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How Your Birthday Influences Your Love Marriage in Kundli

By: Future Point | 20-Jan-2023
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How Your Birthday Influences Your Love Marriage in Kundli

In Indian culture, marriage is a sacred relationship. In earlier times, most marriages were arranged marriages. The sense of responsibility in marriage was so high that the couples used to comply it with whatever may come! In modern times, youngsters believe in knowing their partners before marriage; thus, there is a rising craze for love marriages.

But not everyone can have a love marriage. There is yoga for love marriage in kundli, which an efficient astrologer can study. Here, it is essential to understand that a person can have love marriage yoga, but it may or may not survive. The occurrence and survival of a love marriage are two different subjects that should be understood in detail. Let's explore-

Possibility of Love Marriage by Date of Birth

A person can know the chances of love and marriage for him by his birth chart. The planets in the birth chart tell every tale about our life. So, it's possible to see a love marriage by date of birth. After looking at the different houses and planets in the birth chart, the love marriage specialist astrologer can predict the possibility of a love marriage.

Generally, a strong 5th house indicates love relations. Its connection with the seventh house of marriage gives love marriage. Marriage provides stability and security but it is not the same story for everyone. It is good to know about love marriage yoga but talk to an astrologer to know about its survival.

Many times, love marriages break within months of their occurrence. Here, it is important to understand that the thinking about the partner may vary before and after marriage.  

Most couples stand against society for marrying each other only to separate within a few months of their bond. Thus, understanding every aspect of a love marriage is important and only knowing the possibility of a love marriage by date of birth will not suffice the purpose.

Love Marriage Prediction from Navamsa 

There are many methods an astrologer uses to predict a love marriage. In Vedic astrology, the navamsa or the D-9 chart relates to marriage. It is the secondary chart of marriage. The best astrologer checks the navamsa chart to confirm the yoga indicated in the birth/Lagna chart. If the Lagna chart indicates a love marriage and the same indication we get from the navamsa chart, there will be a 100% chance of a love marriage for a person.

The navamsa chart indicates happiness and miseries in marital life as well. One may also know the timing of marriage by looking at the navamsa chart. The activation of dasha and transit as per the navamsa chart gives clear indications about the timing of an individual's marriage. Navamsa provides a microscopic view in judging the various possibilities in married life. Thus, the navamsa and marriage are closely interlinked.

Caution- Many people jump straight to the navamsa for marriage predictions. But here, one should remember that the navamsa chart is always seen with the Lagna and Rashi chart. It can never be seen in isolation. If the Lagna chart doesn't promise an event, and the navamsa chart shows its fulfillment. In that case, the event will not occur. Thus, it is a complementary chart and should never be used as the primary one.

The Lagna, the fifth and the seventh lord of the navamsa chart, assumes great importance in giving love marriage prediction by navamsa. In the navamsa chart, the Lagna lord shows one's desire for marriage, the seventh shows the status of the relationship, and the fifth house shows attraction and romance. 

The most harmful planets for marital bliss are the Sun, Mars, Ketu, and Rahu. Saturn causes delays, arguments, differences in thoughts, lack of warmth, etc., in a relationship. But it doesn't cause separation or divorce without the influence of other malefic planets.

The benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon, and Venus give positive results in the house of marriage. However, the planets may be benefic, but their lordship plays a crucial role in navamsa for love marriage predictions.


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When I Will Get Married According To My Birth Date

The primary source to know about the timings of marriage, whether love or arranged, is by the 7th house. The dasha period of the seventh lord, occupying planets, associating planets, Rahu and Venus may give marriage. Now, if the person has love marriage yoga, it will be a love marriage, otherwise an arranged marriage. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn is significant in determining the possibility of marriage. Their joint or dual effect on the seventh house or lord makes the marriage happen for the native. Here, checking the navamsa and the transit on the seventh house helps to determine an individual's exact marriage date. 

Thus, if you wish to know the timing of marriage by date of birth then you should talk to an astrologer and get ready for the most important phase of your life. 

Love Marriage Prediction Using Houses

In Vedic astrology, the 5th and 7th houses are the main houses to inform a love marriage. The first, ninth, and eleventh houses are equally important as these are the complementary houses of the seventh and fifth houses.

The seventh house is undoubtedly the prime house to see all marriage-related matters. It gives detailed information about marital and sexual bliss in an individual's life. Different planetary placements in this house decide the tone of someone's marriage. The association of the trik lords, like the 6th, 8th, and 12th, show problems in marriage.

The 5th house in the horoscope shows the possibility of love relations. It is the house of attraction, romance, pleasure, and love relationships. If the 5th lord connects either with the seventh house or its lord, the native can go for a love marriage. 

The 11th house is the house of gains and social circle. It shows the fulfillment of desires. Thus a strong connection between the 5th, 7th, and 11th shows a satisfactory love marriage. The transit of planets in the eleventh house determines the timing of the love relation.


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Planets important for love marriage in Kundli

Love marriage will take place if the seventh lord is seated in the 10th house and also forms a connection with Venus. 

Suppose a benefic ascendant lord is placed in the 10th house and forms an association with the 7th house. However, the placement of the ascendant lord in the seventh and the seventh in the tenth house gives excellent love life. 

The placement of Venus in the Kendra or trine houses gives good marital life. Venus should be free from any kind of afflictions. Its aspect on the 1st, 5th, or 7th houses is positive for happy love marriage. 


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Important planets for love marriage-

Venus – the karaka of love and romance. Its positive influence on the birth chart confirms marital bliss for a person. Marriage problem astrologer focuses on the strength and position of Venus, the karaka of marriage. It helps to identify the type and intensity of problems in one's married life.

Mars – the karaka of passion, energy, bodily pleasures, inclinations etc. Its placement in the birth chart shows the way you ignite your passion. Mars causes the most detrimental dosha, called Mangal Dosha, for marital bliss. One can know about the cancellations of the Mangal dosha by performing kundli matching. Mars mainly brings fights, obstacles, arguments, separation, and divorce in marriage. Mars- Venus conjunction gives attraction for the opposite gender, but the person doesn't go for a love marriage.

Rahu – the planet of illusions and a lawbreaker, Rahu inspires a person to go beyond the social norms. It gets an important place in making love predictions. Rahu, if forms a connection with the seventh house, and the person marries a partner outside his culture and traditions. Rahu gives love marriage if associated with Jupiter or placed in the first or seventh house. 

Moon – the planet of our minds and emotions- decides whether a person will have love or arranged marriage. A weak Moon gives stress, pessimism, and suicidal tendencies. On the other hand, a strong Moon gives a peaceful mind and entertainment. In astrology, Moon, if connects with Venus or Mercury, and it gives love marriage.  

Importance of Timing of Love Marriage

Timing is everything! Any activity done at the right time brings fruitful results. It is important to know when the love marriage yoga activates in the horoscope. If it gets activated under the influence of malefic planets, chances of fraud and cheating are there. So, timing is crucial, and one can know it through a love marriage report written by an expert astrologer. One should marry after kundli analysis and in the right muhurata to attract positivity and bliss in a love marriage. Right timings help in bringing universal blessings to a love marriage!

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