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Lal Kitab Remedy for Money

By: Future Point | 03-Apr-2018
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It's true that money can't buy love, but in today's society "Become a millionaire and everyone is start loving you" tag is followed by the people of 21st century. Money is not a God, but it has become a powerful source to sate the desires of the fellow human beings which means, it's as important as God. In this competitive world, earning a 3 digits salary is not a piece of cake, you've to stand out of the crowd with your hard work, patience and determination. But, sometimes we put our efforts in the wrong directions and ended up with big zero in our hands.

So, if you're in a rat race to earn good money but always get punched up with some unpredictable obstacles, then this could be due to a planetary movement of your Zodiac sign. In short, it's related to astrology and Lal kitab is a mystical book which holds the power to steer the handle of your life from the up and down off roads problem to the smooth highway of success.

Lal Kitab remedy, being a powerful branch of astrology, holds answers to numerous questions that may engulf our lives. One constant worry that troubles every human being is how can I ensure that I have accumulated/saved enough money, which will warrant financial stability in my life? Is the inflow of money significant such that it balances out the outflow?

The good news is that, there are many Lal Kitab remedies, which are so powerful that they can make your financial dreams come true. When done as prescribed by an expert and with the grace and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, they promise to bring wealth and prosperity in a person’s life.

Here is a list of techniques that one can adopt to dispelled problems from their life. Let's get started!

  • To increase your business earnings, drop an empty pitcher in water on every Wednesday. Perform this practice for 6 consecutive Wednesdays. Do not break this ritual until the cycle is completed.
  • For achieving growth in business, you should clean your business premises with Ganges water or Gomutra (Cow urine). Draw a Swastik with Saffron or Turmeric paste. Now place Chana Dal and Jaggery on it. Lit a ghee lamp also. Do it on Thursday.
  • Eat a piece of jaggery each day before leaving the house for work or business. Do this after completing your daily prayers and before you step out of the house. This remedy will give you success in your endeavors.
  • Drawing a swastika with the help of saffron or turmeric paste can also act as remedies for business growth. Lighting a ghee lamp and placing chana dal on jaggery on every Thursdays can also help your business to prosper.
  • Worship Maa Lakshmi regularly and on Friday night lit nine pure Desi Ghee lamps in your working place as well as home. Recite Shree Suktam to attain wealth in life.
  • Starting from the first Saturday of Shukla Paksha, begin the distribution of Poori Bhaji to poor people for 11 continuous Saturdays. This will ensure that your income multiples and is continuous too.
  • Remove all rusty metals from your office, it's a portal of negativity in your business life.
  • For growth and prosperity, worship lord Shiva. The blessings of lord Shiva will bring prosperity and growth in your monetary source.
  • To cause an upsurge in your regular income, place an iron pot filled with water, next to your head at the time of sleeping. Next morning, throw away that water ensuring that no one in the household drinks or uses that water for any purposes.
  • One of the most powerful Lal Kitab remedies to attract wealth is visiting any temple barefoot starting from the day of Diwali. In the temple, light a ghee ka diya and offer sweets to the temple deity. Also burn incense sticks that possess a strong scented smell. Lastly, pray to Goddess Lakshmi with utmost devotion and she is sure to hear your plea and bless you.
  • Get a root of a goolar (gular) tree, wrap it in a small cloth and tied it around your arm to remove the problems related to wealth and misfortune.
  • Take a copper coin and wrap the coin into a red cloth and tied the coin on the entrance door of your house.
  • Keep the picture of lord ganesha and Goddess Laxmi under your pillow while sleeping, doing this will bring immense wealth and fortune in your life.
  • Anything whether it is fruit, flower or any other thing must be in your hand while you enter in your house to attract money in your life.
  • Daily early morning before leaving the bed first view your palms and touch your face with the palms to attract luck and fortune. It is believed that front part of the palms or fingers are blessed by Goddess Laxmi, middle part blessed by Goddess Sarswati and last portion of palm is blessed by the Lord Vishnu.
  • Place a pyramid on your desktop to dispelled negativity from your office.
  • On Saturday make a malaa of seven green chillies and lemon. Now, it could be hanged in such a manner that customers could see it, this will remove misfortunes and negativity from your work life.

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