Learn the Magic of Numbers in this Online Numerology Course!

By: Future Point | 11-Aug-2020
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Learn the Magic of Numbers in this Online Numerology Course!

Numbers are not just arithmetic entities that find their use in calculations. In fact, numbers have a deep mystical element attached to them and constitute a highly powerful occult science altogether.

Yes, we are talking about Numerology!

Numerology is the occult science that deals with numbers and their effects upon not just the humankind but also on entities such as buildings, vehicles, company’s and even nations!

Each number reverberates on a specific vibration and is associated with a particular planet. Following is the complete list of numbers and their associations with different planets:

  • Number 1- Sun
  • Number 2- Moon
  • Number 3- Jupiter
  • Number 4- Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  • Number 5- Mercury
  • Number 6- Venus
  • Number 7- Ketu (South Node of the Moon)
  • Number 8- Saturn
  • Number 9- Mars

How Does Numbers Function in Occult Terms?

Numbers involved in the Date of Birth of a Person, Registration Plates of a Vehicle or a Property Address interact with one another and produce significant cumulative effects by creating a phenomenal flow of planetary energies towards the person or entity that they are exerting their influence upon. This influence can be both positive as well as negative depending upon the type of energy flow that the numbers ultimately create after interacting with each other in a given set.

Does Numerology Really Work? 

With all due respect, the real predictive power & effectiveness of Numerology is beyond the realms of a person’s understanding who has not yet studied the incredible science of Numerology.  

This is simply because numbers have a very strong set of vibrations attached to them and they are known to create a tremendous flow of planetary energies towards a person or a non-living entity that they are associated with. 

Hence, the predictions derived from Numerology are bound to be crucial & useful and have a very high degree of revelatory capabilities attached to them.

Which is the Best Institute for Learning Numerology?  

‘Past Track Record’ and ‘Experience’ are the two broad parameters that basically define ‘best’ in any field. When it comes to Vedic Astrology and other occult sciences such as Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu etc., Future Point is a name that truly stands apart!

Future Point has been providing prediction services based on multiple occult sciences since decades now. It is also very actively involved in the cause of spreading ancient & sacred occult knowledge by offering courses on various occult sciences.

These days when the entire world is shaken up by Coronavirus, Future Point is firm on its commitment to spread the divine wisdom that the ancient Sages of India revealed and is therefore offering its Numerology Course Online.

The faculties of Future Point are highly experienced and focus on imparting an education that develops an analytical bent of mind in their students which ultimately empowers them to apply the theoretical knowledge of the subject that they have gained in the practical domain.

The Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point stems from a carefully designed syllabus that covers all the aspects & principles of Numerology that are vital to deciphering the ultimate results of numbers upon a person based on his/her date of birth or other numerical associations that the person has.

Hence, if you wish to Learn Numerology Online, then simply get in touch with Future Point and start your incredible journey into the ‘magical realms of numbers’.

The best thing about this Online Numerology Course is that you do not have to come for physical classes during these pandemic induced challenging times and you can learn Numerology from the comfort & safety of your home.

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What Can a Person Gain from Learning Numerology?

Numerology is a science that empowers a person to know what are the numbers that are predominantly active in his/her life and what is the nature of the effects that those numbers are exerting upon that person as well as on which particular domains of his/her life.

For example, a person born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any month is heavily under the influence of Saturn and his/her life is often nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Numerology reveals what such natives can expect in their lives and how they can opt certain remedies that would pacify the negative effects that are actually slated to appear later in their lives.

Vehicles are identified by a unique alpha-numeric registration number and that registration number is a combination of multiple digits. The final number that arrives after adding all the digits of the last set of the registration number gives the number that governs the fate of that vehicle in terms of safety while travelling, condition of the vehicle and whether one would have fruitful travels through that vehicle or the travels would be met with obstacles.

Therefore, the Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point helps a person in decoding the effects of numbers on vehicles and whether a vehicle would promote lucky travels in the life of the commuter or would prove to be unlucky for him/her. 

Another important use of Numerology is to uncover the fate of a property on the basis of the numerical portion that forms the address of that property. 

A lot can be revealed about the lives of people residing inside a house in terms of the broader planetary effects that the ultimate number ruling that house will have on them.

Apart from that, Numerology reveals lucky and unlucky days as well as dates for a person so that the person can plan & execute major & crucial decisions of his/her life accordingly to reap maximum benefits and avoid obstacles & negative planetary influences in life.

The Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point covers a plethora of highly intricate and useful concepts of Numerology that are formulated in the curriculum to make the student capable of practically applying the science of Numerology in day to day life. 

The Online Numerology Course is delivered by Future Point with an aim to make the student capable of knowing what kind of planetary effects certain numbers are bringing in the life of an individual and how can the positive effects of numbers favourable to an individual be amplified while at the same time the malefic effects be reduced or negated.

Remember, that the best investment one can make in life is by getting an education that would enlighten that person with the divine knowledge that the Sages of this land revealed long ago for the betterment of humankind.

So, learn the practical & result oriented science of Numerology via the online medium and benefit from the power of numbers in life! 

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