Powerful Remedies Suggested By Lal Kitab for Wealth Creation

By: Future Point | 08-Aug-2020
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Powerful Remedies Suggested By Lal Kitab for Wealth Creation

Let us be honest to admit that we live in a crudely materialistic world that is driven by cut throat competition everywhere. Human aspirations are high and the bar of living standards keeps on rising in our society as science & technology continue to evolve.

In order to lead a life that is more than mere survival, money is an unavoidable & absolutely essential commodity. It is the wealth factor that determines the quality of our life as only our sound financial condition helps us to have various worldly comforts & conveniences in our life.

Abundant wealth or a strong financial condition is not something that each individual is blessed with in his/her life. 

But, that is something that everyone knows and quite frankly, a huge number of people experience financial obstacles and tight monetary conditions at multiple times in their lives. 

So, the question is- “Can one really attract money or wealth in life beyond what is signified by his/her fate?”

And the answer is- Yes!

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Lal Kitab and its Incredible Remedies

Lal Kitab is a phenomenally powerful & recently evolved branch of the occult science of Vedic Astrology. Lal Kitab is famous for its unique approach of analyzing an individual’s horoscope and suggesting highly effective remedies that successfully address the root planetary problem responsible for a challenging situation in life. 

Speaking in the current context, by incorporating the incredible Lal Kitab remedies to attract money, a person pacifies the specific planet that is disturbed in his/her horoscope and is creating financial problems in life. This way, once the negative effects of the planet creating financial troubles in life are reduced or negated, wealth & prosperity become a natural consequence in life.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the planets that are positive for wealth & money in your horoscope as well as pacify those that are positioned to create financial hurdles in your life, you should take the prudent step of consulting with the Best Astrologer in Delhi and know your horoscope specific remedies to improve financial status in your life.

Some of the in-general yet highly powerful remedies based on the occult wisdom of Lal Kitab for Wealth Creation are:

  • Wrap a silver or a gold coin in a red cloth and keep it in your safe where you keep your money and valuables.
  • Donate potatoes to the needy on a Friday and chant ‘Shree Suktam’ wholeheartedly to bring in the blessings of Goddess Maha Laxmi in your life.
  • Place a Sri Yantra in your Puja room or alter and worship it regularly to attract prosperous energies in your house.
  • Feeding jaggery to Cows pleases ‘Brihaspati’ (Jupiter) and brings positive expansion in the wealth aspect of life.
  • Donate footwear to the needy on a Saturday as this pleases ‘Shani’ or Saturn and ultimately removes the delay in achieving financial growth in life.
  • Put on a painting or picture of Gold Coins & Currency on the North-East wall of your bedroom or living room as this invites new opportunities of wealth creation in your life.
  • Worship Goddess Maha Laxmi through a Maha Laxmi Yantra.
  • Abstain completely from consuming alcohol as it diminishes the strength of our aura and hence weakens our prospects of attracting positive & wealth promoting energies in our lives.  
  • Distributing books & stationery among needy children, pleases planet Mercury that symbolizes business & transactions in life.
  • Feed sugar grains to ants as it pleases planet Venus which is the natural significator of luxury & affluence.
  • Observing an Ekadashi fast brings in the blessings of Lord Vishnu in our lives which bestow abundant wealth upon us.
  • Clear clutter from the house on a regular basis as it increases negative inertia in the house that creates financial difficulties.
  • Remove dysfunctional electronic items or get them repaired as they strengthen the effects of natural malefics such as Rahu & Ketu which bring sudden financial losses in life.
  • Get all the water leakages fixed in your house as wastage of water drains prosperous energies from a house.
  • Keep & nurture plants that bear flowers in the balcony of your house as they promote professional success & growth in your life.
  • Donate Cow feed in a ‘Gaushala’ (Cow Shelter) on Wednesday to nullify the negative effects of an ill placed Mercury in your horoscope.
  • Keeping three copper coins in your wallet will shield you from sudden financial shocks.

These were some of the remedies from Lal Kitab for Wealth Creation which are very effective in bringing financial stability in life. 

However, it is highly recommended that in matters concerning finance, you should go for a professional consultation with an experienced astrologer who would perform a detailed analysis of your personal horoscope in order to identify the real planetary issue that ultimately needs to be fixed so that you can have a sound financial state in life. 

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