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Role and Importance of Jupiter in Our Horoscope

By: Parul Rohatgi | 21-Feb-2018
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Role and Importance of Jupiter in Our Horoscope

Jupiter is also known as ‘Guru’ in Vedic Astrology. The literal meaning of ‘guru’ in Hindi is the one who teaches and mentors. Jupiter is known to be one of the strongest and benefic planets in astrology. According to the principles of Vedic Astrology, planet Jupiter is said to be representing education, wisdom, intellect, wealth, happiness and all aspects of knowledge.

Cosmic Presence:

The planet Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is about nearest in comparison to the sun in regard to its size. Jupiter takes about twelve years to take a complete circle of the sun, which in other words would mean that it remains for one year approximately in each of the zodiac sign, to complete its full transit or ‘Gochar’.

Basic Nature of the Planet Jupiter:

Jupiter has its name as ‘Brihaspati’ in Indian Vedic Astrology. Brihaspati or Jupiter is the ruling planet of the zodiac signs namely; Sagittarius and Pisces. The sign of Sagittarius is being symbolised by an archer and therefore the natives who are governed by the favourable Jupiter in their birth chart will easily hit or achieve their targets and goals more easily than other natives. Similarly, taking in account the Pisces Sign; it is a water sign and is represented with the symbol of a fish. Therefore, Jupiter sign represents the freedom of speech and expression.

Jupiter in Your Horoscope


Special Attributes of the Planet Jupiter:

In simple terms, aspect means to influence another planet, zodiac or house in the horoscope. Generally, all the planets have been given the 7th power and house of aspect, but, Jupiter has been given the special powers of the 5th and 9th house aspect apart from the common 7th house aspect. If a Jupiter is well placed in a native’s horoscope, supposedly it’s in the 5th house, then it can aspect the 9th house as well as the lagna house 1st house, that makes a complete trikona aspect which is extremely auspicious and fortunate for the native from all the counts in life, be it materialistic and spiritual.

Significance of Jupiter:

  • The planet Jupiter represents and signifies good fortune, wisdom, wealth and bliss. It also represents 9th house in the horoscope which further signifies long journeys and travel.
  • Jupiter is known to be the karaka of gold, wealth and all matters relating to finance.
  • Representing the 9th house, Jupiter signifies righteousness, justice and welfare. It also represents higher conscious and awakens the spirituality aspect in the native.
  • While studying the horoscope of a female, Jupiter is additionally the karaka of husband. It is also the karaka of child.

Jupiter and its relation to body parts:

According to astrology, Jupiter is said to be ruling and governing body parts like liver, lower abdomen, hips, organs of hearing (ears), blood pressure, arteries, fat and malignancy. At times, natives who have a strong influence of Jupiter in their horoscopes, tend to gain weight or become bulky in their middle age.




Professions Relating to Planet Jupiter:

Professions that generally com under the influence of Jupiter are connected to religion, priestly professions, preaching and also any other job that is related to wisdom and spirituality. Since, Jupiter is also known to be symbolizing all aspects of knowledge, professions connected to teaching and educational institutions also come under the frame of this planet.

Being called as ‘Guru’, Jupiter is often connected to the path of ‘Dharma’ and righteousness. Therefore, any profession that is related to law, district and province law, courts of law come under its influence and domain. As a karaka of child, all professions relating to the rearing and nurturing of child, like playschools, mother toddler schools, baby sitting all come under the province of planet Jupiter.

Jupiter, also being the lord of 12th house and has Pisces sign in its natural horoscope makes all the professions relating to prisons, hospitals, foreign trip, ship building, offshore drilling, publicity, development sector to all come under its realm.


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To simplify and summarize, all professions like teaching, scriptures, law, Brahmins, banking and finance, rent, administrators, bankers, interest, treasury, revenue development, economics, gold, metals, rubber, spring, jewellery and shipping business come under the influence and province of planet Jupiter.


In a native’s horoscope, Jupiter is symbolic and synonymous to promise and assurance of a spiritual, divine, peaceful and serene life, provided all the other planetary positions are favourable and beneficial to the native. Jupiter is also known to be an indicator of past karmas “Purva Poonya”, that is the result of good deeds or karmas that are now being reared in this life.

To conclude, it can be said that Jupiter is one of the main benefic planets and is important in significant matters like body and health. It also assists in choosing the correct career path and provides a religious inclination to the native.

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