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Role and Importance of Rahu in Astrology

By: Parul Rohatgi | 22-Feb-2018
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Role and Importance of Rahu in Astrology

Planet Rahu holds a significant importance in astrology, but it need not be overemphasized. Rahu is considered to be one of the malefic planets and holds a special place in the list of all planetary and celestial bodies.

Rahu as a ‘Shadow Planet’

This planet is known to have no physical existence and thus is referred as the ‘Shadow Planet’ in ancient science of Vedic Astrology. However, it is to be noted that Rahu’s malefic influence is very strong and it is capable of making the life of the native very miserable, difficult and stressful.

It is said that the presence of Rahu in a native’s horoscope, depicts karma bondage coming down from previous life cycle of the native.


Rahu always confers malefic effect and is also known to be a bad planet indicating filthiness, laziness, delays, struggles and hurdles in a native’s life. It completes its transition in each zodiac sign in almost 18 months.

Astrological Significance of the Planet Rahu:

The combination and alignment of Rahu with other planets creates different types of problems and bondages. According to our Indian tradition, Rahu is said to be representing the head of the body. As per Hindu beliefs, Rahu can never discriminate what is good and what is bad, so it always works on the principle of righteousness that is Dharma. Rahu is also known to be ignorant about the spiritual subjects and is considered to be the slave of the cosmic game of illusion that is referred as Maya.

Planetary Configuration of Rahu:

To complete a full circle in each zodiac sign, Rahu takes 18 months. It stays around for 1.5 years in each zodiac sign to complete its cycle of transit. Rahu, as it is known as a shadow planet, is not permanently associated with a particular sign or house. But, according to some Vedic Astrology scholars, it is believed that it is highly strong in the Virgo sign. It is also believed that Rahu gives positive outcomes to the Cancer Sign as it is said to be its Mooltrikon sign.

Rahu is friendly with planets – Mercury, Venus and Saturn, while it shares animosity with Sun and Moon. However, it has neutral relations with planets- Mars and Jupiter.


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Professions under the influence of Planet Rahu:

As known to be a shadow planet, Rahu is considered to be the commander of shady dealings and darkness. Thus, all professions in industries like drugs industry, poison manufacturing, smuggling industry, occultism all come under the purview of this planet. Also, as a matter of fact, professions that are relating to underground are also ruled by this planet, such as cave exploration, metal mining, archaeology and all other such professions.

Other than these, Rahu also holds a control in professions like chemical and gases and also holds a special control in governing industries like fertilizers, pesticides, toiletries, decontamination and manufacturing of poisonous substances. Rahu is also said to be associated with iron, thus career options relating to iron, lead and alloy are also governed by this planet.


It is said that Rahu also plays an important role in making the native successful and famous. Therefore, all the eminent personalities from sports, mass media, and politics should oblige their name and fame to this planet.

Personalities that are influenced and governed by Rahu:

According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, Rahu as a planet is said to be having a dual nature. Therefore, personalities who are ruled by Rahu can sometimes be anti-social and criminal on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can be great detectives and investigators. However, it also depends on its placement with other planets in the horoscope of the native. A favourably and strong positioned Rahu can make a person acquire great name and fame, success and power. But, an ill placed Rahu can easily make the individual uncultured, manipulative, selfish, ignorant to other people needs and perplexed.


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Influence of Rahu (Positive & Negative):

The positive and favourable position of Rahu in the horoscope of the native can him a good diplomat by taking the advantage of the loopholes, get past of anything by making stories. Such individuals will usually have an inner desire to acquire immense wealth and property. The strong placement of Rahu means even if the person is uneducated; he would be able to run his life successfully with no financial crunch.

However, the negative placement of this planet can make the native indulged in shady and anti social activities. They may lose their acquired wealth through activities like gambling, speculation and litigation. They may have a poor sense of money management and most of their money will be wasted without no good reasons. Because of lack of judgement ability, they also may have to face hardships throughout in their lives.

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