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Do You Have the Anti-Wealth ‘Daridra Yoga’ in Your Kundali?

By: Future Point | 10-Aug-2020
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Do You Have the Anti-Wealth ‘Daridra Yoga’ in Your Kundali?

Daridra Yoga is a planetary alignment that destroys wealth & restricts the flow of money in life unless treated with Kundali specific Vedic remedies!

Our experience in this materialistic world tells us that in order to lead a quality life that has the comforts & conveniences that we desire for ourselves and our families, we must be financially sound or have the required monetary support in life.     

Lack of funds force us to compromise on our wishes & aspirations in life and it is the insufficient wealth that at times, makes it hard even to ensure mere survival in this crude world.

The sacred & occult science of Vedic Astrology reveals the results that different planetary bodies are slated to provide in the life of an individual with respect to various domains of life such as- Education, Career, Wealth/Finances etc. 

Remember that planets are the celestial entities that are extremely powerful and literally shape the destiny of an individual as per their placements in the Horoscope or Kundali of that individual.

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Wealth in Vedic Astrology 

As per Vedic Astrology, certain specific houses of the horoscope, signify wealth or the financial aspect of an individual’s life. It is of paramount importance that these houses must be in a strong & positive state. 

Apart from this, there are planets that are natural benefics which, by their favourable placement in the horoscope of a person, can deeply assist in the process of wealth creation. Also, there are planets that are natural malefics which, by their influence on the wealth promoting houses of a person’s horoscope, can result in serious destruction of wealth and destabilize the financial domain of that person’s life.

The houses of a horoscope that deal with Wealth or Finance are:

  • 2nd House- It signifies ‘Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance’.
  • 11th House- It signifies ‘Gains and Realization of Desires’.

Naturally Benefic Planets for Wealth & Money are:

  • Jupiter- It signifies ‘Expansion and Wealth’.
  • Venus- It signifies ‘Luxury, Affluence, Property, Vehicle and Comforts’.
  • Mercury- It signifies ‘Business Activities, Transactions and Commerce’.

Naturally Malefic Planets for Wealth & Money are:

  • Saturn- It signifies ‘Delays, Losses, Extreme Negative Financial Swings  and Shortages’.
  • Rahu- It signifies ‘Sudden Financial Losses, Lack of Wealth Creating Opportunities and Strong Professional Opposition’.
  • Ketu- It signifies ‘Sudden & Unforeseen Expenses and Loss of Enthusiasm for Earning.

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Daridra Yoga

A Yoga in Astrology is simply a specific planetary union by conjunction or aspect that amplifies the results of certain planets on certain specific areas/domains of an individual’s life. 

Daridra Yoga in Astrology is one of the most devastating Yoga that brings severe financial troubles in the life of a native. Daridra Yoga is formed in the Horoscope or Kundali person when:

  • The Lords of the 2nd house or the 11th house are placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house of the horoscope.
  • The Lords of the 2nd house or the 11th house are in a Debilitated state.
  • The Lords of the 2nd house or the 11th house are Combust.
  • The Lords of the 2nd house or the 11th house are at the ending degrees of a sign (29 or 30 degrees) or are at the starting degree of a sign (0 or 1 degree).
  • The Lords of the 2nd house or the 11th house are aspected by malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Daridra Yoga in Kundali of an individual brings financial miseries in life and makes that person face seemingly never ending obstacles when it comes to earning a decent livelihood in life.

The only way to get rid of the ill effects of this highly detrimental Yoga is to consult with a professional astrologer who upon carefully analyzing your Kundali or Horoscope, would suggest the Vedic remedies that are specific to your own horoscope and have the potential of pacifying the negative planetary effects that are forming the Daridra Yoga in your horoscope.

Following are some in-general though very effective Daridra Yoga Remedies that one can perform when it comes to nullifying the problems that Daridra Yoga causes in life:

  • Worship Goddess Maha Laxmi and Lord Vishnu with a devout heart and ask for Their blessings in life.
  • Bring home a Sri Yantra and worship it regularly as a Sri Yantra is known to bless a person with abundant wealth & prosperity.
  • Place a Ganesh Yantra or Vighna Vinashak Yantra in your Puja room as it dispels obstacles & hurdles from life.
  • Donate food, clothes and other articles of need to poor people as this would please ‘Shani Dev’ and thus help you gain financial stability in life quickly.
  • Chant the Mantras associated with Goddess Maha Laxmi and Lord Vishnu to ward off negative energies from your life and at the same time, attract positive & prosperous ones that attract wealth.

While these were some in-general yet highly effective remedial measures to counter Daridra Yoga in life, we would urge you to know remedies that are specific to your own Kundali or Horoscope by consulting with the Best Online Astrologers in India

This way, you would be able to address the root cause of your problem in a more focussed manner that is aimed at bringing relief from the exact planetary issue in your horoscope which is responsible for all the financial troubles that are brewing in your life!

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