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Astrological Influence and Significance of Moon in all houses of Horoscope

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 15-Feb-2018
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Astrological Influence and Significance of Moon in all houses of Horoscope

Moon is considered with utmost importance and significance in the Vedic astrology. Moon or ‘Chandra’ as it is commonly known as in astrology and in Hindi, is said to be representing the feelings and emotions in an individual. It plays a significant role in balancing and maintaining stable relations with each other. Moon is also said to be symbolic of our mental and emotional power. According to Vedic astrology theories, moon is considered to be a natural benefic planet and is responsible of giving emotional and mental power.

Now, let’s get on to know how Moon can influence and affect the different houses of horoscope:

Moon in the 1st house:

The first house of the horoscope or the ascendant is said to be representing the self-appearance of the individual. When moon is placed in the first house, it gives the native an amiable and pleasing personality. But it also depends upon its combination with other malefic and benefic planets. If Moon is placed in a fiery sign, it can make the native aggressive and the one who cannot keep calm.

Moon in the 2nd House:

When Moon is placed in the 2nd house of the chart; it can act as a great cause for money loss, fluctuations and interruptions in the source of income. Such natives only get satisfied when they have great amount of wealth. An afflicted moon placement in this house can make the native to indulge in unlawful activities to gain money.

Moon in the 3rd House:

The horoscope’s third house is said to be representing the communication and expression power of the native. Therefore, this placement of moon in the 3rd house can be beneficial and make the native good at communication skills. Such natives usually excel in the field of media, journalism, writing, communication, advertising, publishing and script writing.

Moon in the 4th House:

When Moon is placed in the 4th house of the horoscope; it will make the native emotional, sensitive, caring and responsible towards his family. The strong placement of the moon here will help in making and maintaining good relations with family, friends, colleagues and society. But an afflicted Moon here can make the person depressed and tensed.

Moon in the 5th House:

The fifth house of the horoscope is indicative of education, children, artistic pursuits and an innovative attitude. Such a native will generally have a curious and inquisitive nature. These individuals are often observed to be willing to get higher education. This placement of moon here makes the native jolly and friendly with a great sense of humour.



Moon in the 6th House:

The placement of moon in the 6th house of the horoscope is not considered to be much favourable. It is responsible in ruining and affecting the relations with mother. If the moon is malefic, it is more likely to happen that the native will have a rift with colleagues at the work place. It is also possible that the native will have a unsatisfactory job and delayed growths.

Moon in the 7th house:

The horoscope’s seventh house is responsible to be representing marriage, any kind of partnership, sexual desires, opposite sex and attraction in a native. If Moon is placed in this house, it will give the native a beautiful spouse yet there will be differences due to small misunderstandings.

Moon in the 8th House:

The eighth house of the horoscope is itself considered as a malefic house and if Moon is placed here in this house, it is not expected to give any favourable results. A native with such placement will always remain in depression, stress and tension without any valid reason. The person may also have unstable and random thinking process.

Moon in the 9th House:

Ninth house of the chart is considered auspicious and said to be representing fortune, wealth, destiny and religion. The person with such placement in horoscope always believes in luck and destiny. These individuals get multiple opportunities to travel religious pilgrimages. They also tend to have a high level of intellect.

Moon in the 10th House:

The tenth house is important and represents the career and professional life of the native. When moon is placed here, the situation is considered as benefic. Such a native is always active and loyal at his work front and also gets easy promotions and recognition at work.

Moon in the 11th House:

The person who has Moon in its 11th house of the horoscope will make random friendships. But it is also to be noted that the friends circle will prove to be beneficial for the native. Such individuals usually have a charming personality and the other sex can get attracted to them easily.

Moon in the 12th House:

When Moon is placed in the 12th house; it bestows the native with some unique hidden talents. Such natives usually make good and talented writers, healers and eminent spiritual personalities. They may often be mysterious and are unable to express their feelings freely.

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