Significance of wearing Silver Ring as per Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 08-Jul-2020
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Significance of wearing Silver Ring as per Vedic Astrology

Since ancient times, Silver has remained a part of our lives in one form or the other. Our forefathers were well aware of the medicinal properties that Silver carries and hence, it was widely used for medicinal purposes especially in certain formulations of Ayurveda, which is an ancient science of medicine that originated in India.

Apart from this, Silver found its use in making utensils, furniture and doing embroidery on clothes as well. As time passed and the world evolved, Silver found its application in industries and electronic components as well. 

However, one area in which Silver always remained a thriving choice of people, especially the women and continues to be so even today, is ornaments. Apart from Gold, Silver is the only metal that is widely used for making ornaments and people all across the world adorn ornaments made up of Silver!

But what makes Silver a highly significant metal as per the sacred occult science of Vedic Astrology?

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Silver in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, Silver is associated with the planets Moon as well as Venus. We all know that among many other things, the Moon as per the principles of Vedic Astrology represents our mind and Venus represents luxury in our lives. 

Hence, the significance of Silver increases manifold as it becomes a medium of attracting the natural energies of these two planets in our lives. Wearing Silver Ring in Index Finger as per Astrology is a widely followed occult tradition practiced by many people all over the world.

However, there is no set rule in Vedic Astrology which designates a particular finger in which everyone can wear a Silver Ring. Only once an astrologer analyzes the overall planetary positioning in the natal horoscope of a person, especially that of the Moon and Venus, he/she can then come to a conclusion that in which finger to wear Silver Ring.

If the Moon or Venus are favourably placed in the horoscope of a native, then the native can reap many phenomenal benefits in life by wearing Silver in the form of a ring, pendant, neck chain etc.

Silver when worn in any form by a person, helps to prevent or cure asthma, skin burns, migraine, acidity and joint problems in a subtle yet very significant way.

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Benefits of Wearing Silver as per Vedic Astrology

Planets are the celestial bodies that play a decisive role in determining the trajectory of our destiny. If we amplify the strength of a planet which is positively placed in our natal horoscope, then its positive effects in our lives will naturally increase.

In case of the Moon or Venus, the best way to enhance their benefic effects in our lives is to opt for Silver in any form that suits us.

Those who wish to go a step further can also wear the Gemstones associated with the Moon and Venus which are- Pearl and Opal/Diamond respectively in a Silver Ring or Pendant. 

Vedic Astrology recommends wearing Silver ornaments to bring the positive, prosperous, healing and wealth promoting energies of the Moon and Venus in our lives.

Out of the many time tested benefits of wearing Silver Ring, some are as follows:

  • A person who wears a Silver Ring always remains in the protective aura of certain highly powerful healing energies of Moon.
  • It brings peace and calmness in life and blesses the individual with a happy & joyful state of mind.
  • Silver enhances the focus & concentration in a person. 
  • It bestows clarity of mind which helps significantly while making crucial decisions in life.
  • Silver attracts wealth promoting prosperous energies of Venus and dispels financial obstacles from life.
  • It blesses a person with an attractive aura that results in having a soothing effect on the minds of others during a conversation.
  • An Opal Silver Ring, helps a person in successfully acquiring a beautiful property in life.
  • A Silver Ring or Pendant wards off evil black magic spells and protects a person from malefic energies in life.
  • It brings opportunities of growth in career and puts the professional life of a person on the fast track towards success.
  • A Silver Ring or Pendant helps a person remain calm & composed during challenging times.
  • It blesses the person with comprehensive intelligence.
  • It promotes safe and fruitful travels.
  • A Silver Ring attracts wealth promoting energies and is very beneficial for people of the business community.
  • It also results in speedy professional growth for people in a job and helps them climb the corporate ladder faster.
  • A Silver Rings helps bachelors in finding a suitable match for themselves and removes the problem of delay in marriage.
  • It brings in the blessings of planet Moon in the life of married couples and ensures timely childbirth.
  • A Silver Ring promotes harmony & mutual understanding between a couple as well as brings in the magic of Venus in their love life.  

Therefore, we urge you to Talk to Astrologer and know if your horoscope stands to benefit from Silver. Take the wise step of imbibing the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology in your life and make success, health, happiness, peace & prosperity, an integral part of your life!

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