Learn Online Palmistry to Decode the Future Via Palm

By: Future Point | 04-Aug-2020
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Learn Online Palmistry to Decode the Future Via Palm

Palmistry is a very special occult science because it requires to analyze only the palm of an individual to predict what the planets are holding for that individual with respect to multiple aspects of his/her life.

Palmistry is prevalent since times immemorial and finds its roots in India. Due to its sheer efficacy, this ancient science is in practice in multiple cultures across the world. It empowers a palm reader to decode the palm print of an individual and reveal crucial information pertaining to different aspects of his/her life.

Palm Reading Through Palmistry

Palm reading involves the analysis of the palm print of an individual which is basically a complex mixture of different lines and symbols.

There are certain designated places on the palm that represent different planets. These places are known as ‘Mounts’. The lines and symbols that a particular mount possesses, point towards the behaviour and result of the planet in an individual’s life that is associated with that particular mount.

Palmistry is seen super effective in making predictions about certain highly crucial aspects of a person’s life such as Marriage, Health, Longevity etc.

Components of Palmistry

Palmistry teaches to decode what the palm of an individual is pointing out for his/her future. This is done by performing a through analysis of the palm which for instance, includes the analysis of different lines present on the palm. 

Now while these lines might not make any meaning to a novice but for a palm reader, they have a very deep & profound meaning that leads to making predictions about various domains of a person’s life whose palm is being analyzed.    

Following are some of the lines that are present on a palm which are named after the areas or domains of life that they signify:

  • Health Line
  • Fate Line
  • Marriage Line
  • Life Line
  • Money Line
  • Sun Line
  • Heart Line
  • Head Line
  • Success Line

The 4 fingers also represent celestial entities and their size, shape and pattern are carefully analyzed for predicting what they signify for an individual.

  • The Index Finger is known as the “Finger of Jupiter”
  • The Middle Finger is known as the “Finger of Saturn”
  • The Ring Finger is known as the “Finger of Sun”
  • The Little Finger is known as the “Finger of Mercury”

The Thumb is analyzed to ascertain the levels of Will Power and Logic prevalent in a person.

Apart from the fingers and the thumb, the palm area in specific has many mounts on it. These mounts play a decisive role in shaping the direction of a person’s destiny and are hence, very carefully analyzed for predicting different aspects of that person’s life.

These mounts are:

  • Mount of Jupiter
  • Mount of Saturn
  • Mount of Sun
  • Mount of Mercury
  • Mount of Inner Mars
  • Mount of Outer Mars
  • Plain of Mars
  • Mount of Venus
  • Mount of Moon

Future Point’s Online Course on Palmistry 

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When the secret blueprint of our destiny is etched on our palm, it is only prudent that we learn the occult science of Palmistry that empowers us to know what destiny has in store for us, so that we can act accordingly to reap maximum benefits in life and take timely preventive measures that reduce the risks that are poised to arise in our life!

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