Role and Importance of Venus in Our Horoscope

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 08-Feb-2018
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Role and Importance of Venus in Our Horoscope

Venus as a planet holds a special importance in Vedic Astrology and is responsible to govern some of the main aspects in life that are love, happiness and creative expression of an individual.

Venus is known to be the planet of love. It governs the creative and expressive aspects of an individual like sex, romance, beauty, music, dance and recreational activities. This planet is the governing ruler of two zodiac signs namely; Taurus and Libra. Venus is also symbolized as the planet of wealth, love, attraction, prosperity and knowledge.

Cosmic Presence:

Venus is the brightest and shining planet in the sky. It is also known with another name “Morning Star” and is easily visible when it is seen early in the morning in the north direction. It is known to be the most glorious and luminous planet in our solar system.

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Venus as a Benefic Planet:

In Vedic Astrology, Venus or ‘Shukra’ as it is commonly known, is one of the four benefit planets. Shukra represents romance, love, artistic qualities, sexuality, love for materialistic things, pleasure and reproduction, fine qualities like painting and sculpture, music, dance and feminine qualities. If Venus is placed favorably in the horoscope 2018, it can bring happiness, success, health and abundant wealth.

The significance of Venus in our Horoscope:

Planet Venus is personified as one-eyed and therefore the ill placement of Venus in the native’s horoscope can cause the person to have weak eyes, it may affect the eyes of the individual. This planet is said to be the ruler of body parts like eyes, chin, throat, cheeks, and kidneys.

Venus is said to have friendly relations with planets Mercury and Saturn. But, it is considered that it is unfriendly with Sun and Moon. A well placed Venus in combination with other planets like Sun and Moon can have a positive influence in the horoscope and life of the native. There could also be some evil and negative effects of Venus if it is ill-placed with the combination of enemy planets in the horoscope of the native.

As Guru of Asuras:

In Vedic astrology, Planet Venus or Shukra is considered to be the “Guru of Asuras” (Mentor of Devils) and hence been given the name of “Shukrachaarya”. According to Vedic Astrologers, ‘Shukra Dasha’, or the planetary placement of Venus remains active in a native’s horoscope for almost twenty years. During this period, the native enjoys all the benefits of a luxurious and materialistic life.

Venus in Affiliation with Sun:

When Venus is favorably placed in combination with Sun in the native’s birth chart, that person is said to have an amiable, happy, easy and luxurious life. The person would be soft, polite and gentle in nature with a respect towards other beings. Such native will have no difficulty in money related matters, such as financial gain through business partners and life partner can also be expected. High status, success, the rise in income can be seen in every fresh opportunity that is bestowed on the native. But, this is to be noted that if Venus forms unfavorable conjunctions with the Sun in the horoscope of the native, he will have a disharmonious and an unhappy life with sorrows. That native may also have to face a delay in marriage.

Marriage Horoscope

Venus with Moon in Horoscope:

The person with the ruling planet as Venus in the birth chart and also when Venus and Moon are in a favorable conjunction, the person will be an attractive, affectionate and gentle human being by his/her behavior and personality. But the ill effects of the same combination can make the native’s life terrible.

Planet Venus and Mars:

Planet Mars and Venus are said to be different and opposite from each other with both showing different qualities. Whereas Planet Venus is known as a calm and soft planet, planet Mars is known to be bold and masculine. Therefore, if both the planets form a favorable combination in the native’s horoscope, it will endow the native with some unique and powerful qualities.

Such a native will be well behaved, amorous, ambitious, attractive and a charming individual. Adverse effects of this combination can make the native violent, rash, rude and immoral. It can also act as the reason for divorce in native’s life.

Venus in Conjunction with Jupiter:

Both the planets Jupiter and Venus are known as the brightest and strongest planets in nature. If planet Jupiter is placed in a favorable position with Venus in the horoscope, the native will be a successful, faithful, honest and gentle person.

Diseases Caused By the Influence of Venus:

According to Vedic astrology, Venus is said to be governing the reproductive system, throat, cheeks, chin, and kidneys. An ill-placed Venus can cause diseases like impotency, loss of appetite, rashes, eye diseases, pimples, indigestion, venereal complaints, and kidney problems to the native’s life.

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