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Role and Importance of Ketu in Our Horoscope

Role and Importance of Ketu in Our Horoscope

By: Parul Rohatgi | 21-Feb-2018
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In Vedic Astrology, Ketu as a planet is personified as a headless, half planet that is positioned opposite Rahu. Just like the planet Rahu, Ketu is also an imaginary planet. Ketu is also known as a shadow planet, as it is invisible and is just a point in the cosmic arrangement of celestial bodies.

Cosmic Placement of the Planet Ketu:

This planet is said to be positioned in the south node of the moon and generally stays for 18 months in each of the zodiac sign, taking 1.5 years to complete a full circle or transit. However, it is to be noted that Ketu always travel in retrograde motion that is backwards. Ketu forms its Mooltrikon in the Leo sign. Ketu, in general shares a friendly relationship with planets- Mercury, Venus and Saturn. It is an enemy to Sun, Moon and Mars. While, with Jupiter it shares an average and neutral relationship.

Ketu as a Benefic Planet:

Ketu results as a benefic planet, if it placed in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 11th, 12th house from the ascendant in a native’s horoscope. In general, it is said that Ketu is most benefic to people who are born in ascendants (rising sign or lagna) of zodiac signs – Aries (Mesh), Cancer (Karka), Scorpio (Vrischik), Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen). Ketu is also known to give sudden and unexpected results of old deeds and karmas. It is also associated with spirituality and wisdom in life.

Ketu in Your Horoscope

If ketu is placed as a benefic planet in the native’s horoscope Online, it can bestow the native with high imagination power, luck in business, philanthropy, simple lifestyle, ability to make money from any available source, and immense knowledge about science and history. A person who is benefitted with the influence of Ketu can become a good orator, great teacher, highly spiritual, helping and with a heart of monk.

Professions under the Influence of Ketu:

If the planet Ketu is positively placed in the horoscope of the native, it can bring immense success and be the mastermind of success gained in professional arenas. Ketu governs all the professional scope which deals with magicians, astrologers, militants, spiritual writers, hermits, philanthropist, detective and every other profession that deals with religious and spiritual activities and pursuits. The positive influence of ketu may allow some to even become the architects of holy places such as shrines and temples. Ketu also assists and governs professions that are ruled by planet Mars such as military, weaponry, defence, explosives etc.

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Personalities that are ruled under the Influence of Ketu:

The individuals and personalities that are ruled with the influence of Karma believe in the concept of ‘Karma’ and the service of mankind. Such individuals thinking is based on the principle of simple living with a high thinking approach. They are helpful individuals, who always try to help others without expecting anything in return from them. People who are under the influence of ketu are generally driven towards spirituality, wisdom, welfare and intellect. They do not have a desire to live a luxurious and materialistic life.

However, an individual with a malefic Ketu in his horoscope can be immoral with a strange behavioural patterns and techniques. Such individuals can become anything from a serial killer to a psychopath. But, an ill placed Ketu in the horoscope can even lead the native to feel horrifying or NDE (Near to Death Experience) with fatal injuries, accidents, trauma, shock, mental injury or attacks. The negative influence of this planet can make the person to be deceitful, aggressive and a dishonest personality.

Influences of Ketu (Positive and Negative):

It is known that a positively and favourably placed Ketu can result in good luck and immense fortune when it comes to run a business. A person under the positive influence of Ketu can be seen leading a simple life despite having all the luxuries around. Ketu can also make a person responsible by making him a justice lover and by turning him into a compassionate being who always work towards the betterment of the whole world and mankind.


The negative influence of Ketu could be such that it will affect the native’s social behavioural practices. Such a person can be seen too much indulged in bad habits like smoking and drinking. A person may work hard but will not get the desired results and success on time. Under the negative influence of Ketu, misunderstandings and unnecessary fear to lose precious things would be prevalent throughout the life. Such a person may involve in occult services like black magic and sorcery and may acquire supernatural powers and haunting powers. It is also said that there would always be a loss of trust and faith in such person’s marriage. By having such bad effects and negativity in life, the person may not enjoy a normal relationship.

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