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Astrological Influence and Significance of Saturn in all houses of Horoscope

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 15-Feb-2018
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In Vedic Astrology, planet Saturn is known as ‘Shani’ which means the one who walks slowly ‘shane shane’ in Sanskrit or Hindi. Saturn takes about two and a half year to complete one circle in each zodiac sign and is placed in the outer orbit of our solar system. Saturn in general, is considered to be a malefic planet and represents delay in getting desired results or success, obstacles, hurdles, poverty and lack of prosperity and happiness.

Let’s know how Saturn can affect and influence all the different houses in the horoscope Online:

Saturn in the 1st House:

If Saturn is placed in the first house of the horoscope and is malefic; then it can give inauspicious results to the native. Such a native will not have a happy married life and there may also come a time when the native can have divorce and think of a second marriage. Such a native will also have a harsh, serious and non-flexible nature.

Saturn in the 2nd House:

The second house of the chart represents the initial education, oratory and communication skills, wealth and the capacity of earn in a native’s life. When Saturn is placed in the 2nd house of the chart, indicates that the native will not have any interest in the worldly comforts of life and most probably he will be deprived of it. Such native can also be inclined in religion and spiritualty.

Saturn in the 3rd House:

When Saturn is placed in the third house of the chart, it is said to be a favourable and auspicious placement of Saturn. Benefic Saturn here can make the native with good writing and communication skills. Such placement often creates an opportunity for short travels in business with profits and gains.

Saturn in the 4th House:

In Vedic astrology, the placement of Saturn in the 4th house is not considered to be much favourable. A native with Saturn placed in the 4th house of the chart will be deprived of happiness and worldly comforts during the early stage of life and childhood. They may get delay in results and success for the hard work they put in for a particular task or goal.

Saturn in the 5th House:

The importance and significance of the 5th house of the chart is important as it represents trikona and is symbolic of mental strength, learning ability, intellect, social status, progeny, romance, gambling, speculation, creativity and artistic expressions in an individual. When Saturn is placed in the 5th house, it means delay in matters like love, higher studies and other creativity aspects of the native.

Saturn in the 6th House:

In astrology, sixth house is considered to be negative but Saturn feels comfortable and poised in this house. A favourable and positive Saturn here, makes the native to travel foreign lands, workaholic and also ensures health and longevity in life. A weak Saturn here can result in health related issues like joint pains and bone deformity.

Saturn in the 7th House:

The presence of Saturn in the 7th House is indicative of the obstacles and delay in marriage. Seventh house in the chart is said to be representing matters related to marriage and spouse. This house ascertains whether the native will have a supporting and loyal spouse? Therefore, Saturn when present here can cause unnecessary delays in marriage.

Saturn in the 8th house:

When Saturn is placed in the 8th house, it makes the native inclined towards occult, black magic, supernatural powers and so on. Such an individual may be involved in professions relating to underground such as mining, caving and archaeological areas. The native may also have an interest in research related activities.

Saturn in the 9th House:

If positive and favourable Saturn is placed in the ninth house, it make the native to achieve success and happiness in all arenas of life by the virtue of his efforts and hard work. Such a native is also inclined towards spirituality and religious books.

Saturn in the 10th House:

Saturn in the 10th house of the chart creates a person who is responsible, dutiful and sincere in his/her personal and professional life. They generally take very good care of their subordinates and juniors in the workplace. Such natives complete every task responsibly.

Saturn in the 11th House:

When Saturn is placed in the 11th house of the chart, it is considered to be an auspicious placement. It bestows the native to have all worldly desires and its fulfilment with a good friend circle and social life.

Saturn in the 12th House:

In general, Saturn in the 12th house is not considered to be a favourable position. This placement of Saturn indicates huge financial losses in every source of income, especially business. The health is also affected and there is a possibility of suffering through major health problems.