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Role and Importance of Mercury in Our Horoscope

By: Parul Rohatgi | 22-Feb-2018
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Role and Importance of Mercury in Our Horoscope

In Vedic Astrology, planet Mercury is called as ‘Budh’ and rules over that fragment of mind which lets us decide, differentiate, reason, rational and controls our subconscious decisions, actions and power of thoughts.

Mercury planet is nearest to the sun and represents qualities like wit, intelligence, wisdom, cleverness, spontaneity and humour in a native. In general, Mercury is considered to be a benefic planet, but at times and situations, it may act as a malefic planet depending upon its placement in the horoscope of the native.

The influence of Mercury in horoscope is always considered as strong, it controls matters like travel, finance, education, wit, knowledge and logic. It can make a person an extensive traveller, if placed favourably in the horoscope. If it is malefic in the horoscope, the person can become a nonsense wreck. People who a have a strong presence and influence of mercury in their horoscopes, will have a sharp thinking and decision making ability but will also have an inborn anxiety, stress and confusion.

Mercury is also said to be ruling the logic ability in the native. Therefore natives, who have a strong and positive influence of mercury in their birth charts, usually have an excellent and superlative power of reasoning and logic.

Cosmic Placement and Configuration of the Planet Mercury:

Being the smallest planet in our solar system, it rarely casts an influence in the horoscope alone. It sometimes becomes difficult to foretell the influence of Mercury, as it turns retrograde almost three times in a year. Because of its retrograde motions, it is changeable in nature and do not cast an influence alone in the horoscope. It is considered to be malefic if it is in conjunction with malefic planets and is benefic if combined with benefic planets.

Relationship with Other Planets:

Mercury is known to be the closest to Sun and is the tiniest planet in the solar system. As it is the closest with the Sun, it is said to be sharing a friendly bond with this mighty planet. It also shares the friendship bond with Venus, but it is neutral with planets- Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered to be an enemy of this planet. For the signs- Virgo and Gemini, Mercury is the ruling planet and therefore making the natives of these signs as intellectual beings.


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Professions under the influence of Mercury:

Mercury as a planet in Vedic astrology is said to be representing the expression of speech and voice. Therefore, natives who are in favourable influence of Mercury are usually good at playing with words and often have a good communication skill. They are generally said to be successful in professional arenas like written communication, teaching, politicians, journalism, writing and publication. Also, mercury governs on the intellect and wisdom of the native. Natives who are in strong and positive influence of Mercury can be good at calculations, accounting, finance, engineering and science etc. Mercury is also known to be sign of discipline and principle; thus professions like law, advisory and meditation also are ruled by the influence of Mercury.

Personalities ruled by the Planet Mercury:

Mercury under its strong and positive influence can make the person loving and compassionate, with a polite demeanour and a great sense of humour to come with higher than an average intellect level. Mercury has a dual nature as its personality, so it can also make the person a little emotionally detached from others and also independent. Personalities who are influenced by Mercury, usually have a high self-confidence and good communication skills. Mercury under its strong influence bestows the native with an unmatched analytical ability and reasoning skill. The power to convince and reason of such personalities is one of a kind and cannot be matched with others.


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Influence of the Planet Mercury (Positive and Negative):

Mercury is said to be strong and influential, if placed in its own sign and also if it is strongly placed by having aspects and combination of benefic planets with it. The benefic influence of the planet Mercury can result in success in exams, higher level of intelligence, strong verbal and written communication, great persuasive power, immense profit in business, good sense of humour and so on. But, it is also to be noted that Mercury can also act as a malefic planet, if it placed and combined with other malefic planets in the horoscope of the native.

The bad and negative effects of Mercury can be lack of judgement, unable to take a quick and firm decision, lack of reasoning and analytical ability, poor level of intellect, frequent sorrows and miseries, problems and interruption in acquiring education, high level of stress, argumentative behaviour, voice and speech related disorders and so on.

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