at all costs.

Remedy: Recite or listen to Vishnu Sahasranaam wholeheartedly.


Sun will transit in the 4th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Mother, Home, Vehicle and Comforts. Take special care of your mother and do not take any health issue lightly however small it may appear. Wait for about a month if you are planning to make a sale or purchase in the real estate sector. Although, this is a good time if you are planning to get some renovation done in your house. You might feel emotionally disconnected from your home during this period.

Remedy: Donate money or articles of need to an orphanage.


Sun will transit in the 3rd house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Communication, Siblings, Short Travels and Struggles. Keep your documents in order especially while dealing with the government. This could be a period of struggles for you with respect to your career. You might have to take up frequent short traveling and that is not likely to prove beneficial in the end. You need to watch out for your relationship with your siblings and display patience. All said and done, your hard work will not go in vain and will be handsomely rewarded for that in the future.

Remedy: Donate Lentils on a Saturday.  


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Sun will transit in the 2nd house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Accumulated Wealth, Family and Speech. This is a good time to plan & execute investments the benefits of which you wish to reap in the future. Be mindful of what you speak as you might get into some heated conversation with your family member/s. Take special care of your eyes.

Remedy: Recite or listen to Ganesh Vandana every morning with absolute sincerity. 


Sun will transit in the 1st house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Self. You will struggle to gain clarity in your thought process. Keep your temperament in check and avoid confrontations based on ideals as it will not be beneficial to you in any manner and would add enmity in your life. You might act in an authoritative fashion which would do more harm to your relationship with those around you than any good. You might feel stressed out during this period. Take a step back and relax from all the day to day hassles that you feel entangled in.

Remedy: Sit in a quiet place and chant Shani Mantra everyday.

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Sun will transit in the 12th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Expenditures/Losses, Hospitalization, Foreign Settlement, Liberation and Hidden Enemies. Your health is at risk during this period so take extra care of yourself and follow a strict dietary regime during this time. Try not to succumb to the desire of lavish spending and spend only when & where it is justified. Your hidden enemies will try to pull you down, therefore, do not take people merely on their face value as there could very well be hidden & sinister motives in some proposals that come your way. Foundation of something that will bring long term benefits to you might get laid during this time.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa with utmost devotion.

So, this was the expected in-general effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on people of all 12 Ascendant Signs.

However, if you want to know the exact effects of this transit on you based on your personal Horoscope or Kundli, then consult with one of the highly experienced Astrologers of Future Point and get immensely powerful remedies that have the potential of taking your life on the track of ultimate growth & success.

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