The meaning and effects of Saturn Retrograde in Astrology

By: Future Point | 18-Sep-2018
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The meaning and effects of Saturn Retrograde in Astrology

Meaning and Definition:

In Vedic astrology, there is a big significance and importance of the planet of Saturn. Normally and generally, all planets and cosmic bodies move forward in the universe in a linear pattern of forward march and rotation.

It is through this normal movement of the planets that each planet progressively enters a new zodiac sign as next in the list. However, sometimes the planet of Saturn appears to move in a backward position in the sky and this phenomenon is commonly known as the Saturn retrograde.

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Every year Saturn gets in a retrograde motion and normally lasts for about four and a half month in this movement in zodiac signs. As per the Vedic astrological beliefs, the planet of Saturn is symbolic and responsible of maintaining discipline, law and order, patience, karma, delay, lethargy, insecurity, hard work, poverty and misery in a person’s entire life.

If in your horoscope, Saturn is placed as a benefic planet, it generally bestows good results in the form of completion of long pending and delayed tasks, getting results for hard work and success. it helps you to finish and complete your desires and aspirations in life.

However, if the Saturn in your horoscope is in retrograde motion, you will have to be a little cautious and will have to follow a lot of rules and regulations throughout your entire life. Now, let us get on to know how a Saturn retrograde movement and position in horoscope can affect a person’s life:

The Effects of Saturn Retrograde in the horoscope:

  • If a person has the planet of Saturn placed in a retrograde position, it means that such a person will never have the feeling of being fulfilled and happy. He will always have the feeling of incomplete and something missing in from his identity and self-being.
  • The biggest effect of a Saturn retrograde in natal chart in a person’s life will be that he will always be in the pressure of his parents and will have to act and decide as per his parents will and choice in life. For example, someone wanted to become singer but ended up being a doctor because of the parents’ choice and decision.
  • A person with a Saturn retrograde in the horoscope will generally be confused about his career. It is more likely to happen, that such a person will change his career stream in his mid-life, which will create a break in the growth. Stability of profession and career will always be missing in his life.
  • The Saturn retrograde in horoscope is responsible of giving the person a constant feeling of fear for rejection and loss of image. He may have inferiority complex and will think of himself as unworthy of any goodness and positivity in life.
  • When the planet of Saturn is placed in a retrograde movement, he will make the person as always hungry and crazy for more and more success. Such a person will always want to have more of money and other luxury items in life and it may happen that he will never be satisfied with what he has achieved and what he has in life.
  • Such a positioning of Saturn in horoscope can also make a person to have mental conflicts, low self-confidence, condemning and criticising nature and for this depression and anxiety are most likely to happen in such a person’s life. He may always have the feeling that he is less than others and will not approve of his own existence and identity.
  • This is also responsible of making a person weak in taking big and small decisions in life and such a person will always remain confused. They are also afraid to take up new responsibilities in life and often shy from making commitments and promises to other people.
  • Sometimes, Saturn retrograde also gives the feeling of considering themselves as superior to others, even when they are not and wrong in their thinking. This may result in making them perceived as timid and fool in the eyes of other people.
  • When the planet of Saturn is in retrograde mode that is in backward position, it is symbolic of restriction. This further means that frustration and anxiety is bound to happen in such a person’s life.
  • Also, it means and indicates that the person will always look for materialistic and luxury pleasures in life and will never ever be happy and satisfied with what he has in life currently.

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