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Astrological Influence and Significance of Mars in all houses of Horoscope

By: Arun Bansal | 08-Feb-2018
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Astrological Influence and Significance of Mars in all houses of Horoscope

Being the fourth planet in the solar system, Mars is considered to be the one representing the important aspects in life like courage and confidence. It is a malefic planet and is more dominant in ruling the career aspect in the horoscope of an individual, especially when it is place in the 10th house from the ascendant in the horoscope.

Mars is known as ‘ Mangal in Vedic Astrology and one of the most powerful ‘doshas’ is ‘Mangal Dosh’. It holds a great significance and importance while matching the horoscopes for marriage alliance.

Now, let’s see how the planet Mars affects and influences when placed in different houses of the horoscope:

Mars in the 1st house:

If Mars is placed in the 1st house of the horoscope; the native will be energetic, expressive, courageous and confident. Such natives can also become famous and enjoy a lavish life with a kingly status. If Mars is placed in the 1st house, it will be beneficial for Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces provided there is no malefic influence of other planets.

Mars in the 2nd House:

Mars when placed in the 2nd house is generally beneficial for finance and money related areas. Such natives can make good businessmen and can great wealth with little investment. It will also affect the education and family life of the native. If there is any malefic influence of other planets, it may turn it into benefic.

Mars in the 3rd house:

Such natives will usually have an active and sharp intellect. The presence of Mars in the 3rd house is considered to be benefic. This house also represents the siblings and courage in an individual. A well placed Mars in this house will result in financial gains and it may also happen that the financial gains are from the younger sibling (brother).

Mars in the 4th House:

Mars in the fourth house of the chart is not taken as benefic. This house is symbolic of happiness, conveyances, mother and education. If Mars is placed here with a benefic Jupiter, the native may enjoy all the luxuries of life with good health.

Mars in the 5th House:

Mars when placed in the 5th house of the chart is symbolic of children, progeny, intelligence and speculation. An afflicted Mars in the 5th house will affect in the child’s health. If it is combined with the presence of Ketu, it may give the native blood related disesase such as anaemia and blood pressure.

Mars in the 6th House:

Mars in the 6th house is considered as extremely auspicious. 6th house is the house for enemies, debts and diseases. The presence of Mars here destroys all evil and negative influence and provides the native with success in all undertakings of the life.

Mars in the 7th House:

The 7th house is considered to be next as important to the ascendant house. It is one of the Kendra (Central houses) and represents the spouse, business, foreign travel and business. Mars in the seventh house indicates strong Mangal Dosha, which causes problems and issues in the married life of the native.

Mars in the 8th House:

The placement of Mars in the 8th house would affect the health of the native. The malefic influence of Mars can also affect the longevity of life of the native. However, the benefic conjunction on Mars with Jupiter can lead the native for a healthy and long life.

Mars in the 9th House:

Mars in the 9th house of the chart will let the native to be intellectually challenged and able to acquire high level of education. This house is symbolic of education, travel, sports, religion, philosophy, adventure and self-development.

Mars in the 10th House:

Such natives may acquire extreme name and fame in whatever field they are. They may have a high social status and also may have great courage, ambition, business acumen and confidence to win the world. The placement of Mars in the 10th house is usually benefic for the native.

Mars in the 11th house:

The native with the presence of Mars in the 11th house is more likely to be involved in social life, great friendships and a lot of involvement in the group activities. But the argumentative nature and influence of Mars can cause a riff and tiff in your long lasting friendships. So be careful and respond accordingly.

Mars in the 12th house:

The placement of Mars in the 12th house of the horoscope will make the native inclined towards charity and other humanitarian activities. Such natives will have a sympathetic nature with a passion and zeal to do something for the society, to make this world a better place to live in.

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