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Mauni Amavasya 2024: A Highly Auspicious & Spiritually Charged Day

By: Future Point | 19-Jan-2024
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Mauni Amavasya 2024: A Highly Auspicious & Spiritually Charged Day

The New Moon or Amavasya is an important phase every month. It is the time when the Sun- our soul and the Moon- our mind are in close conjunction with each other. It is the perfect time for spiritual awakening and looking back at what we did in the past! The Moon affects our mind and emotions and with the Moon losing its shine on Amavasya, we turn quite conservative and somewhat low on this day. The Amavasya falling on 09 February, 2024 is special because it has tremendous spiritual & astrological significance attached to it.

This Amavasya is special because it’s the first Shanishchari Amavasya of the year 2024. This is called the Mauni Amavasya and has a lot of relevance in the Hindu faith. In the year 2024, on Mauni Shanishchari Amavasya, the ‘Karma Karaka’ Saturn will remain in its ‘Mooltrikona’ sign Aquarius. It is a good coincidence and will bring immense benefits for people belonging to different signs of the zodiac.

Let’s know more about this.

09 February, 2024 – Mauni Amavasya

On Amavasya, the main focus lies on the Moon. It is because; the Moon is a benefic planet in Astrology but on Amavasya and 7 days prior and after it, the Moon becomes a malefic planet. It means it gives negative results during that period of time. The Moon represents water, and the sacred water bodies like holy rivers gain prominence on Amavasya.

It is believed that taking a holy dip in rivers brings great auspiciousness in life on this day. Scholars believe that the waters of the most sacred and holy river Ganga, turns into nectar on Mauni Amavasya. Due to this belief, Mauni Amavasya becomes a special and important day in the Hindu calendar to take a bath or dip in the Ganges.

According to the North Indian calendar, Mauni Amavasya falls in the middle of Magha month and is also known as Maghi Amavasya. Many people take a pledge to take holy dip in the Ganges not only on Mauni Amavasya day but also during the whole Magha month. The daily bathing ritual starts on Paush Purnima and ends on Magha Purnima day.

During Kumbh Mela, Mauni Amavasya is the most important day to take bath at Sangam in Prayagraj. It is the day when there is Amrit Yoga and the Kumbh Parva is also celebrated on this day.


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Bathing and Donating on Mauni Amavasya 2024

The cosmos will be spiritually charged on 09 February 2024, which is the Amavasya of Magha month. This is the reason why this time Shanishchari Amavasya will remain special. Every date has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and the Amavasya Tithi remains at the top.
There are 12 Amavasya tithis in the whole year. The Mauni Amavasya is a significant tithi of the year, in which apart from bathing, donating, keeping a silent fast is very important. On this day chanting, penance, meditation and worship are done by staying quiet. In mythological beliefs, by doing charity on the new moon day of Magha month, one gets freedom from all kinds of sufferings and sins. 

The occurrence of Amavasya on Saturday in the month of Magha is considered very special. In the scriptures, this auspicious coincidence has been called the great festival of bathing and donation. According to Skanda, Padma and Vishnudharmottara Puranas, taking holy baths, and pilgrimage on Shanaishchari Amavasya in the month of Magha, all kinds of sins are eradicated. The donation made on this festival gives as much virtuous fruits as performing many yagnas. Along with this, the ancestors are satisfied for the whole year by connecting with the Divine on this New Moon day.

By bathing in the holy rivers on Mauni Amavasya, all the faults of a person are removed and he/she gets a good next birth. On this day, divine blessings are sought by fasting, worshipping and donating.

The Date of Mauni Amavasya

  • Date - 9 February, 2024
  • Amavasya Tithi Begins – 08:02 AM on Friday Feb 09, 2024
  • Amavasya Tithi Ends – 04:28 AM on Saturday Feb 10, 2024


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Why is Mauni Amavasya important?

As per the Holy scriptures, the person who observes a silent fast on Mauni Amavasya and makes offerings and donations will get freedom from Kalsarp Dosh, Shani Dosh, along with Pitridosh.

What to donate to Shanishchari Amavasya?

  • Take mustard oil in a vessel on Shani Amavasya and donate it after seeing the shadow of your face in it. It is believed that all the troubles of a person end with this. He also gets rid of the physical pain.
  • On Mauni Amavasya, mix black sesame in water, offer it to the Peepal tree, and then donate black sesame seeds. Bad things will not trouble your life.
  • The person who donates mustard oil, urad dal, blanket, and iron articles gets the blessings of Saturn. He never lacks money. He also gets the blessings of his ancestors.

The importance of keeping silent fast on Mauni Amavasya

This is the only Amavasya in the year in which there is special importance of keeping a ‘Maun Vrat’ or fast of silence. According to the scriptures, keeping a silent fast on Mauni Amavasya gives many benefits. Let us know the importance and benefits of silent fast on Mauni Amavasya.

  • The Sins are Removed- By keeping a ‘Maun Vrat’ or fasting silently on the day of Mauni Amavasya, a person's internal disorders get destroyed. On this day, the speech defects of those who observe silence are removed. One gets the power to control the senses. On this day, by donating and bathing silently, self-confidence increases and spirituality develops within the person.
  • Removal of Kalsarp Dosha- Kalsarp Dosh ends by worshiping Lord Vishnu, keeping silence on Mauni Amavasya and donating for the peace of ancestors.
  • End of Pitru Dosha- Pitru Dosha is removed by worshiping and remaining silent on Mauni Amavasya.
  • Auspicious Fast - Manu Rishi was born on Mauni Amavasya. Buddha has said that taking a vow of remaining silent swallows sadness, guilt and sorrow and gives birth to joy and love. It is a religious belief that if one cannot keep a silent fast for the whole day on Mauni Amavasya, then he can observe a silent fast for at least one and a quarter hours. It will also give equivalent results.

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