Get Powerful & Effective Vastu Tips for Apartments and Flats

By: Future Point | 10-Aug-2020
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Get Powerful & Effective Vastu Tips for Apartments and Flats

Vastu is the architectural science of the Gods which was revealed to humankind by the ancient Sages of India in the form of a sacred scripture called ‘Vastu Shastra’.

The science of Vastu says that- Every plot, house, building or structure as per its shape and architecture, attracts cosmic energies that as per their nature (positive or negative), affect the lives of people dwelling in that structure. 

If a building, for instance- a flat or an apartment, is not constructed by adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra, then negative energies from the cosmos start to flow inside that flat/apartment and create problems in the lives of people residing in it.

Also, the divine science of Vastu reveals that each of the five primordial elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space have pre-designated directions in which they exist in the energy form and operate.

Hence, it is extremely important that while constructing/designing a structure, different functionalities should be present in a direction where they are in harmony with the concerned element present in the direction and do not aggravate/disturb that element.

Let us Take a Simple Example!

If we look at one of the most common Vastu Tips for Apartments and Flats related to the functionality of kitchen, we would find that the Kitchen is always preferred in the South-East direction as it represents the Fire element and one should never have kitchen in the North-East direction of the house as the Water element rules that direction. 

The simple logic behind this principle is that, having a kitchen in the direction that is governed by the Water element aggravates the Water element in the flat/apartment and as a result, negative energies that promote diseases, start to flow inside the flat/apartment.

Therefore, it is crucial that one must only buy a flat/apartment wherein all the functionalities such as Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Balcony, Store Room etc. all are situated in directions where they remain in harmony with the underlying governing elements and thereby attract positive, prosperous and health promoting energies inside the house.

What if my Flat or Apartment is not made as per the Rules of Vastu Shastra?

Well, the flow & behaviour of energy inside a flat/apartment works purely on arithmetic grounds i.e. if the Vastu Shastra for flat is right then positive energies will flow inside and bring in bliss, happiness, wealth, success and sound health in the lives of the residents. However, if the flat/apartment is not Vastu compliant, then negative & malefic energies will start to flow inside the flat and ultimately wreak havoc in the lives of people who reside there.

It is as simple as that!

A flat/apartment that is not Vastu compliant is said to have ‘Vastu Dosh’ which means that the energy factor of that residence is disturbed. 

Hence, a person should either have knowledge of the correct Vastu for homes or get in touch with a professional Vastu Consultant before making a residential purchase in order to make sure that the flat/apartment is 100% Vastu compliant. 

Can a Vastu Dosh be Cured? 


In case where making new architectural changes to the house or building after it is already constructed is not possible, the divine science of Vastu prescribes numerous remedies that pacify, negate and ultimately ward off the negative energies that have flowed & got stationed inside the house due to a Vastu Dosh.

By adopting certain Vastu Tips for Flat, a person can bring in phenomenal changes on the subtle yet highly powerful energy levels inside the flat and get rid of the negative influence that certain malefic energies are exerting upon the residents of the flat due to an underlying Vastu Dosh.

Therefore, it is prudent that a person should proactively incorporate Vastu Tips for Apartments and Flats and invite positive energies that promote bliss, happiness, success & wealth in his/her life and the lives of his/her family members as well!

There are many Important Vastu Tips for Flats which truly have the potential of turning the wheel of fortune in favour of the residents of the flat. One just needs to consult with the highly experienced Vastu professionals of Future Point to get the tips & remedies that are specific to the particular flat/apartment in question!

Are you living in a Vastu Compliant House? Ask The Best!

Houses Facing Some Specific Directions

There is a lot of emphasis in Vastu Shastra on the direction that a house faces and the broad effects that in turn are seen on that house.

South Facing House

The one direction that is considered as challenging if not bad for a house to face, is the South direction. It is seen that unless some very crucial Vastu principles are kept in mind while constructing a South facing house, the residents of that house become more susceptible to certain major health issues. The South is also the direction of Lord Yamraj who is the God of Death, hence, the energies that are predominant in the Southern direction are not the soothing type. 

However, if one applies the right Vastu in a South facing house, the residents of that house can immensely benefit from the blessings of Lord Yamaraj in multiple domains of their lives and it is said that a South facing house built with the right Vastu totally ward of evil energies that cause accidents and hence the residents of such house never die an untimely death.

North-West Facing House

This type of house faces the Air element and the positive as well as negative effects as per the underlying Vastu of the house are majorly seen on the women and children living in such a house.

This type of house primarily affects the state of mind of its residents as the Moon governs the North-West direction. If a North West Facing House is Vastu compliant then the owner of the house is blessed with abundant wealth.

South-West Facing House

The South west direction in Vastu is called the ‘Sink Zone’ and the energies that are predominant here are broadly negative. Hence, it is extremely important that Vastu of a South West Facing House must be handled very carefully.

The most common problem that people experience who live in a South-West facing house which is not Vastu compliant is- Financial Instability and High Medical Expenses.

However, people living in a house facing this direction are blessed with a very strong Earth element in their lives and are great orators & benefit from their communication skills in life. 

West Facing House

A correct West Facing House Vastu can do wonders in the life of the residents of such a house. Having an open area in the East or North direction of a West facing house is considered as highly positive for the financial and health aspect of the residents.

Make sure that the flooring in the West direction of a West facing house must be higher or more elevated than the flooring in the East direction of that house. This earns the residents fame & success in their lives.

East Facing House

A correct Vastu for East Facing House results in wealth, prosperity, luxuries, happiness and all comforts in the lives of its residents. It is one the most auspicious directions that a house can face.

East is the direction governed by the Sun which represents vitality. Hence, people living in an East facing house which is Vastu compliant are full of energy and experience a sound state of health in their lives. They also get abundant wealth, power & position, fame and respect in their lives.

 Therefore, whether you want to know about the Vastu compliance factor of a flat/apartment that you are planning to buy or simply looking for highly powerful & effective Vastu Tips for Apartments and Flats, the incredibly talented & experienced Vastu Experts of Future Point are there to help you all the way!

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