Saturn Transit Effect on all Rashis

By: Future Point | 03-Oct-2018
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Saturn Transit Effect on all Rashis

The planet of Saturn is considered as one of the most influential and powerful planet in Indian astrology. As per astrological beliefs, Saturn is the most slowly moving planet and it moves in all the twelve rashis or signs in the zodiac system once in a time span of 30 years.

In the process of this Saturn transition and movement, each sign or a rashi experiences the effects of this planet of Saturn in their lives for a time of two and a half years, before it transits to the next zodiac sign in the list.

This year Saturn was in its retrograde motion from 19th April 2018 till this very 6th September 2018 and from this date of September, it will continue in a direct motion in the sign of Sagittarius till the next year of 1st May 2019.


It is from 1st may 2019 to 19th September 2019, the planet of Saturn will be in retrograde motion and will finally move and transits in its own ruling sign of Capricorn on the date 25th January 2020. Now, let us have a look on how this Saturn transit this year will affect the twelve rashis of the zodiac system list:

Aries: The Saturn transit on this sign will impact the destiny house and will have a direct effect on the professional and career matters. Natives of this sign will witness a steady growth in the job front.

However, sudden monetary and financial gains are indicated in the month of October. You are advised to maintain your calm and composure, especially when you are dealing in the legal matters, if any.

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Taurus: The period of Saturn transit will bring in a lot of small changes in the lives of the Taurus natives. You are highly advised to not take any kind of impulsive and spontaneous decisions for that will result in a bad consequence. You will experience a new kind of spark and positivity in your married life with your spouse. You must act with maturity dealing with your siblings to avoid any long conflict.

Gemini: This is a good time for all the Gemini natives who are planning to get settled in personal life and to get married. The professional matters and business will see a notable growth and you will enjoy the pleasure of having cordial relationships with your siblings and even with the seniors and superiors at work.

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Cancer: It is a good and positive time for those Cancer natives who are seeking employment opportunities from a long time. This is a time when you will outshine your opponents and your enemies at the work front and even at the personal life. However, certain hindrances and obstacles can block and slow down your process of growth in life.

Leo: For the natives of Leo sign, this is a time to bring in new equation and understanding in matters of emotions and human relationships. You may also develop an interest for the areas of spirituality and related fields. For those who are in love relationships and planning to get married, this is a great time. All in all, your life will undergo a positive transformation in this transit of Saturn.

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Virgo: While it may be a favourable and positive time to make changes and growth in your job front but at the same time, you are advised not to rush in making quick decisions and changes in life. You must think properly, evaluate the pros and cons and then take up a decision. You must take care of your mother or any elderly female in the home.

Libra: The sade sati on this sign which is long pending troubling the natives of Libra, ca take this transit as a breather. Life will be a little positive and better now. It may be a hard time to form new relationships especially the ones which will have emotions but your children will make good progress in life. You can expect long trips and travels and may be an overseas travel.

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Scorpio: This is the last phase of sade sati of Saturn in the life of natives of this Scorpio sign. This is a time when there is a possibility and very high chances of getting a marital alliance fixed and settle. Emotionally you will experience life as a roller coaster ride and in the end you will come out with flying colours.

Sagittarius: The natives of this sign will witness the highest of sade sati of shani in their lives now. Emotionally it would be a period of much altercations and changes in the overall perspective of life. Professionally speaking, you may experience growth and progress but it will be a little slower than your expectations.

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Capricorn: This will be a favourable time for the natives who are planning to settle down in the overseas and abroad. There could also be a relocation which will be for higher studies. You will receive the support of your family, especially the elder members such as grandparents.

Aquarius: This would be the best time for experiencing financial growth. Money will pour in from different and multiple sources. The natives who are seeking employment opportunities will be benefitted and may land up in one of the biggest ventures. However, there is a need to take care health and especially eyes and stomach.

Pisces: This is the brightest time professionally for all the natives of this sign. If you have been longing for relocation, this is the time you may attain it. A seperation from the parents and family is indicated but it will all result in the personal growth. If you wish to settle down in a marriage alliance, this is a great time to do so.

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